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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Trying to find my place

Cymek Agamemnon
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2015-03-13 12:19:49 UTC
So I've been playing a few months now and getting a better feel for what I do and don't like in game and can fly at least a few decent fits. Now I'm trying to figure out where to go next. I know the open-ended nature of the game makes it so there is no endgame but I do enjoy having some sort of goal to work towards. I'm not a huge fan of grinding through missions just to get my standings up (I'm still only on L2 missions) but I have been considering either Incursions or FW. There is a clear "goal" in each that you can make progress towards which I think would be appealing. I've also considered abandoning empire space and trying to join a PvP corp somewhere out in Null but I'm not sure how feasible that is.

So a couple of questions, are there corps that just focus on Incursions? Right now I can fly a pretty decent fit Battlecruiser but can't fly BS yet. I have read you need full T2 BS to run Incursions but then I swear I also saw that some parts of the Incursion don't allow anything bigger than BC in. So do I need to wait until I fly BS or could I jump into Incursions with a Hurricane Fleet Issue?

FW seems pretty easy to join and I'm sure there are lots of FW focused corps. My stealth bomber would probably be more useful there than in Incursions.

Nullsec alliances are really the part of the game I know the least about. I've enjoyed the limited PvP I've been involved in and the thought I fighting for sovereignty out in null sounds appealing. But I'm a pretty casual player, married and fairly busy, so I can't commit to lots of fleets or specific times. I usually just log in when I have some free time. I get the feeling null corps have more requirements and scheduled participation in things. Is that true or could I get involved in killing people in null while still only playing a few hours here and there?
Memphis Baas
#2 - 2015-03-13 13:01:49 UTC
Incursions won't be just about the ship you can fly, they'll have requirements for modules you can fit, too. They're pretty much like raiding in other MMO's, you need a certain level of gear, and you need to know the tactics you have to employ beforehand.

With the average age of the EVE player being 34, I believe nullsec alliances have to be at least understanding of the fact that we have jobs and families. It depends on the alliance, but you should be able to find one who is casual-friendly. Keep in mind that you won't join an alliance directly, but rather a corp within the alliance. The corp could be a renter corp, in which case they'll likely be focused on PVE and making enough money to pay the rent, or could be a PVP / defense corp, in which case you'll be involved in roaming about the space trying to defend it from various intruders. If there is a major war going on, you'll get to participate in that.

Also you should be aware that CCP is going to change the nullsec sovereignty mechanics so that the structures that have to be defended or attacked to "conquer" space won't be vulnerable based on their million hit point shields, but rather on a 4 hour window of opportunity and the number of attackers vs. defenders that are trying to contest the space. So the 4 hr window may make it easier for alliances to get rid of alarm-clock calls-to-arms. The changes are coming this summer, and are being discussed in the Information Portal subforum, as well as in the Ideas Discussion forum.
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#3 - 2015-03-13 13:10:17 UTC  |  Edited by: Ka'Narlist
Memphis Baas wrote:
It depends on the alliance, but you should be able to find one who is casual-friendly.

Yes. you can find every kind in null sec. From "you must have xxx kills per month or you will be kicked!" to "do want you want to, as long as you have fun and fit in"

Memphis Baas wrote:

Keep in mind that you won't join an alliance directly, but rather a corp within the alliance. The corp could be a renter corp...

Renter corps are part of a renter alliance usually. The real alliance won't have any renter corps inside. But still there usually diffrences of play styles in the diffrent corps of an alliance.
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2015-03-13 14:05:25 UTC
I'm not aware of any incursion corps and if there were one I would recommend that you not join it. The war dec mechanics kind of make having an incursion corp impossible. However there are entire incursion communities. Some google searching and reddit reading should lead you to most of them. Start out by joining the in game channels. Read the MotD and the links in it. From there you should be able to figure out where to go next.

As far as null sec alliances go there are plenty of people who have gone to null sec on day one and never looked back. There is a learning curve to operating in null however and no matter how much you read about it at some point only experience will be able to teach you. I would recommend that you look for a corp that is friendly towards newbies. Now there are entire Alliances or Coalitions that are dedicated to bringing new players to null sec but most null sec Alliances have a corp dedicated to taking in new players. It's often not a permanent corp it can be a place where you just go until you get your "sea legs" under you. Then you could get moved to another corp in the Alliance but not all of them operate that way.

