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Dev Blog - A new look for EVE’s UI – feedback needed!

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Fishsticks Fred
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#141 - 2014-11-07 18:13:40 UTC
BlitZ Kotare wrote:

- Ability to show all UI elements even when they're not needed (some kind of toggle, available through the neocom?) so that they can be moved and resized on demand. (Example: the first time a new character joins a fleet, the fleet box is huge and plops itself right into the middle of your screen. 2nd Example: I'm in a carrier and have 10,000 drones in it. I show the drone UI while docked on purpose so I can calmly sit in station with no one shooting at me and put my drones into neat little groups so I can actually find what I'm looking for later).

- Ability to import and export UI positions similar to overview imports and exports. I have a lot of accounts with a lot of characters, it'd be amazing to be able to set this stuff up once just the way I like it and clone it on demand. This cloning should include UI element settings, chat windows and their positions, Fleet windows, dscan, probe scan, both overview boxes, watch list, the drones window, and hopefully you remember anything I forgot to list here.

This this this this this this.

Prettier UI is nice, but it would be nicer to have some features that make it easier for those of us with lots of accounts to deal with the UI. Yes, I know I can copy my settings files for one character and rename them for the others, but I shouldn't have to **** around in appdata to do it, and then I have to do it every time I change the UI location of something in one of my clients.
Deep Hole Explorers of New Eden
#142 - 2014-11-07 18:20:10 UTC
Also the numbers get cut off in Station Services.
John Lawyer
#143 - 2014-11-07 18:26:04 UTC
Overall changes are cool, but I strongly disagree with monochrome icons.
Im ok if they will be flat, but not monochrome.
I enjoy colour - its absense makes me less joyful.
Did you remember old skillbooks' icons - i could watch them all day long, listing back and forth my skills trained to five - there was 'tasty' 3d-ish icon for level 5.
But now its tasteless and dull.
So, +1 for lively non-monochrome icons.
Lando Cenvax
The Nose Picker Clown Group
#144 - 2014-11-07 18:29:40 UTC
Sweet! Cool

But please really make sure this is ready for HighDPI-Screens, especially scalling the UI to 200% -without getting blurry icons. because of too low icon resolution. Also, please make EVE truely Retina-Ready on OSX, so we can run it windowed (without getting eye-cancer)

Keep up the good work! Blink
Beaute Suprenate
Zervas Aeronautics
The Bastion
#145 - 2014-11-07 18:30:13 UTC
Sorry, can't agree to the transparency factor. Makes the UI look muddy and hard to decypher... Thats why I like the pin/unpin button to turn off the current transparency. Don't screw this up. Keep it optional.
Fey Dekill
Science and Trade Institute
Caldari State
#146 - 2014-11-07 18:32:42 UTC
My 2 cents:

- I think we should be able to modify the icons ourselves... create and exchange our own skin packs... (like in any other modern game).
- I think we should be able to change le look and feel of each and every window In Game, through our own xml files (add columns, remove columns, add fields, remove fields, add locally calculated fields based on available IG variables and personal constants, like (amount * size / mass) or whatever we choose to display locally;
- I think we should be able to share those settings between players;


Also, I'm quite sad that in my ship's cockpit, there is only one 24'' display available (I mean I spend millions of isks, and all I get is a small screen to give me feedback or interact with my ship, team mates, corps mate, market, industry etc...). Even at the start of the 21st century normal people (not even capsuleers) had 2 or more screens on their desks, connected to a vast array of computers through a network called the Internet. (I have like 5 screens right now on my desk!!).

Wouldn't it be nice to have a front screen with all the flight /pvp /combat data, a screen to the left with the realtime starmap showing a specific type of data like the podding during the last hour, another one on top with the current system starmap that I'm scanning, a screen on the right with the social interaction : local, intel, friends, current mission, and one screen above it with the current market situation in the region next to some other info like industrial stuffs in progress? (or any other way to organize the screens...).

The way I see it, could be for example to have a main process responsible to interact with the server, cache the data, and as many other child process as the user wishes , each displaying whatever data the user wishes (this way you could even decide to look in front on the main forward screen, look right on the screen on the right, look left on the screen on the left... should you choose to and should your hardware allow it).

You know, the model view controler pattern ... ;-)


I find it just riduculous how we are flying hi tech ships in space and are not even capable of displaying the data we need, the way we want it, on the screen we want...

Note, I don't want to multibox... I'm not interested in having multiple accounts running at the same time (which we can, of course, do, to monitor different type of data on different screens) which is a stupid way of achieving the same result.

(BTW I _did_ find a way to achieve part of all this multi window/screen thing using a dummy virtual large screen, displaying all the data on it, then using a third party software to grab part of that virtual screen and displaying it in different screens... I just find it stupid to have to do this kind of thing... )
CCP Arrow
C C P Alliance
#147 - 2014-11-07 18:34:13 UTC
scimichar wrote:
When I first read the title of the devblog, I was slightly excited. EVEs UI has always been a cluttered mess of items that came up over time out of necessity. Finally all of these elements were going to be seamless creating one UI set. At least I thought. It's still several different sets covered on top of each other. Just the latest set is more gradienty (haven't made a wikipedia entry for that word yet).

