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Going to be doing a lot of solo mining and hauling for a while

Saul Varinus
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#1 - 2014-09-12 15:57:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Saul Varinus
My boss dumped a lot of overtime on me right after I created my two accounts (one a miner alt and the other my trucker alt which is this one).

I consider this character of mine my "trucker alt". Due to work and some other RL obligations I don't have time to be a part of a Corp so I'm going to be spending the majority of this year just developing my two alts.

Here's my plan:

I have a desktop and a laptop, both of which are hooked up to my home wifi network and plan on using both alts at once by having one on each computer.

The idea is to have my miner alt mining, and my trucker alt waiting next to him. I would fill up my space truck(for the lack of a better term) as I mine and I would make trips back and forth to a station to dump my load until I'm ready to log out. I would sell my material when it's time for me to log out and go to bed, work, etc.

Anyway, I am currently training this trucker alt of mine to be able to pilot a Caldari industrial ship called the "Tayra" because it's got a cargohold of 7,300m3.

...But on the other hand I see this other ship called a Kyros and it's only got a cargohold capacity of xxxx but it's got something else called a "mineral" capacity and it's at 43,000m3.

I'm planning on mining asteroids and I want to drive the ship with the best cargo capacity possible so I can make as less trips as possible thus increasing my ISK per hour until my RL obligations allow me to join a miner corp and not have to solo mine anymore.

Is the Tayra really the best ship that I'm looking for? If not what else and why?

Of course I didn't bring up anything about jump freighters because it's going to be forever and a half before I can be trained up to use one of those things, lol.
Meldan Anstian
The Night Crew
The Night Crew Alliance
#2 - 2014-09-12 19:07:57 UTC
Not a bad plan.

The trucker alt will be sitting there waiting for the most part. 7300m3 is pretty small and you'll be doing alot of back and forth with that cargo capacity. Go with the Kyros that holds minerals (or just regular cargo for that matter) and you'll be doing alot less back and forth.

When I mine (rarely these days) I have a T2 exhumer mining and an Orca sitting there with my alt in it. The Orca has a huge capacity for minerals (3 bays can hold ore), and you can fit the Orca for mining boosts. I jet can minerals from the exhumer, and tractor them to the Orca. If someone comes looking to flip the can, just haul it in. That's the easiest way I think to mine. I don't remember, but I am pretty sure i can sit there for well over an hour before I need to dump minerals at a station from the Orca.

I do not think it is the best ISK/hour. Each of your characters should be in T2 exhumers if you want the best ISK/hour and skip the trucker entirely.
Elena Thiesant
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#3 - 2014-09-12 19:18:20 UTC
Saul Varinus wrote:
...But on the other hand I see this other ship called a Kyros and it's only got a cargohold capacity of xxxx but it's got something else called a "mineral" capacity and it's at 43,000m3.

That's refined minerals (and refining probably isn't the best thing to do any longer).
You want the Miasmos. Also a Gallente hauler, it has an ore hold, will also be around 43 000m3.
Shiloh Templeton
Cheyenne HET Co
#4 - 2014-09-14 02:58:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Shiloh Templeton
Take a look at training your hauler alt into an orca. It's a much more powerful ship useful in a lot of ways. It takes a lot of SP to perfect it, but it will allow you to train leadership skills that boost your mining operation and longer term boost your combat ships.

Otherwise, you would make more isk by having two mining ships in the belt than 1 mining ship + hauler.

Kryos is for hauling refined minerals which may not be the best approach these days unless you're using them yourself. If you do use a Kryos be careful that the value of your payload doesn't make you too attractive of a target at the hubs.
Avenger Mercenaries
VOID Intergalactic Forces
#5 - 2014-09-16 14:32:14 UTC
Contact me ingame, miners and industry aren't welcome much in thus game anymore and I can help you

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Strawberries'n Carnage
#6 - 2014-09-16 17:19:36 UTC
I started out the same way with a Venture and a Miasmos, and like others have mentioned I found out quickly it was easier to just use 2 miners and warp back when full. Use Retrievers and then Mackinaws for max hold and fly in a gang so you can warp back and forth to each other or warp both off if things get hot.

Schmata Bastanold
In Boobiez We Trust
#7 - 2014-09-17 16:58:07 UTC
Yep, I'm sure you will hoard gazzillions of ISK by afk mining. Don't forget to send them all to nearest ISK doubler.

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Tam Arai
Mi Pen Rai
#8 - 2014-09-19 11:59:40 UTC
Miasmos is for hauling unrefined ore
Kryos for hauling refined minerals

you need to know which to use but they are both cheap and use the same skills so easy to have both

you would be better having both toons mining nad returning to station when full than having 1 miner and 1 hauler.

you can then either take your unrefined ore to market with your Miasmos, or refine it and take your refined minerals to your production in your Kryos

mining ships and hauling ships both need good core skills to be their best. Aim for a t2 shield tank, get good (4) engineering skills to help withh fittings and good navigation skills to help you get out of Dodge when needed. Drones 5 and support skills is also useful for rat defence and/or mining drones
Serious Pixels
#9 - 2014-09-19 14:12:20 UTC
Be sure to calculate if you will get more isk selling the refined minerals vs the raw ore.

Then be sure to check the market to see if hauling is even worth your time. If there are good orders near you, then you might want to sell right where you are. Even if you get a slightly lower price per unit, you may end up ahead because you can spend more time mining rather than hauling.
Omicron Project
Get Off My Lawn
#10 - 2014-09-20 00:07:08 UTC  |  Edited by: AresDragon
I was ill at home for several weeks and did a lot of solo mining. I made good experiences with two hulks and jet canning. It took 10min to fill a can so I could fill 6 cans per hour. two cans fit into the ore hold of the miasmos so it took only three lifts to haul the stuff with both accounts.

