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I like mining

Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2015-03-11 12:52:17 UTC
I like mining.

I don't AFK much. I play a few accounts so I can boost, haul, and mine all by myself because my playtime can be sporadic and I don't want to rely on others or have them relying on me. I like being able to click into my browser window for a few minutes here or there while still keeping an eye on local and clicking dscan. I enjoy sucking ore out of these asteroids, knowing that the minerals that will come from them are the foundation of what (most) everyone in the game does.

I know that mining isn't the most lucrative profession in the game, and I like it in spite of that. But I still would like to make the most isk possible with the time I spend mining.

So far, I've got ~4 million SP on a few different accounts. I've only been playing for a few weeks recently, so I'm pretty much a noob apart from the reading I've done on various aspects of the game since I started up again. I've been mining in a pretty remote area of highsec to avoid gankers and competition and using industrials to haul ore/minerals to the nearest hub for sale, then upgrading my ships, implants, modules, etc., as possible.

What should I be researching from here in terms of increasing my isk/hour, apart from just continuing to improve skills and moving into better ships? I've considered relocating to a station-less system and setting up a PoS to base myself out of and either compressing ore there or perhaps getting into t1 manufacturing to try to spend less time hauling and/or get more profit out of the ore I have... but I don't know anything about PoSes. I've considered going to nullsec and joining one of these "perfect rorqual boosts available 23/7, no tax, no mandatory ops" types of corps, but I'm not sure if I care for the idea of being tucked away in the depths of nullsec like that. I've considered joining a corp to bug them with these sorts of questions, but because of my aforementioned playtime issues and other things, I'm not too keen on that yet. Lowsec seems out of the question in terms of risk v reward, even though I think I'd like trying to forge my own way there if it weren't so. WH? I know nothing about WH space.

I'd love any good advice anyone has, otherwise I'll just be relegated to more random reading about POSs and WH space while I continue plugginga way at these highsec asteroids!
Avenger Mercenaries
VOID Intergalactic Forces
#2 - 2015-03-11 13:01:16 UTC
not much you can do to increase your isk except for the ore types and for that you need to look at the market. Last I mined it was noxcium, but every time I mined in other corps we had awox (people that join a corp to get easy kills in the corporation) or I watch someone get ganked everyday no matter where im at. the CODE. widgets make it hard but I have a few ideas for you to have a safe mining location aswell

"Sarcasm is the Recourse of a weak mind." -Dr. Smith

Marox Calendale
The Initiative.
#3 - 2015-03-11 14:05:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Marox Calendale
To find out which ore is actually the most valuable ore cerlestes might help.

I can´t tell you much about mining in low or 0.0 but i´m living in WH Space so may be i can tell a litlle bit about mining there.
You don´t have static Asteroid belts in WH, but the earlier so called hidden belts which are now anomalies. They appear per accident in your system and will stay for about 4 Days. After they´re completely mined or have disappeared, the next one can be there on the same day or it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks until the next one will arrive.
The belts in WH Space do have 0.0 quality so A,B,C is all them but Mercoxit is only available in WH-Class 4 or higher. Have a look at the local doesn´t work as traveler won´t appear automatically, but only if they write anything in it. So D-Scan is your best friend but you should always have a look at the system scanner too, for the reason that any new WH connection will appear in your system.
Every neutral pilot will try to destroy you and most of them are cloaked. If you´re not alone, but have friends who will watch at the holes, mining in WH can be relatively safe, but if you´re alone, it will be riskier than low probably.

Actually, WH isn´t a good place to do mining only.
Tzar Sinak
Mythic Heights
#4 - 2015-03-11 15:25:23 UTC
I like to mine too. I do not mine low ends. I mine high ends. I use a Prospect with crystal capable lasers and hop into WHs from high sec. I usually do this in C5 and 6s. Once I have spawned the astroid rats I move to gas.

I find this method of ninja mining satisfying since I get to do all things I love: Exploration, scouting, PvP (avoiding it at the expense of the attackers embarrassment) and making money. I do not think I have lost a Prospect yet.

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Chenguang Hucel-Ge
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2015-03-11 15:30:06 UTC
In fact, you can't do a damn thing to make mining better. In highsec, the only thing to care for is random gankers. There is a pill for that, called Procurer/Skiff.

In low/null you are watching intel and either:
a)Sitting at POS helplessly every time neutral/red flying in the system.
b)Spamming d-scan, watching overview and praying.
c)Waiting eternity to get buddies (For that extra firepower) into THE LEAST lucrative thing, spam d-scan, then being abandoned anyway.

