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Planetary Mining

miguel Manjarrez
#1 - 2015-03-22 13:52:10 UTC
To the EVE community that is reading this post about Planetary Mining. I post with the lack of knowledge of Planetary Mining and the effects of mining on the planets. My question is if a resource is depleted from one region does the planet have a visible change that can be seen from orbit or are other possible out comes can be caused with resource depletion?
I was assuming that with a very high degree of mining volume exported a change in planetary type could be cause like mining water from a water planet could change it into a barren planet with instability's of the natural state of the planet. With maybe new possible elements not found anywhere else or plasma storms on those new barren worlds. With possible hazards on mining on that type of world earthquakes or storms that destroy mining sites. Or maybe by chance could cause changes in Dust game play with storms or destroy mining or rebuilding mining or base sites? That could destroy or cause changes to the planet and or surrounding space. It is only a question and I am not an expert in many fields of science but if over mining a planet could cause visible or system changes in a EVE system. I think that it would be a nice effect. Thank you for reading or any reply's to this post. Thank you.
#2 - 2015-03-22 15:42:59 UTC
Depletion of a mined resource won't alter the planet, just takes awhile for that particular resource to 'recover'.
miguel Manjarrez
#3 - 2015-03-22 23:11:37 UTC
Thanks for the Info. If you don't mind me asking what would be the recovery time for a recourse and is it the same as before thanks for the reply and interest in the post thanks
#4 - 2015-03-23 00:58:18 UTC
I don't know how long it takes for a depleted resource to recover.

All my colonies are in hi-sec and are used simply as supplementary income. I set the extraction rates pretty low as the amount available on any given planet is pretty meager. That keeps me from exhausting the supply.
miguel Manjarrez
#5 - 2015-03-23 03:50:25 UTC
Thanks for the reply. I also have several planetary mining sites and have seen changes to the scan screen on planetary minerals but maybe taken off line for a while the minerals might recover or none at all. Is Planetary resources similar to mineral recovery respond of asteroid fields. I might make a future post to update any info on recovery of planetary minerals. Thanks again for any reply's and interest on this post.
#6 - 2015-03-23 04:19:03 UTC
Similar, just much slower.
Avenger Mercenaries
VOID Intergalactic Forces
#7 - 2015-03-23 13:20:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Agondray
miguel Manjarrez wrote:
Thanks for the Info. If you don't mind me asking what would be the recovery time for a recourse and is it the same as before thanks for the reply and interest in the post thanks

No the planet type will not change no matter how many people mine it, you can have 500 people mine every inch of it and a water world will still be a water world even if PI scans basicly say there is no water to vacuum up.

I have created basicly blackholes in null sec worlds from mining an area so heavily.

edit: when it comes to recovery, like asteroids it slowly regens.

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miguel Manjarrez
#8 - 2015-03-23 13:57:57 UTC
Thanks for the info and reply