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Sentry Drones not showing tracking link bonus?

Rectal Pandemonium
#1 - 2014-10-18 18:54:51 UTC
As far as my mods, the only ones effecting drone optimal and falloff is my 2 omni tracking links w/range scripts, ship doesn't get a bonus to falloff or optimal, and my relevant skills are either at 4 or 5.

I turn off my tracking lniks, Curator 1's show 35k optimal, I turn them on, relaunch drones, still shows a 35k optimal. EFT is showing my optimal for Curators are ~61, and falloff ~25 I believe. Is this a game glitch or am I really not getting a bonus to my sentries? Did something recently change that would make EFT incorrect or what?
Chris Winter
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
#2 - 2014-10-18 20:52:42 UTC
Show info on drones in space doesn't include changes based on your skills. Trust EFT.
Arsine Mayhem
#3 - 2014-10-21 15:22:41 UTC
pyfa, you don't have to show info on everything.
Gizznitt Malikite
Agony Unleashed
Agony Empire
#4 - 2014-10-21 18:21:00 UTC
Arsine Mayhem wrote:
pyfa, you don't have to show info on everything.

And you don't have to carefully examine the download page to avoid the two dozen virus/malware download links.