For Example:

All the elements are completely different. Maybe it's better that way. I don't know. However adding some gradients and different icons isn't exactly completely upgrading the UI.

The UI Modernization Project will address all aspects of modernizing the EVE UI, we simply have to roll it out in a sensible agile way so the first part coming out in December will focus on updates to visuals. We plan on having things related to the Modernization Project released as often as we can and already have things planned for the January release.

CCP Arrow   |   Director of User Experience   |   EVE Online   |   @CCP_Arrow

CCP Arrow
C C P Alliance
#148 - 2014-11-07 18:37:11 UTC
Lando Cenvax wrote:
Sweet! Cool

But please really make sure this is ready for HighDPI-Screens, especially scalling the UI to 200% -without getting blurry icons. because of too low icon resolution. Also, please make EVE truely Retina-Ready on OSX, so we can run it windowed (without getting eye-cancer)

Keep up the good work! Blink

Good point! One of the key reasons to move to iconic icons was to be able to draw them and store them in vector format and apply the effects they use through batches or dynamically in the client. This means all icons can be scaled infinitely to any size and taken through the batching process and will therefore be ready for 4K screens or other awesomeness the future holds.

CCP Arrow   |   Director of User Experience   |   EVE Online   |   @CCP_Arrow

Cajun Style
Shattered Planet
#149 - 2014-11-07 18:40:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Cajun Style
Hello! I like it, except I am a little concerned about the lack of color in station service icons and neocom icons, it makes it a little hard to quickly find what you want. Maybe more emphasis on hotkey usage or just getting used to it will help me out.

Obviously it is WIP, so I won't nitpick too much, but some of the brighter color palates, like the Amarr, fail because when icons are lit up it is too bright and you can't read any text. Example: select "guests" while docked in station and with Amarr color settings. Now, try to read the word "guests." Also, the windows for viewing ships or viewing stations are kinda crummy. The edges bleed a bit and the transparency makes it very odd as well.

With those comments aside, I am back because of those ten days and at some point you gave us the ability to filter market orders, which is great, and the hisec/lowsec filter option is obviously helpful for both carebears and outlaws. The option to filter out nullsec orders is useless, as far as I can tell, because you will always either sort out every order or no orders depending on whether you are in empire space or not. This is just silly. Instead, could it be possible to get a filter for markets orders that are in stations for which you do or don't have docking rights? This would be helpful for null and afaik FW as well. Either way, as far as I can tell the nullsec market order filter should go, even if it isn't replaced. Since you guys are working on UI I figured I would bring it up with you, even if it's not exactly what you are developing on sisi right this moment.
Sarrian Calda
Caldari State
#150 - 2014-11-07 18:42:08 UTC
Well done! It's about time. I like the current plan so far, especially with replacing colours with shapes. I often struggle to find the right ico (e.g. between market and people&places; between journal and contracts; and sometimes between map and fitting), even though I do not have colour-blindness.

I came to split the Neocom into two - those that I have shortcuts assigned will be dragged off the Neocom. What stays on the Neocom are distinctive enough and are less used, hence those do not need a shortcut and can sit on the Neocom. If you guys have gathered data on how players arrange their neocom and assign their shortcuts, you probably would have noticed this long ago when you started to allow customization of Neocom.

So yes,

+1 to shape-based icons (and the lovely glow)
+1 to the window transparency logic

May I suggest that if the player is in combat (i.e. with active target locked, firing, or under fire), add a glow around the edge of the screen? This is to give an overall visual feedback to the player telling him that "hey you are under attack" or "hey you are engaging a target".


While having a target locked or got locked by NPC/Player - Screen glows yellow
While engaging or getting engaged by NPC/Player - Screen glows red

If this doesn't make sense, we could also turn it into a visual incoming damage feedback indicator (in addition to the audio beeps):

Shields getting damaged = blue
Armour getting damaged = yellow
Structure getting damaged = red

This would allow a player, who may have had to open multiple windows for reasons like changing fitting, browsing jump network or looking at other 1-million-and-1 things to still be aware of the exact state of matters.

This would come into player when player is actively looking at other windows instead of the action in the background. Once the player minimizes the window and has a clear view of space, the glow would fade to a minimal line along the border to continue to indicate the "state of combat".
Menero Orti
OnixMedia Ltd.
#151 - 2014-11-07 18:42:15 UTC
For the love of god... a *resizable font!*

And whatever ultra narrow font they use is terrible, so preferably an option to replace it completely too (and not just in window titles and such... I mean *everywhere*.) Also from all the possible COMBINATIONS the ISK icon is a Z? Shocked
Crynsos Cealion
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#152 - 2014-11-07 18:45:36 UTC
While I kinda mourn the old icons already, the idea and pictures so far are good, although a wide color selection range seems very necessary. I vote for dark purple!
Dirk Morbho
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#153 - 2014-11-07 18:50:04 UTC
scimichar wrote:
Also the numbers get cut off in Station Services.

