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Rhea Feedback

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Vihura Cor
#321 - 2014-12-09 21:14:05 UTC
Love new UI especially ICON, love transparent windows only one think is missing you cant see blurred bracket through window (They disappear).
Interbus Universal
#322 - 2014-12-09 21:14:08 UTC
The new window blur, lighting and the monochromatic icons are very well done - EVE is suddenly a much more stylish game and the changes are at the same time very functional.

Although I have to say that everything looked great when I logged in my wormhole char, but when logging in a highsec alt, the environment looked really very bright. With the generally brighter sky boxes in hisec, maybe that needs some adjustment.


KIller Wabbit
MEME Thoughts
#323 - 2014-12-09 21:15:17 UTC
Okay, CSM - you see these color schemes? Did you get some hands on time to try them out? Were you born in CA?
Shaleb Heworo
Amarr Empire
#324 - 2014-12-09 21:16:07 UTC
Looks great! the new map too! Way to go CCP!
Tex Steele
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#325 - 2014-12-09 21:16:15 UTC
Cyberman Mastermind wrote:
Certainly looks very modern, that new UI.

"Modern" as in "low contrast, hard to distinguish if your pattern recognition isn't good"...
Can someone enlighten me if it's really helpful to someone that is colorblind if all colors are very close together?

Seriously, keep the icons if you have to, but throw in some more contrast - I'm using the Gallente color scheme (seems to be clostest to the previous Military Green) and in some windows the text is light green on dark green. Or light green on darker green when focus is lost.
How is that good UI design?

The "this skill enables" info is hard to distinguish - I actually had to click on the various levels to make sure they're not enabled, because I wasn't sure if the one highlighted square is highlighted because I clicked on it, or because it's the level that enables stuff.

Also, as others said, lose that annoying highlight to signal focus. Or at least make it instantly instead of that fading.
If I don't select a window, it shouldn't be highlighted. It seems the chat window is highlighted by default if I close another window. (maybe because it's the only other open window?)

This is not good for me - being colorblind between pastel shades of red green brown. To me ALL the colors remaining look washed out and faded.

All the black and white stuff just runs together. I've set my monitor to 100% contrast and 100% brightness, and everythign is still really DARK, and the contrast of text against hte icky blackish grayish background of the windows like the overview and such is so nasty I can hardly read any of it.

I also notice that when I mouse over an itme in the overview, the "highlight" is only a shade or two brighter than the background, making it extremely difficult to select stations, gates, targets, anything - because I cannot see what item is highlighted, the "highlight" is so dark and faint.

This UI looks like something from the 1950s. it's bland and yucky and washed out, instead of bold and bright. The eye has nothing upon which to rest and nothing to be able to make out a difference between one item and another.

PLEASE roll this back or give us an option to do so our selves.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#326 - 2014-12-09 21:17:24 UTC  |  Edited by: ochisori
Make Transparency 100 be 100.
Put back RGB.
Tired of all the REMons in your ADDons
Veran Nijoba
Gamers Corner
#327 - 2014-12-09 21:17:47 UTC
Don't Necessarily agree with the Amarr Ship Color Changes. Love the Details; however, the Ships are White and Gold instead of a Sandy Color and Gold.

I liked the old Abaddon.
The New one is alright just the color scheme doesn't feel very true.
#328 - 2014-12-09 21:20:03 UTC
U know whats bullshlt? -> Clicky

This was better some patches ago.
Claire Gally
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#329 - 2014-12-09 21:26:03 UTC
New UI, Icons, and COLOURS:

Now I'm sure this was certainly meant to put fully colour-blind people on an equal footing with everyone else, but is there any hope to get at least the COLOURS back on the Neocom icons?

I understand the need (read: the desire) to refresh the look on the icons, in order to make them more understandable for newcomers, but was it necessary to make them all grey?

Our brain computes colours before shapes (at least, that of normal humans who are not high on crack). Having each icon a distinct colour was helpful to discern what was doing what. Right now, I feel needlessly having to scrutinize the small icons to find the one I want to click on.

Perhaps I'm the only one who displeased with this specific point, but if I'm not... PLEASE consider colours. Colours are beautiful. It might be Space with a capital S, but please keep in mind Space isnt just black and white.

Bagrat Skalski
Koinuun Kotei
#330 - 2014-12-09 21:28:59 UTC
EVE is reborn \o/

Manual flying, new clothes, PBR, icons, everything shines anew. Lol
Jared Tobin
Bloodstone Industries
#331 - 2014-12-09 21:29:37 UTC

- TRANSPARENCY/NEW UI's LACK OF "ROW SEPARATION" IN LIST MODE: This expansion is relatively pointless (sadly for all the programmers who worked so hard on it) - especially the UI transparency for the percentage of people who cannot visually read anything in semi-translucent (blurry mess mode) windows. This is the one time where transparency is not at all useful. Problem is vastly visible when using the only 2 dark/black-ish "themes": "Dark Matter" and "Carbon". They are simply WAY too dark, with absolutely no visible horizontally separating lines for rows. Seriously: I cannot visually "see" and understand the prices of items and quantities when staring at a large opened UI window of selling orders, or the market options of an item, etc etc..

