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Attribute Relocating/Remapping

Ella Sardu
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#1 - 2015-04-03 17:11:22 UTC
Hello Pilots.

I'm wondering what you would recommend my changes be for my Neural Remap. Currently, Neocom app is suggesting:

Intelligence: 17
Memory: 17
Perception: 27
Willpower: 21
Charisma: 17

This is quite a change from what it is currently, and honestly seems quite low for some of these. Any feedback on this suggestion? Or is it best to leave things alone for now.

Thank you in advance.

Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2015-04-03 17:21:10 UTC
What do you want to do with your character? Remapping is intrisically linked ot the skills you want to use..
Memphis Baas
#3 - 2015-04-03 17:50:19 UTC
Ok, brief skill tutorial:

Ship skills (under Spaceship Command) unlock ships for you to fly.

Weapon skills (under Gunnery, Missiles, and Drones) will let you install the various weapons your ships may require.

Support skills (Armor, Shields, Targeting, Navigation, etc.) make all your ships fly better, and are prerequisites for some of the ship skills.

Industry skills govern mining, manufacturing, etc., and are typically trained by special-purpose characters.

Now, ship and weapon skills use Per and Wil as their attributes, and Support and Industry skills use Int and Mem.

So, typically, for the first year, because you have to train a whole bunch of skills for a rounded character, you want to leave your attributes even, or perhaps maximize Int and Per as a way to get, sort of, the best of both worlds. After the first year, when the skills take a lot longer to train, you can set your attributes to Per Wil and do a whole bunch of weapons and ship skills, then a year after that switch to Int Mem and do a whole bunch of support skills.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2015-04-03 20:40:47 UTC
I am of the opinion that if you have to ask someone else what you should remap to then most likely you should not be remapping. Especially this early on. Your training will need to be all over the place as a brand new character. Further you might think you know what you are going to focus on for the next year but a week from now I guarantee that will have changed.

After you've been playing for about a month I would say that you should have a better idea of how the skill queue works and what kind of things that you would like to train. Maybe then you could think about a remap. However even then a week later I can pretty much guarantee you will have changed it a little bit already. Flexibility is very important. Training the right skills is much more important that training the most skill points per hour. Trust me I've tired to play the skill queue and wound up with a useless toon.

My best advice is don't ever leave yourself in a focused attribute layout without a remap available to change back to something more general if need be. If you are burning your last remap and are going to be stuck with a one year cool down make sure that you are in a very general attribute map.

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Tsukino Stareine
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2015-04-04 00:42:43 UTC
I was advised to remap equally into perception/int when I started and after 3 years I can understand why.

You will be training a mixture of skills that have perception and intelligence as primary attributes for a long time when first starting out. Otherwise you will get super bored only support skills with no ships or guns or only ships and guns and find that you can't fit anything or they perform subpar because of lack of support.
RAZOR Alliance
#6 - 2015-04-04 01:24:27 UTC
ergherhdfgh wrote:
I am of the opinion that if you have to ask someone else what you should remap to then most likely you should not be remapping.


I totally agree, if you have to ask what to remap for...there is no reason to remap at all.

A remap is done, based on a skillplan you want to follow and you know why and how to remap to suit that.
Just by asking means you have no idea on what you want to do and why you want to remap.

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Lost Greybeard
Drunken Yordles
#7 - 2015-04-04 07:51:48 UTC
Int/Perception even split has been the best "starting your character" map essentially forever, at least for MAIN characters where you want to take skills as they become important.

If you're really paranoid about optimization, go for a 2/2/1 split with Int/Per/Memory on the allocatable points.

Honestly, though, the people telling you that if you have to ask you shouldn't remap aren't wrong either. Look up how attributes work, and a course of action on mapping should jump at you pretty fast just by basic common sense. Attribute mapping has been extremely trivial since learning skills were removed form the game, and doesn't matter all that much for non-L5 skills.