To add insult to injury, low/null sec minerals like zydrine and megacyte (You can farm crapload of Nocx out of Pyroxeres) is a pale shadow of what average manufacture job takes in tritanium, pyerite, mexallon and other highsec-abundant minerals.
To top it off, null/low ore is NOT the best in terms isk/m3. Nullsec logistics eat away considerable piece of profit due to risk, expenses and requiring coordination of several people for just one run.

What makes Null beautiful is possibility to run full cycle of PI, moon mining, moon goo reactions and cover other expenses by ratting. Take ratting out of equation - and you'll get piece of junk nobody wants.
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2015-03-11 16:02:32 UTC
Thanks for the responses so far.

First off, I know that besides improving skills, improving ships/modules, and mining the right ores, I can't improve how much isk I make from mining in and of itself. What I meant to get at was other locations I could set up camp at, and/or other activities to go hand-in-hand with mining, which could potentially boost my earnings.

Currently I'm mining in a small, backwater system in highsec. Because of that I haven't seen any gankers yet, and I don't see many other miners. But the asteroids are small, even though I'm in a .6. Without max skills (I'm not even using exhumers), I'm still depleting rocks quickly and losing out on cycle time because of that. Would a different location (nullsec, wormholes?) make a noticable improvement in asteroid size so that I lose less time on cycles that deplete a rock? What about "hidden belts"? I'm not entirely clear on what these are or where I can find them, because there seems to be a lot of lingo about anomolies and sites and stuff that I don't know, and the guides I try to find to explain this stuff haven't helped me understand.

And in terms of other activities, I know I could use a POS to compress ore to make hauling take less time and effort (and perhaps to make more isk/m3 too depending on the market)... but what about running a POS for t1 manufacture? Would it be feasible for me playing ~15-20 hours per week to increase my earnings by turning the stuff I mine into goods to sell? Again, I've tried looking around for information about using a POS for this purpose but the guides I find seem to be out of date or not terribly enlightening.

Chenguang Hucel-Ge
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#7 - 2015-03-11 17:44:26 UTC
Lower security systems indeed got bigger rocks. The trouble is? Correlation between size of rocks and actual minerals in them is not that direct as you can think. 4500m rock with 87k veldspar in it? Here goes the Low sec rock, 18 km in diameter, high chances of stucking in it and either trying to fly away for a minute or flying at random direction at interceptor speed of 8km/sec for that minute. Congratulations, that rock will give you... 117k veldspar.

Nullsec ores got quantities that close to kernite, but since each unit takes a space of 16m3, it'll take a lot of time to mine it out. There is a big spodumain rock in ore anomalies spawned by system upgrade with considerable size, yes, but you are not able to mine afk anyway. The wasted cycles mitigated by using survey scanner.

What comes to POS, math is pretty simple. It takes 80 millions of hardware (Compression array and Small tower itself) and 110million worth of fuel to keep small tower up and running for month. Since there is no limit on how many people use it, the more the better. You can cut these costs by off-lining tower when it not needed and on-lining when you want to compress it.
Oh, and compression array takes 20 000 000m3 of ore inside.

Is it profitable? There's a lot of factors to that. Many people set up POS just for having gank-proof Orca booster, but I've never got myself to be victimized on high-sec mining (Not counting two accidents: First when I started stealing ice from bot, ahem, isboxer, receiving stabber rectal exam, second when I fell asleep, lost Procurer to rats and pod to random guy who decided to examine belts).
Tau Cabalander
Retirement Retreat
Working Stiffs
#8 - 2015-03-11 19:17:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Tau Cabalander
A problem with skill training for mining long-term, is that there is a very limited set of skills needed for mining:

I always try to build upon existing skills to enhance what the character can already do.

Two common directions afterwards are reprocessing and mining fleet boosting:
meaning the Orca and Rorqual, but then you already have most of the skills for any kind of boosting, and boosting negates mining at the same time.

However one doesn't have to go that route:

* Hauling is a natural complement to mining, as is the rest of industry (research, manufacturing, and PI).
* Mining drone specialist leads to all drone specialist, which encompasses a large number of drone-boats (Amarr, Gallente, Gurista = Caldari + Gallente), and flirts with fleet boosting (Gallente Eos is a Command Ship, but you don't have to train the link skills required for fleet boosting).
* I trained Wing Commander 5, because all fleets, including large mining fleets, are always short on wing commanders.

