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Pos information needed

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#41 - 2014-10-05 23:51:57 UTC
I am in the process of jacking up a large POS in a C4 w C2 + C4.

Assuming I missed the deadline for commentary, I shall now nerdsperge what I would have told you anyway.

If you really want to know, I don't use the Personal Hangar Arrays because if someone goes AFK and we need to move, they lose everything and the Directors and CEO (moi) can't unanchor it. It's a stupid, stupid module.

I don't use CHA's. I put drone assembly arrays or other arrays up, because a) they are cheaper ISK wise, b) cheaper fitting wise, c) you can do industry on them if so inclined. And why PHA's and CHA's? Two solutions for the same problem, except one is stupid (small capacity, unanchorable, trashes items) and the other is stupid (accessible on role, not securable, bloaty on fittings, does nothing special).

no one does Industry in my corp in the POS. This is because its far easier to just have an alt and price in the industry costs of highsec. We don't mine, otherwise we'd just compress and export. I like compression arrays, but thanks for killing off the need for Rorquals.

POS's are stupid. You can guess why.

I prefer 3 x regular SMA's on a POS versus an XLSMA, because you can compartmentalise access versus have one giant candy store for thieving bastards. Dreads suck, though, because they take up a full SMA.

You will be shocked to know I am flabbergasted that it's taken so long for CCP to rewrite the POS code or phone up the guy who originally wrote it (like, get over your issues, man up, pay the guy if you have to, get it sorted. are you running a business or a kindergarten? if I ran my companies like CCP I'd be mired in just as much inane stagnation). I dunno, I keep hearing a myth that the keys to the kingdom got lost. From my POV if you can code the whole PI system, then re-code it in the same year, then I'm sure it's possible to rebuild the POS code.

Security is the worst thing. Also, the cost of running a POS is a bit sillly compared to the scalability of the defence needed, the number of residents you can securely house, and the utility you get from it to do industry. I only pay for a POS because I can't log out in a nereus every day.

POS setup should be the same as using the fitting screen, or the industry screen. Drag module (gun, w/e) from cargo, into a defence slot on the POS. Viola, it's anchoring. Toss ammo into it just like a gun on a ship. Drag industry module from cargo into slot on the fitting window. Viola, you can now waste your efforts mining and build capitals in your C1.

Don't get rid of POS bubbles and make POSs act like stations. Having docking games in wormholes would be bulltarded reshit. Having people able to go off scan by docking up would literally kill any hope of anyone, ever, having a fight. Serously, I know you're going to do this Fozzie, but for the first time in your life, say no to stupid.
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#42 - 2014-10-06 01:28:48 UTC
C5/c5 with 3 moons total
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#43 - 2014-10-10 16:01:00 UTC
Nope noone has missed any deadline i've just been pretty busy. I'm going to mail everyone who has posted, mailed or tweeted at me a questionaire and also leave it here so people can use that and mail it back to me in game. hopefully it will save some time.

About the questions, first lot is your basic who are you, how many live in the wh your static.Then a bit about what pos's you have, then on to how many have access to do some stuff amd how many attually do that then a bit on construction. then a wish list or what you think is terrible (please don't put everyone as while your correct i need details)


1) Your Corp and Alliance names.

2) Members in Corp/Alliance.

3) How many livein the wh (everyone, only this corp so and so is fine answer).

4) What class wh do you live in.

5) What are its statics.

6) How many online pos's do you have.

7) How many offline pos's do you have.

8) How many are none corp/allaince pos's eg personal tower for 1 or a couple players to keep ships in)

9) What race and size are the pos's (for big wh groups with 10 plus pos's feel free to say various if its going to be a pain to list all the types)

10) How many people can anchor/online modules, How many people actually do this job.

11) How many people can offline modules, How many people actually do this job.

12) How many people can unanchor modules, How many people actually do this job.

13) Do you do any reactions, if so how many and what type.

14) Construction do you build any of the following in your wh, T1 hulls, T2 hulls, T3 and subs, Pos modules, normal modules, ammo, nanite paste,pos fuel, PI (and what level PI it is), capitals, drugs, anything else i may have missed.

15) do you do use labs, if so for what?

16) Do you use a refinery or compression array.

17) How many people can pos gun and how often have you had to use this

18) Is there anything else you use the pos for I have missed.

The next few are a much more open question so you can go for it here.

19) what are the problems you have with pos's and why.

20) what would you like to see added or improved (I need details here not just "everything"
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#44 - 2014-10-10 16:26:22 UTC
I've mailed most people again and probably some i have already got info on, so really sorry if i've mailed you and already spoke to you. and apologies if I have missed anyone out please just use the questions above.

If you do need to chat in person about pos, just mail me and i'll sort a time thats best for both of us
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#45 - 2014-11-05 16:37:09 UTC
I'm flying solo in a C2 with C5/Null statics. Feel free to send me a questionnaire. I'm just getting started but I have a pretty good idea of how I'll be using the POS at this point.

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