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NPCs and Drones

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2015-02-05 20:27:18 UTC
Drone aggro from NPCs is generally accepted as buggy or broken in the best of situations, but thought I would raise a particular issue.

I'm flying two Ishtars, both in Serpentis Forsaken Dens.

Both are using Wasp 2s, one has 3 DDA's and an omni tacking the other 4 DDA's

In terms of fit the only other difference is the meta level of the hardeners.

Player One - 4 DDA's - is able to warp into a site at 10km, drop drones and engage the rats. At no point does their aggression switch to the wasps.

Player two - 3 DDA's - warps into the site at 10km. The rats, all sizes, will engage the drones as a priority rather than the Ishtar.

I'm sure having on extra DDA isn't making my ship that much more attractive to the rats. The damage increase is tiny with those stacking penalties.

I know some people are thinking I'm just moaning because i'm losing my drones - its more the inconsistency that's the issue.

If both characters drones were aggressed in an equal manner then that would be fine.

So CCP is this a known issue, am I misunderstanding drone mechanics in some fundamental way. Or is this likely to be patched