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Lets talk about logi. The inquisitor lost its missile bonus and rots.

DiDiDo Moratune
Male Mans of Mans
#21 - 2015-04-28 09:27:02 UTC
13kr1d1 wrote:
The one thing I find stupid about logi cruisers is the perpetual motion machine of 200% cap sent. Its pretty dumb, and you should only be able to transfer 50-80% of the cap that it requires to use the cap emission module, but give log cruisers more cap regen. All the Logis, like frig logi, cruiser logi, should have bad max cap but really high cap regen, so that they can't run mass modules of rep or cap, but can run one and use the two turret slots for weapons like they're supposed to.
nothing more to say
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