I didn't even get a station service window Shocked
Endo Saissore
Afterburners of Eve'il Inc.
#154 - 2014-11-07 18:53:36 UTC
Very cool, I like the futuristic feel. However I think some of the icons need to be redesigned. The wallet and mail icons are pretty intuitive, but if I didnt know Eve then I'd have no idea which button to click to buy something off the market. I'm guessing the star represents Corporation tab? If I'm a new player I would assume the star is for missions or Concord, not my "clan". I like the new simplified style though! Might want to revisit the exact icons to help with NPE though :)
Brutalis Furia
Hammer and Anvil Industries
#155 - 2014-11-07 18:56:16 UTC
I love what I see!

A few points I'd like to throw onto the pile:

  • For a full UI ovehaul, you really should be addressing all the icons, not just the Neocom. This would include space icons, overview icons, etc.

  • If we're adjusting our color schemes that will affect the rest of the UI, why shouldn't that color choice affect the Neocom as well? If we go with a rich royal blue and gold scheme, a grey Neocom looks out of place.
#156 - 2014-11-07 18:58:55 UTC
Actually quite nice, I'm shocked. Just shocked.

Things which annoyed me:

* Window borders are perhaps a bit too thin and useless, and the brackets in the corners look stupid when they disappear when the background happens to be the same color. This is even more pronounced on a high-res display (2560x1440, 27").

* The transparency switching between active and inactive windows just seems awkward (while the camera movement mode is great!). How about only switching to a more transparent inactive state when no windows are selected?

* I'd quite like to adjust the transparency, but I saw you already planned to do that.

* Whenever some section of the window is loading (char sheet being slow, for instance), it looks kinda dumb. Add a loading spinner or something.

Also, new icons are largely fine (market icon seems kinda wrong, though - how about a set of horizontal bars, matching the spreadsheet nature of the window itself?). Some of the color schemes are delicious - it'd also be neat if it could auto-switch depending on the race of station you're docked in (optionally, obviously).

All in all, A+ for effort, and a solid B for implementation.

Chao3's Rogue Operatives Corp
#157 - 2014-11-07 19:00:34 UTC
Stefan Silviu wrote:
Saisin wrote:
Stefan Silviu wrote:
please implement the option to make it fully opaque

Yeah, this is important to keep color detection scripts fully working Big smile

yow say that i´m botting ?

No I do not....
Only you know the reasons why you would be requesting the option to keep the UI fully opaque. I am just pointing a possible reason for that Cool

I do not even think detecting color change on the EVE screen would be considered botting.
Now if someone where to script actions based on those, then yes it would be botting..

It is certainly true that not being able to have the UIfully opaque makes it more difficult to create scripts based on color changes.
I only attempted to make a point from my previous post, and your request about getting it fully opaque just tickled me the right way.

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June Blindbird
Flying Blacksmiths
#158 - 2014-11-07 19:01:11 UTC

looks nice but I have a few concerns about readability:
- is it possible to tweak font size and transparency like before ?
- the noise we see on the background is due to space behind, or is it the windows ?

I have vision issues so if there's too much noise or if the letters are not distinct because of background I will have trouble reading :s
Chirality Tisteloin
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#159 - 2014-11-07 19:01:17 UTC

I like the feel of these new designs. Went to Sisi and took some shots of the new color schemes:

What caught my eye is that the white text in the highlighted tabs is not very well readable, especially for the more saturated themes (e.g Green). That might be a point to reiterate.

Cheers, Chira.

See you at my blog:

Arcos Vandymion
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#160 - 2014-11-07 19:04:34 UTC  |  Edited by: Arcos Vandymion
Caiman Graystock wrote:
This is all well and good but please revisit module icons too, they look very dated. I know there was some whinging about turret icons when you did it before... but come on, sort it out!
I was sadpanda when the icons that actually looked like turrets were redacted. I really liked them. Less reading more looking. Now that Launchers are 3d as well there should be no inconsistency either.

This looks really good as far as I can tel. The highlighting on the active tab is a bit .. stark compared to what I'm used to but I guess I'll just have to get used to this.

Caldari 2 - cause black on black
Black and Minmatar do look good as well. Caldari too. The rest ... colour is just to distracting for me.

Cor'len wrote:
Actually quite nice, I'm shocked. Just shocked.
* Whenever some section of the window is loading (char sheet being slow, for instance), it looks kinda dumb. Add a loading spinner or something.
Uhu ... my charsheet allways loads slowly. This could get interessting.