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Pirate corp recruiting Stealth Bombers, ALL PVP'rs, and Miners

Irked inc.
#1 - 2015-03-01 08:06:32 UTC  |  Edited by: DrArtemis
Irked inc. is now currently looking for Stealth Bombers, Recon and Black Ops pilots, Miners, Freighters, Mission Runners, Incursion Runners Industrialists and all PvP'ers in general to fill our ranks. We are currently based in low-sec, bordering high-sec within 12 jumps of 3 trade hubs. We offer the following:

- Operations running during all time zones due to alliance size
- Alliance, Corp and friendly backup
- Alliance roams leaving at all times of day and night
- Roams into low/null sec and WHS
- Freighter services
- Alliance warfare
- Mining/POS ops with Orca/Capital support
- Research/copies/invention/industry
- WHS exploration
- 5% tax rate
- Helpfull with getting new players started
- Regular Lv. 3/4 Mission Running
- Incursions
- DED sites
- Ship Replacement Program for approved fleet ops
- Ship and Rank award system
- NPSI ops with "RvB Ganked" & "Spectre Fleet"
- Functioning trade hub in Alliance Headquarters in low-sec
- Alts welcome

We are currently a small Corp, that is a part of a large Alliance, that is looking to grow and expand. We currently are putting together a large Stealth Bomber Fleet for our Alliance to make bombing runs, run recon and generally wreak havoc on our enemies and anyone unfortunate enough to get in our path. With the support of a large fighting force of Brawlers, Snipers, Drone Boats, Logi and Capitol Ships for support and to support depending on the ops.

We are also recruiting Miners and Industrialists for our sister mining corp that is listed as a friendly to the alliance, but not apart of it, so that it is safe from its members becoming war targets for our Miners, Freighters and Mission Runners to be able to operate in relative peace but still be able to have the backup of the Alliance and be able to PVP if they are in the mood. Its also a good starting place for new players to get their bearings.

Players of all experience levels are welcome to apply. Wether you're an experienced FC and PVP pilot or you're just starting out and are interested on being in covert ops or if you just want to run missions, mine and build stuff in peace but still want to have back up and/or get in the occasional fight, we can find a place for you. Our alliance is regularly running training ops and we are generally open to hiring any specialty. If we don't have what you are looking for I am also happy to direct you to one of the Corps in our Alliance that does.

Member Requirements;
- Working TS3 and Mumble setups required for NPSI ops
- Working TS3 and Headset/comms required for any PVP positions
- (Headset not required right away but you have to at least have TS3 installed with working speakers to hear commands on ops)

If interested in joining or have any questions, send me an eve mail in game to set up an interview or check our recruiting channel "Irked inc. Recruitment" (without parenthesis) to see if a recruiter is online.

CEO Irked inc.
Irked inc.
#2 - 2015-03-01 16:33:28 UTC  |  Edited by: DrArtemis
Recruitment open.
keiser sosai
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Irked inc.
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Irked inc.
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Irked inc.
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Irked inc.
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