Living in w-space lead to these:
* Tengu skills for clearing Sleepers in asteroid and gas sites in w-space.
* Defending the POS lead to Starbase Defense and Logistics.
* Since living in w-space, might as well as use another Tengu fitted for probing (started with a Buzzard, which leads to torpedoes and bombs on a Manticore).
* Wanting to anchor mobile warp disruptors to slow attacks and provide some warning, lead to HICs and 'dictors.

All the above lead to the common thread of medium-hull specialist. What's next? Probably Black Ops, an extension of hauling (freighters lead to jump freighters, which have a jump drive) and drone-boat specialist (Rattlesnake = Caldari & Gallente Battleship 5, which leads to the Widow and Sin).

There are endless possibilities and combinations leading to more possibilities.
Shiloh Templeton
Cheyenne HET Co
#9 - 2015-03-11 19:54:49 UTC  |  Edited by: Shiloh Templeton
- If you have more than two accounts train one of them into an Orca + leadership skills. An Orca is an incredibly useful ship in general plus it will greatly increase the mining output & can handle moderate level of hauling. (maybe you already have an orca since you mentioned boosting).

- the size of the rocks is dependent on how long ago they were mined out. I think the size of rocks in .5-.7 is about the same, but the rocks will grow to their maximum size over 3 days. Try to find systems that are not mined out -- This can be easier in systems without a station. A very large number of belts in system will also help. Use Dotlan and display systems by the number of asteroid belts.

- Train one of your characters to operate a freighter.

- Experiment with ice mining. It's not as lucrative as it use to be, but you can mine one ice rock for up to 30 minutes. You can also get to know some neighbors. Some ice belts are friendly -- others no one ever talks.

- Strip Miner II's and crystals will increase yield, but add hassle.

- Mining ore anomalies adds some nice variety and will give you some important minerals if you get into manufacturing. To find them just pull CNTRL-P to get the window and make sure Anomalies is checked.

- Experiment with some other aspects of the game such as exploration, missions, pvp before you max out the mining skills.

- Make sure you have Laser Upgrade II.

- Lowsec is not worth it from an IPH stance, but who cares if you enjoy it.

- CCP recently released a report that showed ~98% of mining takes place in high-sec (most of the rest in Providence). But there is speculation there will be a push to mine in Null-Sec if the SOV changes this summer use Mining to help claim system usage.

- Mining missions are another way to mine rocks that require a lot less interaction (Two retrievers can team the mission to reduce warping to station & an orca give a good in system boost) The gas mining missions with a venture are especially effort efficient.

- Try Planetary Interaction if you enjoy mining.

Here's a link with some info that might be useful: The Mining Guide

This Mining Blog has some very good info on running a small mining fleet.


p.s. I love drone skills, but I feel like I wasted time on mining drones based on their pitiful yield
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#10 - 2015-03-12 01:06:44 UTC  |  Edited by: Amarrchecko
Thanks again guys. Your advice is making me a bit more confident about branching out into other things than JUST mining, and there are some other good tips in here too Smile

Edit - The Mining Guide seems pretty hit or miss with its advice, but this New Even Mining blog is pure gold. Thanks for the link!
Karak Bol
Low-Sec Survival Ltd.
#11 - 2015-03-12 06:19:34 UTC
1. You can compress you ore at a POS. Compressed ore is easier to move and pays a bit better. Only online when you need it.

2. For mining missions google "greedy goblin" and search for his thukker mining guides.

3. Think about producing something with your ore or even trading. When you haul around, you can also make some additional ISKies while doing it.

4. Think about WH, Lowsec or Null mining. Even if its only daytripping with a Venture. Get a feeling for the other regions. Doesn´t mean you have to abandon High completely.
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#12 - 2015-03-12 11:46:11 UTC  |  Edited by: Amarrchecko
S&I has been helpful just like I expected it would be Big smile

I picked up basic pieces of a small POS several hours ago and I've been using dotlan to narrow down my ideal systems to a few that I plan to scout out over the next couple days. I'm hoping to do more than just use my POS to compress ore, but I'll probably get into it one step at a time.

Long term I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I enjoy running a POS in highsec and that I'll figure out a nice way to enjoy it (and be profitable with it) in lowsec! Time will tell.
Avenger Mercenaries
VOID Intergalactic Forces
#13 - 2015-03-12 13:17:41 UTC
higher tanked mining ships isn't the magic pill for your safer mining either. I watched a fleet of nicely tanked skiffs a couple months ago get dropped on by a smartbomb group "to prove a point". Some gankers like doing that and don't care what they lose.

