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Missions specially for logistic ships

#1 - 2014-11-09 12:05:38 UTC
As the title says...
What do you think of missions specifically made for logistic ships and such ( t1 and t2 variants etc etc... ) ?

Possibly they could be faction only missions where you remote rep attacking or defending fleet of one faction...
With explanation as something in the lines of this :
"Capsuleer can not directly involve..blah blah blah.. so we ask of only remote assistance from you."
And you get mostly LP for reward.
Or even missions that require 2 or 3 players with logi rep chain.

Without further addon, i am interested in your thoughts and ideas about this and we could flesh the idea in discussion if somebody likes it XD
Lugh Crow-Slave
#2 - 2014-11-09 12:07:33 UTC
at the very least it would add more to do but would there be enough people interested to justify the dev time?
Anti-Nub Incorporated
Centipede Caliphate.
#3 - 2014-11-09 12:11:20 UTC
I actually really like this idea, not because it'll be a fun way to do missions. But it can teach newer players (who tend to sway towards missions before fleet-scale pvp) a lot about logi and using/fitting them, so they aren't totally clueless in actual fleets. A couple of L1-3 missions like this at least couldn't hurt... plus I'm a fan of forcing people to have to do more than just have 1 ship with 1 fitting that can do any and every mission. +1
Arla Sarain
#4 - 2014-11-09 12:12:59 UTC
I think in general the mission objectives could be more abstract.

For example assist a faction in defending a structure within a certain time limit.

You can then either destroy the enemy assailants or focus on repairing the structure. You can apply EWAR to break down the siege DPS. Bring a bomber and drop a Void bomb and cap the rats out. Use cov ops ships to hack stuff maybe. Use dicktors and lay defensive bubbles.

Perhaps even marketing and industrial maneuvers.

It would go along with their intent on making the game less about mastery (knowing which mission does what and hence picking a specific fit) and more about being clever. Referring to an article floating around based on Vegas2014.
King Fu Hostile
Descendant Command
#5 - 2014-11-09 14:10:29 UTC
Neat idea! +1
Ix Method
#6 - 2014-11-09 14:12:08 UTC
The concept is great, hate to be given the job of coming up with 50 varied, interesting scenarios :P

Travelling at the speed of love.

Daichi Yamato
Jabbersnarks and Wonderglass
#7 - 2014-11-09 15:49:15 UTC
i think this would be fairly boring.

i also worry that this would not be the kind of mission that you can 'progress' in. In typical missions, as you get more powerful and do more damage you run missions faster and make more money. So as a strictly non-combat role, you either have the skills to pass this mission, or you fail. Oh and once youve passed the mission once, theres no reason to really try and get any better at it because the time it take to complete will be the same every time.

Correct me if im wrong, the description is a little vague.

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The Scope
Gallente Federation
#8 - 2014-11-09 16:48:35 UTC
Sounds more fun than a mining mission!
Obscure Joke Implied
#9 - 2014-11-09 17:16:33 UTC
It's been mentioned in one of the previous CSM minutes I believe that getting NPCs to attack each other is problematic under the current system. That would have to be dealt with first and it doesn't look like it's anywhere near a priority from the roadmaps the minutes have provided.
Tejoe Nightstar
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#10 - 2014-11-10 21:31:03 UTC
It doesn't have to be just logi.

I would give the NPC agents a 10% chance per agent level of looking at the player's active ship. If the ship is a T2, the agent would have a job designed around the ship's role.