The only thing that I can recommend for finding a null sec corp is to look at Alliances that you are interested in. If you look at info UI the the first tab which is their description they will often have recruitment info or a public channel that you can join. Also if you look the their list of members you can link to the individual corp's info UI from there. If you like the whole concept of NRDS you could try going to Provi if you are not red there and just check info on various locals and their corps or since you can fly a stealth bomber go to any null sec and check out the locals. Even talk in local if you like about recruitment or like I said before find their public channels and talk in there.

If you are looking for a way to show info on an Alliance in game one thing that I have done and I don't know if it's the best way but it works is that I look up the Alliance on the killboards and then find one of their pilots and then look up that pilot in game.

As far as faction warfare goes I am not a PvPer and have never done faction warfare but some of the things that I have read on it here in the NC Q&A is you fly lots of cheap ships so mostly frigs, dessies and cruisers. Also some people say that many faction warfare players have alts that they earn more isk on but I assume operating off of PLEXs would work fine as well. I've heard some people say that FW is good isk also and that you don't need an alt but I can't speak from experience either way on that.

In general don't be afraid to just talk to people and don't let one asshat ruin your opinion of everyone associated with said asshat. In chatting with people in this game you will find nice people and also people that got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning so take it in stride. Definitely talk to people though.

Having goals is fine but keep in mind this is a game so don't be afraid to PLAY around with stuff.

Want to talk? Join Cara's channel in game: House Forelli

Tipa Riot
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2015-03-13 16:34:09 UTC
When I started playing I had some goals defined to myself, like getting a jump clone without help, completing a pirate epic arc with a T1 frig and building the reward without buying stuff from the market, then it evolved to more focused goals to support what I want to do in EvE, so I became a good scanner/hacker and can fly interceptors and doctrine ships of the NPSI groups. Currently I focus on training support skills and then never switch back to that remap ... with the longer term goal to be able to board all sub-cap ships in EvE and decently fly those with fun roles. So my advice, find activities you like to do when you log in and become good at it. Don't let others dictate what you have to do and what not.

I'm my own NPC alt.

Riel Saigo
#6 - 2015-03-13 17:08:33 UTC
Rather than look around for a corp focused on Incursions, I recommend you look into The Valhalla Project. They are a group of players from a lot of corps who band together to run hi-sec Incursions with standard fleet doctrines, dedicated FCs, their own Teamspeak channel, and their own automated queue system. You can read up on them here:

Be sure to read their newbro guide. You can then look under the "fittings" tab and find standard required fits for their fleet doctrines. You can pick brawling, sniping, and logi platforms. Their chat channel is super active every evening I've been online and you can ask additional questions there and get a lot of support. They run HQ Incursions almost every day (except when the Incursion spawns in a hi-sec island surrounded by lowsec systems). And the coverage is 24-7 - so no matter what time zone you're in, chances are there will be a TVP fleet up and running stuff.

Make sure you are able to fit the ships they are asking for in their standard fits list. They have some newbie friendly fits available too. Showing up with a standard TVP fit greatly increases your chances of getting a fleet invite. You also need to make sure you are in the proper staging system - you can find a lot of this information in the MOTD of the chat channel - it's updated regularly.

I'm a newbro myself to Incursions and only just barely started doing them, but I've flown in about 4 or 5 different fleets with TVP under different FCs, and I can't recommend them too highly. They are very tolerant of new guys, as long as they follow published TVP procedure, and make sure to broadcast for shields in fleet the moment they start getting targeted.

Join the chat channel, check out the website, and see what you think.
Riel Saigo
#7 - 2015-03-13 17:20:01 UTC
And yes - you pretty much must be flying a battleship for DPS or a Tech 2 logistic cruiser for support if you want to fly with TVP. The Sansha hit really hard. I ran a sniping Naga in an Incursion once a long time ago. So it can possibly be done, but the lack of tank and the lack of damage application is going to make you a bit unattractive to FCs.

