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War dec should be free

DooDoo Gum
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#21 - 2011-12-10 00:52:05 UTC
This thread needs to crawl under a rock and die, somewhere far away from humans
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2011-12-10 05:13:11 UTC
Suggestion: OP uninstall's game, puts computer through a press machine, then goes out and make it big in the world since he has the "bestest of best ideas that solves everything!" instead of wasting time in a video game. OP might make more money and get laid instead of living in a basement command bunker with silly ideas of fixing a video game.
Blazing Capsules
Already Replaced.
#23 - 2011-12-11 19:38:27 UTC
Joe Risalo wrote:
Harisdrop wrote:
Yes your would be correct if what is today does not change after war dec freedom comes.

I believe EVE would change and there would be no more central hubs. Because super Alliances would slice empire and low sec and null sec away. The hubs would be based on Alliances and player corp standings. null sec would be where the alliances would control every aspect of space. In high sec they would have the market where they sell goods to neutrals. Eve would change where player Alliance/corps run the game to a higherlevel. Would not your alliance want hubs as their revenues for their manufacturers.

Seeing space in terms of Alliance ownership down to high sec would actually make pirates true pirates. Cause they would war dec large alliances and try blockades and great many battles ensue. I have been hoping the pirates not having stations where they could be safe to undock cause of sec status issues.

In my EVE the use of Concord is strictly for NPC corps.

I like my eve where the game is based on relationships not where you are.

wow...So your suggestion is ruin Eve and to give it all to the alliances.

1) Alliances shouldn't be able to assentially own or control any portion of high sec because it is owned by the factions. The fact that the Goons have started the Icecapades is crap. At a certain point the Gallente federation should have said "to hell with this, you're destroying our economy." and engaged war against the Goons. Yet for some reason the npc factions which are a major part of the sand box, don't seem to actually have any involvement with the out come of the sand box...Hell, npc wars don't even break out that FW players can jump into.

2) Free war decs does not mean that Eve will become more of what you want. It means that those carebear corps will negate the benefits of being in a player corp and just opt to stay in an npc corp, thus taking away from anyone that could be war decced so you can pad your killmails.

3) The alliances would place all of their alts into npc corps where they couldn't be decced and everything they do in relation to high sec would go through those alts, thus negating your so called purpose of free war decs which was cutting off alliance high sec supply chains.

4) Free war decs would instigate more high sec pirating because there would be no one to war dec besides other pirates, and none of the high sec pirates want a challenge when they fight. They want easy kills that require little to no skills. Therefore, they would revert to ganking members of npc corps.

5) This would rip apart the eve market. Many items researched and built to be put on the market at lower prices would stop happening because all those carebear corps that build POSes in order to do so wouldn't be in a player corp, thus they wouldn't have a POS to do so. So market prices would go up. OR, all of the items on the market would be put there and controlled by the alliances with no one to compete with but each other, so there would be less supply, more costs, and yet again more alliance control over what goes on in all of Eve.

Alliances should only have a say so in what happens in null sec amongst the alliances and what parts of low sec they can maintain control of.
They should not have any pull or effect in high sec other than the markets.
They can also have an effect in high sec thru wars, but wars should be much more costly than they are now to negate grief wars, killmail wars, and "cause I can wars."
Players are right in that you decide the reason for war and not some game mechanic, however, with the prices being increased by quite a bit, then it's up to you to determine if that reason is worth the costs, and I would say that easy kills aren't worth a higher cost to most players.

Oh, and Seriously....WTF are you thinking???

Just because you didnt read the whole post. If your in a NPC corp you cant get out of highsec. Pop up tutorial says "To adventure out of Concord space"

If your in an NPC corp you should not be able to fire on any player. You should get a popup tutorial which starts with "Now that your angry with someone,How to join a player run corp."

To your major points: why soo harsh on alliances. I think player run alliances should control more of what goes on in EVE. This is group think and we should embrace that. They have the most important part of EVE. Players that start corps and sit in one man corps should be war dec by 100 man corps... Like the best part of EVE is that people in NPC corps can get mad that all the action is about blowing up other peoples stuff. if you dont want wars and want to sit in high sec and run missions for the Gallente yeah for you. The federation applauds your obedience. I would rather do it for my player run Alliance at least its not an isk sink.
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