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Apocalyptic twist from CCP?

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Baljos Arnjak
Dark Praetorian Order
#41 - 2015-04-26 22:05:58 UTC
Nishachara wrote:
Baljos Arnjak wrote:
My Nostradamus like prediction Lol

Just one question...

Who will lead a rag tag fleet of one machariel and a bunch of industrial and mining ships towards the mystical earth ?

Tongue in cheek answer: Why James315, of course!

Serious answer: That's what would be so cool about us being isolated. As long as we had a way out that we could achieve by working together, or prevent by working against. New leaders could emerge and people could become part of a local community by overcoming adversity. Conflicts could start over slights between two groups in a system. Maybe everyone in system forms up their own corp from the sense of community they feel, who knows!

It would be like when a natural disaster hits a neighborhood where people don't normally interact with each other. They suddenly look up and see the people they've been living right next to the whole time as people that they have to either get along with or protect themselves from, rather than just ignore.

Nishachara wrote:

But this type of event would be cool, it couldeven give the possibility of new specific missions and stuff..
defend the gate until *insert techno babble* is online, get one million units of trit to the gate so they can repiar *insert techno babble*... rewards could be concord LP for pilots involved and it could be on the basis of "first gets reward" ..pvp players also coulddisrupt those activites maybe even in the service of some opposing force.. or ( in low ..null ) they could repiar the gate and own it as a pos or a station ( with taxing the gate use )...
Newer players could becatered that in new player systems those sort of tasks are easier and require less...etc etc..
All in all it could be a 6 month long event until new eden gets back upon its feet and it could be fun ^^

Yeah, that's pretty much how I see it. Everyone in New Eden would have to work to bring things back to normal and everyone would have a purpose, newbie and bittervet alike. We just need the catalyst.
Terminus Antollare
Un4seen Development
#42 - 2015-04-26 22:25:52 UTC
If said apocalypse is going to happen, I just hope that it is a very sudden thing that happens, with no more than maybe 24 hours notice. I can see people stockpiling and entire corps getting to systems in order to establish dominance. Now, if they set it up so that the spread of the outages was slow spreading, that could make for some interesting strategery.
Chopper Rollins
Brave Collective
#43 - 2015-04-26 23:39:37 UTC
Goatman NotMyFault wrote:
When looking at the "News" from "Scope" and the Activity around New eden, CCP is planning some fun that many wont like. Someone got some balls and finally is in the progress doing, hopefully, something radical that would shake Things up abit.

Its about time, cuz EVE has been dull fpr a long time now.


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