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Yapeal PHP API library (version 1.0.5)

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#521 - 2014-07-24 18:57:35 UTC
Tiberius Zol - How you install composer is really just copying composer.phar into a directory where you can run it with php CLI so your web-provider doesn't even need to be involved. There are some addition things you can do with it but for simple install and updating that all you need really.

Legedric Striker & everyone - Like always integrating a new library into an existing project can be hard at times or very easy depending on the project. There some questions you need to ask yourself about your project and your plan for it.

I'll assume your project doesn't current use composer already since if it does Yapeal can be added with a single line in your composer.json file.

First question is do you want to use composer in your project?
I highly recommend that you do consider doing so as it brings a lot of great stuff with it not the least of which is the easy of changing or adding new dependences and largely solving problems with people having outdated versions of them and your own project. It also comes with a very good optimized class autoloader.

It's requirements aren't that much really either you need to make sure you project uses namespaces and works with a PSR-0 or PSR-4 autoloader. If your project already meets those requirements a simple 'composer init' in the root directory and answering a few questions and your done. You also have the option of just making a composer.json file yourself. Putting your project on Packagest is optional but a good idea as well.

If for now you decided NOT to use Composer then simple add Yapeal using Git like you would any other project you find on Github. If you are using git in your own project I would suggest you look into using GIt's subtree commands to integrate Yapeal with it as it'll make Yapeal more seamless for you. I did that myself in Yapeal to be able to work around some issues using Pimple 2.x because most of the other dependences were made to work with 1.0.x so composer wouldn't resolve to a workable set. By putting it into a subtree I can still use it and everything else can use Pimple 1.0.x as needed. Once everything Yapeal uses converts to version 2.x I can simple drop the subtree and everything is in sync going forward.

Whatever you decided to do make sure you read the in the 1.1.x-WIP branch as it's been updated with some info on how to install Yapeal including the ZIp file way if you need to.

Legedric Striker - I'll assume since you seem to be following the new instructions you are using the 1.1.x-WIP branch but you said it reported "problems" but didn't give what kind of problems. I'd need to know what it's reporting to help you try to resolve what's going on. I also need to know if you are using the current WIP or one of the other branches.

Finds camping stations from the inside much easier. Designer of Yapeal for the Eve API. Check out the Yapeal PHP API Library thread.

Legedric Striker
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#522 - 2014-07-24 19:21:33 UTC
Thanks for your reply!

The errors I encountered were like "unknown package php, no matching package found" and the same for nearly every packaged listed in your composer.lock file. I don't habe the exact messages at hand as I am not on my pc right now.

However, I will just redownload the WIP build and take a look at the new and try my best as the old one was empty ;) - Plan your pilot skill training online on PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone!

Here there be Dragons
#523 - 2014-07-24 23:01:16 UTC
OK just to let everyone know here I've start a new forum thread for the current version of Yapeal which you can find at

Since 99% of this thread is only of historical interest to any current users I thought it was time. I'll continue to monitor this thread for awhile but I do ask that all new posts about any of the 1.1.x stuff got to the new thread as that is all going to be part of version 2.0.x which is where all new development will be done for now on.

Legedric Striker - Try code from master as the other branches are gone now and the code merged there.

Finds camping stations from the inside much easier. Designer of Yapeal for the Eve API. Check out the Yapeal PHP API Library thread.