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Vyl Vit
#1 - 2015-04-06 06:34:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Vyl Vit
The time has come for me, as it surely will for you, to become mindful of the stage of life I’m in, and to behave accordingly. To the young I am old. To the old, I’m just a kid. To me, it’s all words that mean something to the ones saying them, who never seem to realize the ones hearing them never see them the way they’re intended to.

Passive aggressiveness is an art form today – required cultural accoutrement. Everyone likes to think they’re the only one who realizes this, and so much for that. Due to health that has been failing over the past two years (sufficient to alarm quite a few people here), which has now failed sufficiently to force my hand, I must now not only take leave of this glorious world of ours, New Eden, but also of the majority of my internet activity; follow doctor’s orders, and (really) engage my mind on the multifarious things I wish to be in the forefront when that fateful moment arrives. And, it shall for me, as it surely will for you, too.

I leave with good wishes to all my fellow capsuleers. May your careers blossom closely to your desired outcomes. To CCP – Thanks for providing this “sandbox” I’ve managed to kick sand within for the past eight years. Were I less in years, and more in sand myself, I’d stick around for as long as I can, which I certainly have till now. Keep massaging your creation according to your lights, the players will catch up…eventually.

I have already given someone all my stuff – and that’s the stuff from this main, and two alts, Pok Nibin and Serene Repose! Oh yes! We three are one and the same! Keep GD alive and kicking. Try to elevate it if you can. You have a tradition to measure up to! I’ve enjoyed our exchanges, scuffles, tantrums, paramount disrepects and general misbehavior. I hope I gave as much as I got, and gave to this august community somewhat of intellectual stimulation and a few laughs, as well.

Msrs ISDs I know I’ve been hard on you. But, hey, sauce for the goose as Spock would say. Fellow members, do not doubt these guys have your community at heart, though sometimes you might have to SQUINT to see it! And, always remember: When in doubt, RUN!

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Vyl Vit (aka Serene Repose, aka Pok Nibin)

Paradise is like where you are right now, only much, much better.

Adriana Nolen
Sama Guild
#2 - 2015-04-06 06:36:19 UTC
cA |\| I h@z |_|R st|_|FF?????
Pok Nibin
#3 - 2015-04-06 06:37:55 UTC
Y'all be good. Big smile

The right to free speech doesn't automatically carry with it the right to be taken seriously.

Serene Repose
#4 - 2015-04-06 06:38:43 UTC
Thank-you very much and I hope we passed the audition!

We must accommodate the idiocracy.

Ohemgeez MyNameWontFi
Space Heroes In Training
#5 - 2015-04-06 06:39:23 UTC
Ryder 'ook
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#6 - 2015-04-06 07:00:08 UTC
Be well in whatever afterlife you have created for yourself!

Every atom in our bodies was forged in the furnace of ancient stars - it's time we return home.

Ferni Ka'Nviiou
#7 - 2015-04-06 07:00:59 UTC
Have great fun in everything you do from here until then.

The grandest of salutes to you.
Tilde Duchateau
The Vendunari
End of Life
#8 - 2015-04-06 07:01:07 UTC
I will miss all three of you. Special soft spot for Vyl.


Jackhammer subtlety. Bitches love cannons. This Is My Jam.

Tuttomenui II
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2015-04-06 07:31:49 UTC
Will you join my alts corp and park at his corps HQ station With all your stuffz before you biomass?
Scipio Artelius
The Vendunari
End of Life
#10 - 2015-04-06 07:33:55 UTC
Sacu Shi
Golden Nyx Corporation
#11 - 2015-04-06 08:00:33 UTC
Fly safe o7
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#12 - 2015-04-06 08:26:24 UTC

Bye Serene. I'm sorry that I've been hard on you at times.

I hope you take care of yourself and have many years ahead of you. I wish I could give you a hug.

Joffy Aulx-Gao for CSM. Fix links and OGB. Ban stabs from plexes. Fulfill karmic justice.

Hoody Allen
#13 - 2015-04-06 08:38:59 UTC
I have enjoyed your writing, thank you.

May you fly how you choose
Mara Pahrdi
The Order of Anoyia
#14 - 2015-04-06 09:04:22 UTC
Sad to see you leave. I always enjoyed your writing, even if at times opinions might have been different.

I wish you alll the best for the times ahead.

Fly safe pilot.


Remove standings and insurance.

Yourmoney Mywallet
#15 - 2015-04-06 09:06:59 UTC
"I quit"-posts go in OOPE. Which in this case is a damn shame because this particular op was extremely well crafted and a delightful joy to read. In dat other sub it's just going to die a slow, undeserved internet death of invisibility.

Fly safe! o7

Oh, and I will not be surprised to see you back someday.
Eve Solecist
Shitt Outta Luck - GANKING4GOOD
#16 - 2015-04-06 09:36:04 UTC


Tell her I will miss her and her comments a lot!
She was really sweet. :/

Good Luck with your life!
May you have a future!
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Gregor Parud
Imperial Academy
#17 - 2015-04-06 09:40:19 UTC
♫You can check out any time you like, but you can never leeeaaaave ♫
Frank Millar
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#18 - 2015-04-06 10:45:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Frank Millar
Finally, a "I am leaving" post worth reading.

malcovas Henderson
#19 - 2015-04-06 11:04:46 UTC
Xylem Viliana
homeless bum
#20 - 2015-04-06 11:07:52 UTC
Sad to see you go, but im also expecting isd to lock this topic, I for one think they are destroying the eve forums, and I have told CCP how i feel about their ISD forum trolls.
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