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Pos information needed

First post
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2014-09-21 13:53:40 UTC
As the title says I need to start collecting some info on pos's in wh space.

I really need info from people in all classes of wh space. I'll then get in contact with people to ask about various things. Stuff like what do you use the pos for. is it just storage, do you build stuff in it? do reactions? do you have multiple pos's to keep stuff safe (I know alot do).

will be alot of stuff i need to ask.

I put out a tweet earlier in the week and got a fair bit of feed back already and sent mails out to them already.

So if anyone else woudl like to help out here that woudl be great. I really need all class of wh space espically c3 and c1 residents.

I'll probably start contacting people on wednesday or thursday this week depending on how tired I am, as its been a super busy week with summit meetings from 9 to 7 with just a half hour lunch break combined with pub chat till as late as 2 in morning.

I've mentioned in another thread about the pve data I have collected which i'll post later on tonight hopefully for people to see if i make my train connection.

So this will be my next project taking over from the pve, the little things will continue to be ongoing. I'll still be working on pve so don't worry there.

If you woudl like to help please post in the thread with what wh class you live in and i'll be back to you in the week to sort a meeting out.
Freedom Elders OF Eve
#2 - 2014-09-21 14:52:02 UTC
C2 static low +C2
Sky Fighters
Rote Kapelle
#3 - 2014-09-21 15:14:08 UTC
C2 with null and c5 playgrounds.
Seraph Essael
The Initiative.
#4 - 2014-09-21 15:34:26 UTC
C2 with C4 and Hisec.

Quoted from Doc Fury: "Concerned citizens: Doc seldom plays EVE on the weekends during spring and summer, so you will always be on your own for a couple days a week. Doc spends that time collecting kittens for the on-going sacrifices, engaging in reckless outdoor activities, and speaking in the 3rd person."

Rolled Out
#5 - 2014-09-21 17:59:20 UTC

I'm right behind you

Amak Boma
Dragon Factory
#6 - 2014-09-21 18:25:47 UTC
C1 lowsec static
Rolling Static
Wardec Mechanics
#7 - 2014-09-21 21:07:06 UTC
C4 with C4/C3
Incindir Mauser
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#8 - 2014-09-21 21:09:23 UTC
C5 / C5 static.
Pritovsky Pootis
Eschelon Directive
Quantum Inquisition
#9 - 2014-09-21 21:49:14 UTC
C2 / C4
Icarus Able
#10 - 2014-09-21 22:17:17 UTC

and too keep it short. We have members that do pretty much everything. Even had a member bring in a moon mining array at one point.
Mister Tuggles
#11 - 2014-09-22 01:05:17 UTC
Blake Nosferatu
Phoenix of the Black Sun
#12 - 2014-09-22 01:13:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Blake Nosferatu
C6 - C5 , C5 - C5 , C3 - lowsec. and C4 - C4/C3 . Lived and or live in these.
Xen Solarus
Furious Destruction and Salvage
#13 - 2014-09-22 01:32:20 UTC
C3 here, lowsec static.

Post with your main, like a BOSS!

And no, i don't live in highsec.  As if that would make your opinion any less wrong.  

Abbie Rova
The Untraceable
#14 - 2014-09-22 07:30:28 UTC
Experience with c1 c2 and c5
Nancy Wayke
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#15 - 2014-09-22 08:14:54 UTC
C4 w/ C2 & C3 statics

Used to be C2 w/ C1 & HS statics
#16 - 2014-09-22 08:25:46 UTC
Aim High
#17 - 2014-09-22 15:54:14 UTC
C2 -> C4/HS statics

Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#18 - 2014-09-22 16:05:01 UTC
Had a POS in a C3, C5, C6, C5 and 6 had the same setup, more or less. Was running reactions, invention, T3 production on an extremely small scale, etc. pretty much been there done that, so tell me what you need.
Lady Rift
His Majesty's Privateers
#19 - 2014-09-22 16:05:40 UTC
c1 static high sec
c2 static c1&high sec
Bastard Children of Poinen
#20 - 2014-09-22 16:34:41 UTC
I'm willing to help.

We live in a C2
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