However I got ganked recently by some guys who then told me I would have to buy a "permit" for 10M ISK. They further posted a website with a long rant about solo mining would be bad for the game.

despite of this bad experience nobody ever touched my cans or disturbed me otherwise. so do not waste your alt on the hauler.
Amely Miles
Second Exile
#11 - 2014-09-21 00:24:23 UTC
heres some skill plans for you as a noobie it will help ..... the Orca will be a great thing to aim for on your hauling toon ...adding more skill plans and content to the website over the next few days

If looking for a good corp or alliance feel free to stop by the chat channel "ET Recruits" as long as you log in once a month it's fine if you have a real life Big smile

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Corporate Retail Operations With Y'all
#12 - 2014-09-29 07:38:09 UTC
Short version:
Ignore haulers, go straight to procurer as quickly as your skill training will allow. As a set of new characters, you can neither refine nor haul efficiently (at all), and thus the benefit of having a hauler early on is greatly offset by not mining with that character. The dynamics of EVE allow you to sell ores themselves at the station you're based out of (I would advise moving to caldari or amarrian space if you are not already there) and sell it in a reasonable time frame. Since miners don't lose ships constantly, you can afford to wait on the ores to sell. At this point in your characters' careers, time spent doing things other than mining is time wasted. There *IS* an exception to this, however.

Long version:
I might suggest that since it sounds like you're going to be tired (a lot), you may simply sacrifice the extra isk/hr and go for a pair of procurers (and eventually, Skiffs) as your miners. The combination of larger cargo bay, extremely solid shield tank, and sufficient mining yield compared to training requirements and benefits (the bulk of a skiff's bonuses actually come from its role bonuses rather than skill training, opposite of the hulk) make it a viable and relatively gank-proof mining vessel... that is to say you can still be ganked, but it will generally cost your attackers more to do the job than it will cost you to replace a procurer/skiff. You will be amongst the least desirable targets in a system, and thus the chances of you getting ganked are considerably lower from the onset.

Ultimately, what you're going to want is sturdy ships that can acquire and move your goods with low risk. Procurers/ore haulers and deep space haulers / skiffs are going to be the most effective way to do this.

There are certainly more efficient ways, on paper, but hulks and mackinaws get ganked, and low-end mineral/ore haulers can be popped at will if they look worthwhile. You actually have to screw up or get wardecced to get a skiff popped, on the other hand. The skiff's basic tanking requirements also allow you to have it modded for survival extremely quickly compared to getting a covetor/hulk or retriever/mackinaw up to a "safe" level. And unlike the other mining barges/exhumers, a procurer or skiff can actually just ignore belt rats for the entire duration of its mining run, so training drones becomes secondary rather than a necessary evil.

Obviously, you'll want drones later on, but getting into a procurer on both accounts as quickly as possible will front-load your isk-making in a safe and meaningful way. For early mining, the venture is easily replaced if it pops, and is adequate for getting some easy money after the fact. The other skills needed to get into a procurer, even, will give you a strong industrial backbone, as well, so you can technically make some extra cash off of researching or copying blueprints while you mine.

Since you won't have gobs of spare time, avoid manufacturing entirely once you've trained the skill up for barges. It's quite easy to lose money when building stuff if you aren't in the habit of running cost analysis, and that takes time which you're not likely to have.

In terms of overall benefit, getting into a procurer with both accounts should come first for you. Follow that up with some rudimentary shield tanking and core survival and fitting skills (armor hp, structure hp, shield hp, cpu, grid, and capacity bonuses), then focus on drones for a while until you can field a fleet of the little buzzers. Your accounts shouldn't diverge in the training plan until this point, since you aren't a mission runner, and both the venture and procurer are actually rather fast and quite adequate as ore haulers. Everything past that point is gravy, basically.

Haulers and transports won't be especially beneficial until you have some of your trade skills up (which, for you, will be a while), and/or you have an actual need to move ore beyond your mining system's station. The time lost from having to ferry the mining ships back and forth from the station does not come anywhere near the potential isk lost from replacing a mining ship with a pure hauler. In simpler terms, having to push ore back into the station with the mining boat itself costs you around 2 minutes per round trip, while not mining at all will save your mining toon maybe 8 minutes of an hour, but it will cost you the other 52 minutes that could be spent mining on the alt if it's just sitting there waiting.

The aforementioned exception is less profitable in the short term, but a fair investment for the long run due to end-game benefits. "Distribution" missions typically require a good-sized hauler (although even the 4s rarely exceed 7km3, which the tayra can hit easily), and careful system selection can set you up to run distros while your miner does his thing. As a fleeted member, this will allow you to share standings with your miner (in region) and get reductions in station taxes on both trade and refining. Storylines will allow your hauler to boost faction standings, as well, and run level 3 and 4 distribution missions with more stations as faction standings improve. I've cascaded storylines together very quickly like this, so standings increases go very fast.

As missions of any sort require active gameplay, don't go that route if you can't sit there and play the game. Missions can double their isk payouts for timely completion, so it does give you something safe to do while mining.
Petre en Thielles
#13 - 2014-09-29 18:20:48 UTC
Two dedicated mining characters will produce more ISK than a miner and a hauler (ignoring boosts from an ocra). Train both accounts into procurers, use T2 tanks, and you will make more ISK by mining with both and actually docking to unload than you would never leaving the field with one account and hauling with another.

Ideal situation: Use two procurers and mine in a belt with someone else mining in a retriever. Gankers will always go for the retriever first, so you are nearly always safe.