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Missions & Complexes

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Some storyline mission ideas

Coyote Laughing
#1 - 2014-07-28 10:44:51 UTC
I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum or exactly clear on the guidelines even after reading this - this could just as easily end up in the fiction portal.

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Mission 1: "We are attempting a restoration of a number of cultural antiquities, but have no images of their original appearance. Fortunately, we are aware of an [ancient faction] communications relay and would like you to access their memory banks for the communication logs". [uses hacking module]

Mission 2: "Now that we have obtained original images and other data, we have determined the location of a likely site where old cermanic and durable materials may have been dumped." [uses archaeology module]

Mission 3: "With the reconstructed fragments, we have determined the likely location of an ancient colony ship, we'd like you to salvage some genuine antiquities for the museum" [uses salvager on primus/noctis wreck].

Mission 4: "Now that the cultural centre is under construction, we would like to commission some murals using traditional paints and pigments (except for the toxic ones anyway). Unfortunately, planetary sources of ochre and other minerals have long since been mined out. However, long range scans have determined the location of a number of asteroids resulting from collisions in prehistory that broke deposits of likely materials off. The minerals are not considered valuable, but have specific frequencies that are relatively easy to detect. Fly to each locations and bring me back at least 100 of each, the rest you can keep for yourself."
[a number of asteroids in a widely distributed ore site, at least 160km apart that must be warped between].


In general though, I would like to see Celestial agents replace the current hacking mini-game for archaeology, where like the plot of any good silver screen movie - they assemble a number of clues, leading to a chase and final confrontation. People could assemble fragment sets which are assembled into the final item, trading, stealing, or simply purchasing from markets.

l8r \o/

DeMichael Crimson
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2014-07-28 20:39:15 UTC
Sounds like Cosmos.

I like the idea. I think there should be another Agent Division added to the game - Exploration - that requires the use of the skills and modules related to that field in order to complete the missions.