"Sarcasm is the Recourse of a weak mind." -Dr. Smith

Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#14 - 2015-03-12 14:35:46 UTC
Agondray wrote:
higher tanked mining ships isn't the magic pill for your safer mining either. I watched a fleet of nicely tanked skiffs a couple months ago get dropped on by a smartbomb group "to prove a point". Some gankers like doing that and don't care what they lose.

Oh sure, I know. If someone really wants to kill a ship, they can almost certainly pull it off with enough time and effort.

I see this all as a long-term odds game, personally. The more things I can do that combine to reduce the overall risk of loss over time, the better. And tanking is just one of those things I can do.
Shiloh Templeton
Cheyenne HET Co
#15 - 2015-03-13 01:05:15 UTC
This guy has written a blog entry about his experience mining in Null: Staring at Rocks
Kerr Avonn
#16 - 2015-03-13 01:36:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Kerr Avonn
Along with Dotlan and other site of interest you might wan%T %To consider these two options aswell:
Very good for being able to input Criteria for your perfect system such as how many belts, industry indices, what planets, agents, jumps per hour etc etc...

Goes without saying to set CODE. to terrible standing in your watchlist thingamy, but this also helps:
Use it to check the system out and see whats getting killed and add those and their corps who are popping minning ships to your watchlist thingamy.

I cant think what the bookmarky thingamy is called in game, i'm so drunk but I hope you get my drift. Blink

Oh yea, generaly low-sec is more trouble than it's worth even in a skiff.
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#17 - 2015-03-13 10:21:48 UTC
Kerr Avonn wrote:

I'm going to waste an enormous amount of time goofing around with this site, lol.
CJ Alland
CB Trading
#18 - 2015-03-13 13:47:51 UTC  |  Edited by: CJ Alland
My corporation currently hosts a free fleet that provides mining boosts close ish to Jita.

We have a regular group of guys that hang out in our public channel and have a laugh.

If your alts were able to mine as well you could chew through the asteroids. We had a guy that mined in the fleet and sold us over 1b of ore in a few days, we only used 3 characters.

The forum thread
Rostok Kemal
Soleil d'Or
#19 - 2015-03-13 15:47:49 UTC
I too like mining, but what made it really enjoyable was the social atmosphere of the corp I was with. So my first recommendation would be to find a corp that a) likes to mine, and b) has people you like.

I cannot stress getting into a corp strongly enough. They will give you a reason to keep shooting rocks long after the novelty has worn off. They will also assist you with any noob (and not so noob) questions about Eve, give you fitting advice, help you haul, refine, and generally make life in Eve easier.

Some groups have bases in null, wh's, or low-sec, giving you the option to try all three with some assistance from the corp veterans. Finally, they will be able to guide you in whatever your next steps are beyond beyond mining.

Good luck!
Bondor Zanphre
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#20 - 2015-03-31 19:39:49 UTC
I also enjoy mining.

I've tried a couple corps that wasn't what I was looking for so I made my own 1 man corp for lower taxes. Later I made a miner and enjoy it quite a bit. I too don't wish to join a corp with other players and feel obligated to fleet up, or talk on team speak, or even pvp.

I started out trader, then hauler/freighter, trained miner and all 3 really work well together. If you're looking to make some isk while mining train up remote trade skills to update orders anywhere in the region while mining. Like yourself I enjoy multiple cycles on my roids so I mine in remote areas of hi-sec .5 or .6. I found the best mining areas on the map looking for jumps last hour and ships destroyed last hour into account at different times of the day.

Jumped into a frigate with a survey scanner to scan the size of the roids available, and multiple bookmarks around the belt to decrease slow boat time. As far as Low sec I was able to mine Japet once at 2 am and felt like I was on the biggest heist known to Eve. Other times I was pointed quickly after landing in the belt before one cycle could finish. I stay away from low sec since the risk return and rewards are low after ship loss.

I'm still new to the game and WH space sounds like a different game with a difficult learning curve from what I've heard so far. Null sec I feel is too hostile to make a profit after hauling costs are taken into consideration. I don't pvp nor care to so low, wh and null are of no interest to me, except for the destruction and consumption that comes from those locations.

I could make more if I trained for anything else besides miner but I like it, and all the industry and economy aspects of hauling/mining/trading. If you've ever seeded a remote area of space and a major fight breaks out I feel like I contributed in some way. For POS anchoring I haven't decided to place one yet, but in the long run I might look into it later this year.
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