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CREST Issues

Daniel zorg
Cyber-Net Industries
#1 - 2015-04-19 04:50:19 UTC
Getting the below messages when pulling killmails out of CREST using the latest build of EDK

Tried from a few different boards (hosted in different parts of the world, both seem to have the same issues)
Error getting data: Operation timed out after 45000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received(28)
Error getting data: Recv failure: Connection reset by peer(56)

Is there a server misbehaving on CCP's end or are we banned for some reason? Big smile
Se Kava
#2 - 2015-04-19 07:31:45 UTC
Something is definitely wonky. Propably related to the discussion in previous thread.

XML API timing out

('Connection aborted.',
ConnectionResetError(10054, 'An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host', None, 10054, None))