- ROW AND COLUMN ISSUES WHEN NOT TRANSPARENT: There are no visually linear lines helping to visually divide and identify rows of items and associated information.

- NEW ICON VISUAL/INTERPRETATION: The "Symbology" needs some color. I rely on color to help differentiate options - that is in addition to shapes. Now I'm mentally taking more time staring at all the new icons and not having any clue as to "what is what". Problem is: lack of color, which seems odd, considering your example of the "works in progress" and example pics shown/shared in your "a new look for EVE's UI" blog: the pictures show a colored glow. Problem with current set up: it's purely black and white. This gets even more confusing when you have NO option to set the "background" of the menu side bar to something NON-transparent.

- "DRAG AND DROP" SELLING STILL IS NOT WORKING: The Drag and Drop STILL DOES NOT WORK when selling multiple items from my own Corporation's in-station Hangar. It was stated 4 weeks ago that this "was a known issue and would be corrected in the upcoming upgrade patch" which, well, obviously has not been fixed.

- "CHANNELS" ICON IN SIDEMENU CANNOT BE REMOVED: Oddly, of all the icons in the sidemenu that can be "right-clicked" upon and see a "Remove" option, the CHANNELS icon can NOT be removed. Seriously, of all icons I really don't need, that channel opening option is available in EVERY chat channel window in the universe... So give us room by giving us the ability to REMOVE IT FROM OUR MENUS please.

- SOUND: There seems to be a strange glitch or issue in the voume of the "initiation of jumping into warp". It's not fully replicatable, but when it hits, it can be deafening louder than the warp travel sound itself. There is no volume slide adjustment option for this sound effect.

- WINDOW UI "CORNERS" AND NON-ALIGNMENT: I believe, as a designer myself, there is at least a 1 pexel in width transparent line around every UI window open. the only time it is visible is when you see the "corners". These corners are visually annoying and pointless, and they also cause a visual distraction when windows are butted up next to each other: there is a visual separation of at least 2-3 pixels showing the beckground, when, in previous versions since 2006 onward, when all windows were right next to each other, they did not expose anything behind it. Seriously, this is as much of a visual distraction as the transparency issues itself. This is most viewable when you set your UI option to NO TRANSPARENCY (which oddly still makes your side menu persistently transparent) and 100% bold, using CARBON or DARK MATTER as your "theme" set of colors. Very distracting.

CLUTTER REDUCTION (still unaddressed)

I've noticed starting months ago this year: all EVE DEVs and CCP associates stating the phrase of progress intent to "reduce clutter in the interface" - a common DEV-spoken/typed "theme" and "token sentence" associated with every change since the last BIG change in-game which was the new typeface several years ago to make more "screen real estate", yet the Industry UI is one of the biggest steps backwards I have ever seen regarding this statement since, and the following issues are still unaddressed:

- INDUSTRY UI: The INDUSTRY UI is way too bloated visually, taking up to 50% of a windowed active cient, and does not allow resizing to a "managable" size when dealing with other multiply opened windows - as usually a majority of mass manufacturing and industrial corporations have open at any one time when docked. Can this be not forgotten in order to "REDUCE CLUTTER" please?

- INDUSTRY UI: The INDUSTRY UI needs a more compact way to list the jobs. Each "job row" takes up about 2 "normal rows" when in "LIST MODE" in ALL "INVENTORY UI" windows. Industry's UI is a waste of space, and the pulsating "Tron-meets-Georgia-O'Keeffe's vaginal-esque" blueprint graphic area is a tremendous waste of space which cannot be made smaller or even vertically "squished" to allow a longer, more intelligible view of the jobs listed. Can this be not forgotten in order to "REDUCE CLUTTER" please?

- INDUSTRY UI: The INDUSTRY UI shows a relatively pointless "OUTCOME" image which, for all intent and purposes, is unnecessary for most skilled manufacturers. After all, as stated by recent DEVs: the goal is to "reduce clutter in the interface". Can this be optional to "REDUCE CLUTTER" please?

- INDUSTRY UI SYMBOLOGY: ANYTHING MINERAL-ORIENTED IN BLUEPRINTS/INDUSTRY UI: It has become incredibly frustrating to visually (quickly) understand amounts of "minerals" used in an Industry "job" without unnecessary waste of time "mousing over" each symbol. The client/UI lacks any option to TEXTUALLY show what minerals are when listing manufacturing amounts/needs.
ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: Simply abbreviate TRI,PYR,MEX,ISO,NOX,MEG,ZYD and MOR - all would easily be appreciated and could be positioned conveniently "above" the mineral symbols.

- NOTIFICATIONS: There is a lack of ANY notifications to inform you of any ALLIANCE membership applications that are submitted.

- INDUSTRY UI needs a "refresh" button in order to clear all "Delivered" jobs. Currently, you must reopen.
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#332 - 2014-12-09 21:29:55 UTC
Claire Gally wrote:

Our brain computes colours before shapes (at least, that of normal humans who are not high on crack). Having each icon a distinct colour was helpful to discern what was doing what. Right now, I feel needlessly having to scrutinize the small icons to find the one I want to click on.

