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Unable to sell assets after client crash

#1 - 2014-12-18 16:14:17 UTC
Last night, my client crashed, and upon relogging, I found that all my settings had been set to default. After spending several minutes changing it all back, I ran into a new problem; I wasn't able to sell items in the asset window. It displayed this strange Broker error, and upon trying to sell them again, it simply stated that the item is no longer there.

The strange thing is that the items never disappear. In fact, they keep growing in quantity as my buy orders keep getting fulfilled, but I simply can't sell them! The station in which they are located in is two jumps away and I do have the ability to remotely buy/sell in the entire region.

I cleared the cache, ran the repair tool, shut down the client and relogged, and even did a computer restart. Nothing. I tried again this morning and it's still the same Broker error.

I did submit a ticket last night but I thought I'd report it here in case anyone may have had this issue before. Halp!