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Module Tiericide. Aren't we losing something here?

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Applied Anarchy
#201 - 2014-09-30 13:19:21 UTC
Bagatur I wrote:
The tiercide makes a lot of sense. There is too much crap that is rarely used.
However I wish they kept the unique names for different modules. scoped? ample? scope my ample ass and use some imagination Lol

...simply remove inutile or unused ****? ....replace with new interesting things? ... NOFUNALLOWED Lol
Sabriz Adoudel
Move along there is nothing here
#202 - 2014-12-07 03:02:26 UTC
ISD Ezwal wrote:
I can earnestly say it would be a sad day if they where to change these names:


oh my god, I never noticed those names

like ever

my life is now complete

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