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Revamp to implants – Hardwiring and Attributes

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-02-06 13:51:34 UTC
This post in inspired by a recent reddit thread

In it, it is suggested that we could do away with the standard attribute remapping system and instead use a grouped learning implant.

An implant for Gunnery could be broken down into the following, with the associated boost to training.

-Gunnery + 1%
-Hybrid Gunnery Implant +3%
-Projectile Gunnery Implant +3%

These basic implants would provide no boost to the skills effect (no hardwiring style bonus)

Advanced implants

Advanced Railgun Gunnery Implant + 5% to skill training +3% to damage/ROF of all railguns
Advanced Blaster Gunnery Implant + 5% to skill training +3% to damage/ROF of all blasters

Similar would exist for projectile and all missile variants

The original reddit comment suggested faction implants, a Fed Navy Cadet was the idea suggested.

His original idea would be that this would provide implants of a certain level to a mixed selection of skills. Gallente Frigate, small hybrids and fitting skills – light drones would fit perfectly here.

Again the basic level of this implant would provide less of a bonus, with more advanced (and expensive) versions providing greater boosts.

Higher ranks than cadet could be used for destroyer, cruiser, BC, BS etc etc.

This suggestion would provide both a learning and combat boost to pilots, fit perfectly with lore (you would buy implants that specifically impact how you want to fight and fly). I feel it would also encourage more people to engage in PVP, much in the same way that removing the clone upgrade/sp loss penalty has.
Vertiggo Andumi
White Fang Militia
Fraternity University
#2 - 2015-04-04 14:22:41 UTC
I don't care if they make new implants or not, but I think the skill training should be leveled. If not so new players don't constantly make mistakes they'll regret for 12 months at a time, so active pilots don't put the game down for weeks at a time out of frustration that they can't train for what they need yet.

I need to fly a certain ship based on assignment, and I can either waste several days of my EVE life by training skills inefficiently, or I can wait until July to be any good to my corp. Either of these only detracts from activity in the game. It's like trolling by developer...