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[THERA] - Looking to join a (new) corporation that will live in Thera

Vyktor Abyss
The Abyss Corporation
#1 - 2014-11-09 14:08:58 UTC
Howdy folks,

I've been playing Eve since Red Moon Rising and have done most things in game, most recently been in Gallente FW for years. I want to try something new and fresh though so would like to join (preferably) an exciting new corporation that wants to base out of the new special wormhole system THERA.

I've 170 Mil Skillpoints, mostly PVP and can fly it all up to Supers (No Titan skill book). I really enjoy industry too - I can FC (but not very good so prefer armchair FCing! Hehe), and have quite a bit in assets that I'm slowly liquidating (just a PLEX a month). Could probably buy a Nyx but whats the point? Done plenty of Null, Lowsec, FW and enough PVE to get nausea from seeing red crosses - but never really tried wormholes. I'm pretty much a 1 character player, though I do have an inactive cyno alt account.

As the title says, I'll be looking to try out living in the new wormhole system Thera when it first opens to us and would like to get in early with any new groups that like the sound of living there too. I'm hoping for daily frigate roams (now my clone's cost won't penalise my fun), a little bit of group PVE for in between, and some fun laid back chatter on comms in an EU Timezone.

I guess I'm not alone in wanting to try this new place out, and hopefully someone out there with some drive and ambition for a new or new(ish) corporation is looking for a loyal helper to get their project off the ground in this exciting new locale! I'd actually prefer people new and enthusiastic for the game to play with - so character age is no barrier here. Your enthusiasm is what will win me over.

I've not been too active recently due to a new job, but I do consistently play when I have the time. I have done my grinding over the years though so not interested in a solely PVE grind and "titan fund" targets etc.

Drop me a mail in game if you're starting something in THERA. I'll probably move my 1 man alliance there too anyway, but would be better to have some buddies to join/fly with and be part of something.