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Test Server Feedback

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UI Modernization preview - Feedback and issues

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Aphoxema G
Khushakor Clan
#341 - 2014-11-18 23:30:12 UTC
I am thrilled with everything I see. The icons could stand to have better pictures but they're already way easier to see between.

I would like the highlight gradient on the buttons better if it followed the mouse or something but they just look so mismatched with the rest of the interface.

There should totally be a way to set the amount of blur/transparency/desaturation and specific colors of everything. I mean, while you're at making a whole new interface you could really open up customizability in every way reasonable. It could be like a CSS file the user has to open up in something else.

If you're using from like, a preselected list of shaders you could even make those changeable so instead have other effects with window backgrounds.
The Debauchery Tea Party
#342 - 2014-11-19 05:40:10 UTC
AURA Make Up! It doesn't make sense.

This . . .
Torgeir Hekard
#343 - 2014-11-19 06:17:46 UTC
The new player experience 2.0: scaring newbs away even BEFORE tutorial.

You guys should review your PEGI rating, because that thing is traumatizing even for adults.
LowSechnaya Sholupen
#344 - 2014-11-19 10:29:06 UTC  |  Edited by: X4me1eoH
WTF? what u doing with Aura? kick your ass designer.
Exploration Frontier inc
#345 - 2014-11-19 11:52:33 UTC  |  Edited by: Altrue
Picking a rifter to be the main icon for all icons involving ships is not really astute in my opinion. Its a highly complex ship icon shrunk into various tiny proportions to fit the icons. Plus, its shape isn't intuitive to newbies, they will wonder "wtf is this reverse T shape?".

You should make a stylized ship that everyone recognises, like a stealth fighter with its familiar 'V" shape. Thats what people expect when they see an icon about spaceships.
Or if you really feel like you need to pick an EVE ship, pick the Condor, not the Rifter... Much more recognisable.
EDIT: The ship icon inside the ISIS icon is exactly the one you MUST use for EVERY icon that has a rifter in it. Instead of the rifter. (IMO)

General feedback about the icons:

