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Buffer style bounty system fix

Breaking Ambitions
#1 - 2011-12-13 19:33:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Wolodymyr
So I have heard a lot of people going on about how the bounty system is broken in this game. While I am not sure what they are on about, let me tell you have I have used the bounty system in the past for what it wasn't intended for..

Go into highsec and find a neck-beard. It's eve, they aren't hard to find, just look in the belts. Now that you have found your victim try and aggravate him as much as possible. When you see impotent rage flooding into local chat say something back like, "Well if you are pissed at me, post a bounty on me!" Once you get the bounty fly back home and find one of your buddies. Get in an empty clone and get your buddy to pod you. Split the loot with your buddy and high five each other repeatedly.

The problem with the bounty system is that an empty clone costs far less than what most neck beards are willing to pay to see you dead. So if you are in a 3 mil clone and have a 10 mil bounty you just made 7 mil.

I'd fix this by using a player's bounty as more of a buffer that gets slowly paid out as they get podded based on the cost of their pod.

So let's say I have 100 mil in bounty rewards on me from a glorious life of griefing. If I get podded in a clone that costs 2 mil and has 15 mil in implants then the person who podded me gets 17 mil and my total bounty drops down to 83 mil. Then I get blasted in another 2 mil clone, this time without implants. This person who podded me gets 2 mil and my bounty drops to 81 mil.

With this fix nobody will ever be able to throw themselves a pod party for some quick bounty isk. And people will still be motivated to pod people with bounties because you never know when someone has the full snake set plugged in.

I honestly think PoCo based sov is a good idea