That's the thing, though — the old icons didn't have distinct colors. They were all the same shades of blueish green or greenish blue.

This post was crafted by the wormhole expert of the Goonswarm Economic Warfare Cabal, the foremost authority on Eve: Online economics and gameplay.

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#333 - 2014-12-09 21:34:46 UTC
There are ugly paintings on my Vigilanticatordevil Cry

I wonder why those scary pirates paint their ships with fluffy clouds and lovely stripes.

Would be nice if we at least could have an option for turning off all those childish textures the pirate and navy factions use.

Nevertheless thank you for this update.

Inglourious Squirrels
That Escalated Quickly.
#334 - 2014-12-09 21:41:55 UTC
Overall good job CCP.

I like the new icons. They are simple and easy to understand. No distracting colors. I'm not sure why so many ppl are complaining about them, but maybe it 's just because they got used to the old ones. Some of the themes need a little bit polishing, but that 's it (e.g. you can hardly see what is selected in the overview, when you use the black theme). The blur and dynamic transparent effect is cool, too. I don't have any issues with that (you can even disable the blur in the ESC-menu).

The PBR is awesome, but some Caldari and Minmatar ships don't look finished (e.g. Drake, Naga, Tornado).

The new map! It 's beta but very nice already. Can't wait to see the final version. Please try to add filters for the security level. So you can enable/disable high/low/null-sec as you want and an option to show adjacent systems would be useful. So you can have a low-sec only map, that shows high/null-sec entrances. This enables you to have multiple information at the same time, too (e.g. low-sec systems with kills in the last hour).

Manual flight control... yeah well - It 's nice to have. There might be situations were it is very useful, but I doubt I will ever use it except for the lulz.

Myriad Blaze
Common Sense Ltd
Nulli Secunda
#335 - 2014-12-09 21:45:43 UTC
After a first glance:

UI overall look is largely ok for me. Font size seems to be smaller now (I know I'm shortsighted, but now I feel like I'm almost blind). Color schemes seem to be ok... I found one which works for me.

Icons are ... meh. I really wish I could at least assign colors to them.

Some of the shapes are ok and intuitive (e.g. Mail, Wallet, Market).

Some other shapes seem to be ok but need time to get used to (e.g. Channels, Journal, perhaps Ship Fitting).

Some of the shapes seems to be problematic (e.g. Ship Hangar, which looks too much like Ship Fitting for my liking; People and Places which is not intuitive with regards to bookmarks - and which has much too small buttons to switch from People to Agents to Places in its window; perhaps also the Corporation icon, which reminds me of two hands holding a star... and which might have worked for the Loyaltly Store).

Some of the shapes are just terrible (e.g. Contracts, which looks like a magic scroll from a fantasy game; Inventory, which looks like ... I don't know, some kind of a box? a chimney? a well in a medieval village?; Personal Assets, which I recognized because I know what it looked like before and which looks like some kind of a washing machine or with some imagination like some kind of machinery - because of the gear inside.

And did I already mention that I REALLY wish I could assign individual colors to them?

Physically Based Rendering makes most of the ships look awesome. However some are too shiny now and are showing a wierd color (especially Ishtar).

New ship models look great imho and you even made the Falcon and the Rook look similar but not identical. I like this direction of the development.
Murkar Omaristos
The Alabaster Albatross
Unreasonable Bastards
#336 - 2014-12-09 21:47:22 UTC
Did something change with WASD controls? The first iteration on SISI was MUCH MUCH easier to control than the current version that was released on TQ. I can't foresee it being used if it's difficult to make the ship go where you want.

Feels as though the ability to roll was removed for some reason.
Lord Battlestar
Atrox Urbanis Respublique Abundatia
#337 - 2014-12-09 21:51:59 UTC
Oerall so far so good, but could deal with a bit less transparency on windows, and the beta map could be less blurry, it makes it difficult on the eyes.

I once podded myself by blowing a huge fart.

Mr Gus
Mr Gus Corporation
#338 - 2014-12-09 21:54:38 UTC
Kinizsi wrote:
Thank You CCP!

The new ship looks are awesome, this was the best patch ever.


is so nise to i cant play any more any one know how meny year need i w8 for replase it to somting new? for i know to back meby on this game
Kaylin Drake
Profound Destiny
#339 - 2014-12-09 21:58:58 UTC
Snopzet wrote:
Overall good job CCP.

The PBR is awesome, but some Caldari and Minmatar ships don't look finished (e.g. Drake, Naga, Tornado).

I agree with this.

I love the drake, my most favorite ship ever, I have a 3d printed model of it even... it does sadly look unfinished in this update. Please fix the details so it doesn't look so dull and washed out.

Thank you for hearing my thoughts <3
Goonswarm Federation
#340 - 2014-12-09 22:00:28 UTC
I can barely see the new chat blink, I'm running the "Dark Matter" theme so my stuff is black like it used to be. The flash is very subtle :(


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