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War Declaration Mechanics Revisited

Caroll Yanaki
Blades of Dawn
Stribog Clade
#1 - 2011-12-08 13:11:45 UTC
First of all, let me share with all of you that I haven’t been in many wars in EVE, so you will probably consider that I’m “clueless” or something. And you will probably be right to think so. Also, I have no idea if this sort of War Declaration Mechanics hasn’t been already proposed in the past.
Nevertheless, I have quite enough experience in creating MMO game mechanics and I play that game long enough to grow some confidence I could propose something descent enough to make some of you actually read it.

So, how to change the War Declaration Mechanics?

Let’s start with the core rules

1. Official Corporation War Rankings

First of all, CCP needs to make an official Corporation War Ranking.
This Ranking will reflect only the statistics about the wars the corps wage on each other. It will be based on points, given to corps for destroying enemy ships, towers and pods as well during war.
A very simple formula can be created for how those points to be calculated.
Let’s say: Each 10,000,000 ISK destroyed in ships, starbase equipment clones and clone implants (average Jita prices) worth 1 point. I’m deliberately not including modules to be destroyed, because their price (especially the faction and deadspace ones’) can… well, fluctuate quite a bit in market hubs. But, if you wish, some sort of base price for modules can be included as well.

2. 1 SP = 1 ISK War Dec Tax & Introduction of a Power Difference Coefficient

A corporation declares war on another corporation by paying a War Tax = (SUM OF ALL CORP MEMBERS’ SKILL POINTS AT THE MOMENT OF DECLARATION) x 1 ISK.
In order for the Wars to be fair on some level, there needs to be a Power Difference Coefficient. This Coefficient will compare the current sum of both the deccer and decced corps’ Skill Points and will impose sanctions to the deccer, if its SP sum is greater than a difference x2, by multiplying the amount of War Dec tax by the amount of the difference above the allowed one. The opposite is valid as well. If you want to harass “lesser” pilots – you pay for it. And vice versa – if you want to annoy large and powerful entities – you also pay for it (if you can).
What do I mean?
It’s quite simple:
Corp A (deccer) has 30 members, with a total sum of 300,000,000 SP
Corp B (decced) has 30 members, with a total sum of 100,000,000 SP
=> Corp A’s Dec War Tax will be 300,000,000 x 2 = 600,000,000 ISK, because the difference between both corps’ SP sum is greater than the allowed Difference Coeficient by a factor of 1 (x2+1).

Those calculations will be fair only if the war has a fixed amount of time.
1 week is ok, I think. So, you pay a fixed price of 600 mil. ISK for the war. No more, no less, no prolonging, no nothing. After the week passes, points are awarded for the Official Ranking and you can wage another war, if you want to. The winner takes the full amount of War Points which are awarded, the loser gets 25% of the War Points it should be awarded.

3. Introduction of Corp Presence Coefficient

Many guys will quit a corp, which has been decced by another corp. It’s the way of life.
So, what does the deccer corp do, when that happens and they don’t have any enemies left to shoot at? Well, they will automatically win the war, if the decced corp’s members, who have left after the declaration, reach certain %. Let’s say – 75%. Then an automatic victory is awarded to the deccer and it receives certain amount of fixed points for the Official Corporation Wars Ranking. This amount of points MUST be fixed, so the abuse of this rule to be avoided.
I know the ISK for the War Dec Tax will be wasted, but at least the deccer wins the War and gets points for the ranking, which is some sort of compensation. There will be sanctions for the deccer corp as well, if their members quit during the war. Let’s say – 50% of them, so the decced corp can have some kind of motivation to fight back and make them quit the corp.
Those percentages could be imposed on the sum of the corps’ Skill Points, instead of members count, it’s open for debates which will be more reasonable.

4. Alliances as Federations and Free War Dec

Have you noticed I avoided the use the word “alliance” in the previous points? It’s not by accident. Because I want the alliances to be really able to choose whether to help their member corps being wardecced or not. Therefore I propose for them to be treated as third parties – “Federations”, when some of their member corps are wardecced.
You cannot declare war on alliance. Period. You can only declare war on a corp.
But if that corp is a member of an alliance, all its remaining corps will have the option to one-time declare war to the deccer FREE OF CHARGE. `The deccing can occur for the duration of the original wardec. This will be, IMO, good enough motivation for the alliance to protect its corps, if it desires so. And this would be a motivation for any existing corp out there to seek a suitable alliance to be a member of. Such rule will open a whole new niche of diplomacy, metagaming and drama between corps and alliances in EVE. And alliances will really have a meaning behind the word… Well… “Alliance”. Because that way they will be motivated to take rookie corps under their wing, teach and effectively protect them from meaningless grief.

This system of fixed self-calculating taxes and coefficients, based on the corps/alliances’ current power, can be a lot more fair and awarding. And I think it doesn’t demand policing. Because it’s pretty self-regulating.

All the numbers in the proposal are meant to be exemplary; they are, of course, opened to changes in order to meet the current conditions in TQ.

P. S. Please, excuse my English.
Robert Caldera
Caldera Trading and Investment
#2 - 2011-12-08 13:40:22 UTC
eve is a sandbox, no need for rankings, player decide when they win a war.
Blazing Capsules
Already Replaced.
#3 - 2011-12-08 16:46:12 UTC
No rankings.
No points.
War deccing should not cost anything. Its should be free.

You should be working on bounty system.

The NPC corp members are expelled from the npc corp if they kill anyone in high sec or low sec . The concord people dont want them types in NPC corps.

Wars are what makes eve awesome. Cost does not effect alliances or rich corps.

If isk is what deters wars then all small corps will fail.

Wars should be what makes players join big player corps and make players live together.

If wars where free...
Shovel Bros
#4 - 2011-12-08 17:41:45 UTC
1. Takes away from the game itself. If you want a KB, there are plenty out there.
2. No, all it does is encourages corp-hopping before the wardec starts.
3. Stupid, unneeded, and see 1.
4. Without point 2, it sounds like you just want to avoid paying to dec the whole alliance.