  • Neocom folders are nice
  • Inventory: the cubic shape doesn't seem to make sense, but it could be worse.
  • Cargohold: as said earlier... A rifter? No! In its higher size, the details are already barely visible, and the reverse T shape doesn't means "ship" in the mind of most people.
  • Open Item Hangar: The icon should be the icon for "Open Fleet Hangar". Not logical to put a simili-fleet icon to open a private hangar...
  • Open Ship Hangar: Again, the rifter... And the more it shrinks, the less it looks like something.
  • Personal Assets: Still a bit a "Open personal cyclope hangar", but its okay I guess :)
  • Redeem Items: No idea what this represents (a concord ID card?) but it looks nice.
  • Browser bookmarks: Perfect
  • Browser: Perfect
  • Calculator: Nice
  • Notepad: Perfect
  • Logs and Messages: Nice, but a bit too similar to the notepad IMO.
  • Regional Market: I swear, I tried as hard as I could, even after having spent a lot of time on the test server, I have to mentally make an effort when I want to open the market. That's sad, because I understand the meaning of this icon and the logic behind it... But it just doesn't feel right. At all. Please do something, its a very important icon! Big smile
  • Contracts: Perfect
  • Wallet: Confusing, most people don't know that Isk is represented with a Z-like thingie. You should've just made an icon with "ISK" instead. For a time I opened the regional market by mistake thinking it was my wallet, btw.
  • Industry: Perfect
  • Planetary Colonies: Perfect
  • Agent Finder: I see the logic behind the icon, but it would be more suited to a "Secret Agent / Airport Tower Operator Finder". So yeah... Maybe you should remove the sunglasses and the headset for something else. I'd suggest no headset, and regular, "business-like" glasses, instead of the sunglasses.
  • Faction Warfare: Nice. Why not.
  • Bounty Office: Rather nice, but the target icon should be what catches the eye on this one. Currently its like "A silhouette with a little icon? What is it... *squints* Oh, its the bounty icon.
  • Mail: Perfect
  • Calender: Perfect
  • Corporation: Feels okay. In EVE, stars means corporation so that must be logical enough. Somehow the corporation icon isn't the most easy to find, but I can't think of a way to improve this icon... So I guess my verdict is "nice".
  • Sovereignty: Feels right! Don't forget that for most people, Sov means, most importantly, being able to show that you "own the system" (hence the flag). When you rebalance sov, keep that in mind Big smile
  • Fleet: Better than before. I would prefer three small ships flying in formation (not rifter! Actual ship icons, reverse V shape and all that), but I guess this current icon also does the job.
  • Twitch: Its Twitch.
  • Channels: Perfect
  • Character Sheet: I see what you did there! Very well thought indeed Big smile
  • People and Places: Is okay. But it could be improved! Currently its more of a "search window icon" than anything else. Surely you could squeeze a little bookmark icon and a little silhouette icon behind the magnifying glass? Not sure how good it would be in the end as an icon, but that's my suggestion.
  • Ship Fitting: Again, get rid of the rifter! Its unintuitive, and its ugly. Its okay, we understand that you love rifters, but no need to put these everywhere. (Side Note: The circle around the "rifter" -urgh-, should be divided in 5, not four. Its EVE Online, not Star Trek Online)
  • Map: Perfect. Eagerly awaiting for the beta opt-in.
  • ISIS: Perfect. As a side-note, the ship icon at the center of the ISIS icon is exactly the ship icon you should use in place of every rifter you put in the UI. The guy that made the ISIS icon nailed-it!! Bear
  • Journal: Perfect
  • Compare Tool: Perfect
  • NES: Without the colors, it has lost its easily recognizable icon, but I believe everything has been said about colored icons already. (= You don't like color, we love colors, clash! :D)
  • Tutorial: Unless you want to scare newbies in less than 60seconds (could make fun vids on youtube), I suggest you really, really reconsider Aura's icon. Rating: Terrible Sad
  • Help: Perfect. But its hard to make a bad "Help" icon when its shape is a question mark Blink

Thank you for your attention Big smile

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Gosti Kahanid
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#346 - 2014-11-19 14:23:51 UTC
I do welcome the new Icons (exept for Aura... seriously, WTF CCP). I often confused some of the old icons because when you have a small NeoCom like i do, I can´t differ things like the market or Fittingscreen. With the new ones, no problem at all. As soon as I knew what Icon opens which window, I never ever again missclicked it.

I´ve also tried the new Interfacees for several hours on SiSi and decidet to use the Hologram-Desighn. The "Black-Design" is to dark for my taste. Maybe add a darkgrey alternative which looks more like the default interface on tranquility.
Some other interfaces like the Amarrian one need an overhaul, but the problems with that were already stated here, so I won´t repead.

Overall: I like the changes even though I used the old one for over five years now.
Lil' Brudder Too
Pistols for Pandas
#347 - 2014-11-19 17:08:23 UTC
so since a dev linked this unattended thread in the mass test channel...does that mean a Dev might look at it again soon?
Vyl Vit
#348 - 2014-11-19 17:44:06 UTC
I have to say ... with all sincerity, I LOVE the look you've got there. Now, I'm gonna wish it was implemented until it is.

Paradise is like where you are right now, only much, much better.

Amarr Empire
#349 - 2014-11-19 17:44:14 UTC
New modern UI is nice for some people. It would be nicer if there would be an option/ switch for the old UI.
TopGunnah gunnah
Sentinel Defensive Services
Vicious Circle.
#350 - 2014-11-19 17:44:28 UTC
I love the new theme cant wait if it to be on TQ
Pandemic Horde Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#351 - 2014-11-19 17:48:33 UTC
Fun test.

Initial feelings about the new UI is: it is a little generic, lacking character and dull.