You can ask for more details in TVP chat.

Oh, and don't assume that Nullsec is full of "PvP" corps. It isn't. Huge chunks of nullsec are total carebear land full of miners and PvE farmers who run and station up the moment their intel network reports strangers jumping into their turf.
Cryptologix Inc.
#8 - 2015-03-13 17:21:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Seldjan
Corps and Incursions don't mix because incursioners tend to be people flying pimped out battleships, so guess what any self-respecting high sec war dec corp would do if they saw a whole corp full of them?

It's normal not to have a clue what EVE is about or what you want to do after 6 months. It will either come in time or you will quit/ take a break after losing patience.

Be sociable. Talk to people you meet in any situation, even the people that just ganked you. Ask them about their corps and their experiences and memorable moments in eve. Eventually you will be presented with something or someone that really excites you. Follow your instinct and go with that to begin with.

Good Luck!
Riel Saigo
#9 - 2015-03-13 18:02:40 UTC
The only way I can see a corp running Incursions is if they were doing them in null sec or low sec.

I know that Rooks and Kings used to run Incursions in certain portions of nullsec in order to keep Sansha cyno-jamming clear of their regular hunting grounds. But with the new changes, I don't know if people are going to care as much about cyno-jamming anymore.

I also know that after Test Alliance collapsed as a null sec entity, a dedicated band of them started running Incursions in lowsec regularly and apparently made it work. But they're kind of freak examples.
Joe Starbreaker
Starbreaker and Sons
#10 - 2015-03-13 18:50:57 UTC
Riel Saigo wrote:
I also know that after Test Alliance collapsed as a null sec entity, a dedicated band of them started running Incursions in lowsec regularly and apparently made it work. But they're kind of freak examples.

Freak examples, yes, but we're recruiting!

With incursions, the usual starter ship is a Vexor Navy Issue (not sure how the sentry drone nerf will change that), so you can get into it with just a few weeks of training. (Hull Upgrades 5 is a must, and you need T1 sentry drones, and that's about it.) That said, incursions are pretty dull and repetitive -- you just do it for a few hours or a couple days for the amazing ISK per hour, then jumpclone back into your normal EVE life and spend it on things you enjoy doing. I don't know what the "clear goal" is that you see yourself working toward... buying a Titan maybe?

To OP: if you'd consider being part of a dedicated freak band that has collapsed as a null sec entity or something (I guess I didn't get that memo, because I'm still in nullsec...), look up my corp in game and join our public channel.
Have Naught Subsidiaries
#11 - 2015-03-13 18:52:06 UTC  |  Edited by: L'ouris
Pertaining to finding a Null corp;

Neatest way I've seen a new player get to know Null sec alliances, Corps and Members was when I was out in Pure Blind back in the day:

We were getting ready for some fleet fight out in Russian space and a small group of us were on our way to a jump bridge, we jump a gate and imagine our surprise to see some young player in a rifter landing at it out in our space when we were jumping!

I called out the potential target to the heavier ships I knew were following but remarked that he had probably already jumped out since he would have seen my ceptor and a scan would show the handful of heavier ships inbound.

Suddenly he appeared on overview on the other side of the gate.... I was too far out, already kicking myself for missing the point window....

Then he charged me guns blazing :)
and died a horrible death....

he got his pod out and chatted with us in local while we waited for a bridge. He eventually let us convince him that we would do him a favor to pod him ( get reshipped a heck of a lot quicker than burning back home in a pod). He kept coming back out until he was a local celebrity, kept on trying to shoot at folk and kept local lively :)

He eventually found a group he liked flying around and I understand they recruited him as soon as he wanted in. He had all the right stuff for a newbie in null. Fearless and fun.

EDIT: Another good one was the newbies who tried to anchor SBU's in TEST space without realizing they needed to be in an alliance. Pretty sure they got recruited in too after chatting with the guys who were blowing them up. Fearless and fun again.

Sorry for the wall, but that has stuck with me as potentially the best possible way to find a null sec corp that fits for a new player.