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Constructive feedback thread on the new UI

The Knights of Evermore
#21 - 2015-01-07 05:07:18 UTC
I can't stand the new interface. It's just too monochrome. I didn't think the previous one was great, but if I'm flying in space with everything black and blue, for the most part, I want some color to contrast my interface. Color icons were so much easier. I have to search for what I'm looking for now when docked in station and it's really getting on my nerves.
Burneddi said the interface looks more modern at least, but really, it feels more like what the latest MacOS did to it's dock. It feels like it took the icons back to 16 bit from the early 90's. Maybe the interface is easier to use in some areas, but it's hideous to look at. Bluegreenblack everywhere. It's really turning me off from the game since I just started a character to build ships, and have to spend a lot more time in the station screen.
Eve Cluster Explorations
#22 - 2015-01-07 06:11:52 UTC
Having spent some time with it, and set it to Carbon + Blur Off + minimal Transparancy, it no longer totally offends my eyes and I can use it fine, although even this far on I still keep pressing the wrong buttons from time to time (I've stopped pressing M for Market instead of Map, but mix up market and wallet sometimes). As such the following criticisms will not be about usability, because I can still use it. I just want to a little less.

1. The backgrounds of inactive windows are essentially the same color as the border. The windows used to have a solid border with the content 'inside' each area of the window. Inactive windows are now solid blocks of color with content simply plastered on them, and some very faded lines to kind of demark different areas.
- This attempts to hide the structure of windows, especially in ones not full of content
- Even the active highlighted window doesn't light up enough to clearly convey the border vs. content areas
- This makes the whole thing look monochrome and flat

2. Icons no longer have color. The new icon designs are actually better, i.e. they are cleaner, clearer and simpler. However, in the process they have all been made the same color.
- Icons are now harder to differentiate and find as they stand out from each other less
- This makes the whole thing look monochrome

3. We are stuck with fixed color schemes now.
- Every color scheme is essentially two tone, with a 'button color' which is fixed relative to the main color
- The button color is significantly different to the main color, making them stand out ridiculously compared to the monochrome everything-else
- There is no longer a seperate background color due to (1), so if you like a color for the borders, you better like it for the background too
- Every color scheme except Carbon is basically ****, primaily because the button color and lack of a background color

4. The login screen
- Doesn't obey color scheme choice
- Looks **** with this color scheme choice due to the button color
- Oh well, would probably look **** anyway

Oh, and the market and wallet windows (and probably elsewhere) no longer have lines demarking the rows. Why the heck not? At least make it an option.

I'll grant that the interface looks more modern. Many modern things are ****. Just something to keep in mind.

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Zansha Expansion
Brave Collective
#23 - 2015-01-07 13:03:33 UTC
Melana Emmagan wrote:
Burneddi wrote:

  • Chat tabs stop blinking when you change tabs, no matter which tab you change to.

Also, the blinking is waaaaay too subtle now, I barely notice it when I'm not really looking for it.

On that note, I suggested twice that the 'blink' pattern should follow the Windows 7 task bar with the msn messenger, which did it right:

'blink' three times -> keep highlighted and stop blinking, just like the old wallet blink used to do before we got the 'neocom - menu' thing that is upside down What?

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Julius Rigel
#24 - 2015-01-07 13:49:40 UTC
Here are some off the top of my head:

1. The "light-up on window focus" effect is incredibly jarring - I have a hard time following a scrolling chat when the background also keeps changing color whenever I click into the text input field to type something, click in space to turn, click back into the text field to type something, click on overview, and so on.

2. The limited selection of color palettes are all quite harsh, in my opinion. Custom interface color was something that many of us used, and my custom palette was a very muted, pastel burgundy / salmon color, and I couldn't find anything in the few selections you have provided us that even comes close to pale, pastel, or muted.


4. Why the flying duck would you make the neocom transparent?!

5. The "shiny" neocom icons completely blend into the background noise of SPACE because the neocom is TRANSPARENT!

6. I can't imagine why anyone would want the user interface to be blurry under any circumstance, but this feature has an off-button, so I can't complain.

7. The color-coding was very helpful for navigating those teeny-tiny icons on the neocom. Also, did you remove the "expand" button? Weren't people using that?!
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