The neocom now feels un-interesting although looks very clear and crisp. However, give me a few days I will harden up to it :)
Rionan Nafee
#352 - 2014-11-19 17:51:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Rionan Nafee
The icons in the Selected Item window are hardly to see because they are too wan. Especially the "outgreyed" are as good as invisible.
Althoug the transperency is on 0, all windows are still slightly transparent.
The transparency of the Neocom ist not adjustable.
All color themes are much too pale and powerless. Especially by comparison with the new bright and powerfully nebulas and ship models and the portraits of the players and agents and agent dialogs and so on. This doesn't fit at all.
The settings window (e.g. chat settings) is so transparent that the chat text looks so strong throug the setting texts that both are very hardly to read.

I don't like the new UI!
I want a bright and colored UI - live is dull enough!
Steve Atreides
Phoenix Interstellar Enterprises
#353 - 2014-11-19 18:06:16 UTC
I don't like much about the new AI. The Pastel colours are all unappealing, for some reason it makes the transparency look a lot less clear although I did look side by side with TQ and they look about the same. More transparency woul dbe nice, please have some other options than Drab pastel. The existing UI worksmuch better for me.

I really do not like the new side menu Icons, they are a big step back graphically from the existing versions. Although it is a little easier not to get things like Wallet, Fitting and Market mixed up, which I always seem to do the new simplified Icons are not attractive and it detracted from my gameplay experience.

I would say that Nice Visuals are a big part of my enjoyment of the game and probably the same for a lot of people.

Please revise these pasty new graphics, keep the more evolved current versions or enhance, make them simpler keeping them engaging and visually attractive.

Also in the targeting window, it wasnt very clear when I got in range, the drab pastels meant there was little difference bwteen the traget lock reticule when in range and out of range, in fact I could o0nly tell be checking my ship attributes and could see i was in range.

Karl Jerr
Herzack Unit
#354 - 2014-11-19 18:27:35 UTC
I really like the new visual for the windows, but speaking of the icons, I join the others to say that I'm not enthrilled, the current ones on TQ are far better.
Cruor Angelicus
#355 - 2014-11-19 19:18:11 UTC
The icons themselves are fine, still want color on them.

And I still want to have my own RGB selection for color. Minmatar doesn't offer enough contrast for my preferences, and black on black is too plain :/

The Drake is a Lie

Cleanse Serce
La Forge.
Toilet Paper.
#356 - 2014-11-19 21:59:34 UTC
Give us back RGB sliders.
Nam Dnilb
Universal Frog
#357 - 2014-11-19 22:12:21 UTC  |  Edited by: Nam Dnilb
Rionan Nafee wrote:
The icons in the Selected Item window are hardly to see because they are too wan. Especially the "outgreyed" are as good as invisible.
The transparency of the Neocom ist not adjustable.

Agree with both points.

Aura icon is really bad.
Lil' Brudder Too
Pistols for Pandas
#358 - 2014-11-20 02:51:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Lil' Brudder Too
The transparent blur makes the usefulness of transparent...well...not so useful.

The 'dim the crap out of the entire screen' for every little pop-up is super annoying.

The 'selected item' action box....the interactive options (align/warp to/orbit...ect..) are waaay too dim. For the entirety of the test i kept being convinced that i could not do anything because the 'can do' options (on SiSi) were as dim as the 'can NOT do' options on TQ atm. Why was this change made?

There were a LOT of suggestions and feedback that have been given in this thread since the last dev response (like what, almost 2 weeks now? ) that have not been addressed. Please let us know if we simply need to repost all those. Also, it may help to give this thread a clean sweep and get rid of the player/player arguments.

(or please tell us which completely unrelated sub forums/threads we need to look at, that aren't the 'official feedback' to get any you didn't do with invention changes)
Castelo Selva
Forcas armadas
Brave Collective
#359 - 2014-11-20 16:39:42 UTC
Dear CCPs,

Please, put the ISIS icon on overview and space.
If you are not confident with the time frame for next release, put it at least in the overview.
I will be very happy with an opt-in feature for this, no rush for public realese.
Thank you.

Exploration Frontier inc
#360 - 2014-11-20 19:45:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Altrue
Please CCP,

Let us customize the UI colors. Nothing impossible: R, G, and B for the primary and secondary color, plus eventually an opacity slider. That's all we ask Big smile

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