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Adventures of the Archon

Louis Catcher
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2014-06-25 09:29:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Louis Catcher
Adventures of J-Bro
C.1 The mistake

After closing wormhole after wormhole I finally found a very nice C3 to run sites in, it was the optimal C3 as only my own entrance and a HS exit was the only present wormholes at the time. I jumped my three Dominixes through, placed my noctis at the HS and started to blap the sites…

Once all sites we’re done I jumped back home and started to gaze upon the shiny blue loot that I salvaged, a perfect start for a perfect day. As I am warping back to The Asylum, my corp mates start to close the wormhole connections for the nights C5 site operation. Boris and Abbrackus start to close an aligning C5 k162 while I send my Orca pilot through the C3 and collapse it accordingly.
All of a sudden Boris calls out on coms that we have enemies in the K162 C5 that we wanted to close. He sees a single Stiletto but more ships on his D-scan keep popping up. We wait a few minutes, get a fleet ready and start to guard the wormhole. All we need now is to pass the carrier through and close the hole on the way back. So I align my Oracle and Naga and sit on the hole at 70 clicks off just to scare off or pop the interceptor if he would jump through. We wait a bit and let Boris scout out the hole even further…

As no other threat seems to be present we decide to continue with our closure and Abbrackus aligns the carrier. Just as he is about to warp Boris shouts out on coms “HOLD HOLD HOLD, Stiletto on the hole!”. Abbrackus manages to cancel the warp just in time. A couple of minutes pass and we decide that there is no threat as capitals weren’t present on the other side and we warp the carrier to the wormhole.

As the carrier jumps through the hole collapses behind it, the coms go all quiet as we see the wormhole disappear in to the void of space…

Abbrackus calls out that he is pointed, but quickly gets to deploy a mobile depot to refit with warp core stabilizers, cloak and probe launcher! He manages to pull it off and yells to Boris on coms “Do you remember where their main POS was?!”. Boris replies unsecure and says that he did not pay to much attention as there we’re more then 20 towers up, despite the confusion he calls out a random planet at first, then settles on it as he assures that it should be a safe one. Abbrackus picks a moon and warps…
He gets out of the Stilettos grip and plunges in to the mesmerizing warp effect. He is forced to leave the depot with almost half a billion worth of modules in it as he does not have space for it. Coms goes completely silent until he lands, we have no clue what will be there when he lands, will the carrier have time to cloak up? Will it land on a active POS? Or will the stiletto have found him?

The moon he picked has a POS at it; fortunately it is offline so the carrier has more then enough time to cloak up. We all cheer on coms as this mean that we still have a chance of getting him out of there.

As time passes more ships appears on D-scan and two sets of combat probes are deployed. Suddenly Abbrackus get’s a message from one of the habitants of this unknown space. They offered us an exit to a Null Security system for one billion ISK, as they have a Null Sec exit into the Tribute region. We sit there for a while and discuss our options. I call out that hey why don’t we just go and scan down the whole region? After all it is null sec and there won’t be many sigs in the region right? An hour passes and as more players logs on within the corporation we decide to go out to Tribute and check it out. Of course it is a small lead, the person him self could just be full of S*** for all we know, but we figured it was worth a shot. So with a fleet of 8 Covert ops scanners we scan down the whole region!

After about an hour worth of scanning we haven’t found the right system and hope starts to fade. We only had one constellation left that me and Boris started to scan down. Then the last system that we scan contained a wormhole, a C5 wormhole, a wormhole with the SAME system name as the one the carrier was locked in! THE WORMHOLE!
Coms burst in to a loud cheer, laughter and amazement.
And our bellowed family man and drunkard Seethar calls out “everybody bloody buy a lotto ticket now, cause this is our lucky day!”

We still could not believe that we found the hole, but we then start to approach and place a couple of extra covert ops in their hole to make it easier for our carrier to find the exit. It will be difficult for us as the alliance in there contains of more then 250 members and they are fairly active, hopefully one day we can get the carrier out, perhaps we can’t.

This event has taught us two very important rules for wormhole space.

1. ALWAYS check stability of a wormhole.
2. NEVER tell anything about your exits to anyone who should not known, regions are not hard to scan down!
Louis Catcher
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#2 - 2014-06-25 09:30:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Louis Catcher
C.2 Pursuit of Redemption

For days the archon floats cloaked inside the unknown space, we find exit after exit but every time their interceptors and interdictors are there before our scouts. We wait with our covert-ops at their poses, check their activity in different time zones and come to a conclusion that about 3-4 hours before downtime is the time where they are the least active. After all they’re Europeans, and therefore most likely won’t be playing much around 8-9 AM.

About a week has passed, and the Archon is still in the wrong system… Until the 25th of June, where Vinndel calls out on coms that there is a null sec exit into blood raider space. It means it is easy to dock up and light a cyno. Abbrackus and Vinndel spend some time discussing whether it is safe to go out or not, in the end they conclude that we will make a go for it, as there seems to be only one pilot in the system. The pilot was swapping out and in of spaceships flying a loki and stealth bomber. Vinndel and me start moving our PvP toons towards the system where the exit is. The system was 37 Jumps from Amarr, which didn’t really pose a problem as we moved in two Taranises.

During our trip to the system Vinndel notices something odd, something VERY odd…
Vinn - “Hey Louis, I think this POS is out of fuel…”
Me – “What do you mean?”
Vinn – “Well there are two Cov-ops ships, five SMA’s and two Corp hangars just floating here with an offline POS”

I was not sure what to believe… It was too good to be true. Had they really forgot to fill up their POS with fuel, and what would the chance be that we hit the hole just at that time?

Jumping from low to null we almost get caught in an instacamp but managed to escape in low armor, the rest of the voyage was calm until the destination.
Sitting at the safe we decide that I will go and start brawl with their cov-ops and SMA’s as a distraction while the Archon jumps out and gets webbed by Vinndel.

I warp in to the POS, and believe it or not but it was actually offline, sitting there with five SMA’s and it’s corp hangars. I kill off the Cov-ops and start pummeling the first SMA.
At that point the Archon jumps out and warps off too a safe in the null system, our cyno pilot gets ready and off we go!
So, that’s done, we got our Archon out!

Now me and Vinndel starts to bash the SMA’s and as they go down our eyes just gets bigger and bigger!
First SMA goes down, it contained a fully fitted Moros worth 4 billion ISK.
Second SMA goes down with the same, this time it actually drops the Moros. Third SMA goes down and is worth 9.6 BILLION Isk! A chimaera and several cruisers get destroyed.
Fourth SMA is another Moros at 4 billion that get dropped.
And the fifth goes down with a total of 10.5 Billion Isk, making it to the top expensive kill on eve-kill that week!

We also get down one of their corporate hangars, which contained several billion in loot and modules. Sadly we didn’t have time too scoop any of the loot as shortly after they came with a little fleet, I lost my Interceptor that cost them 700 million (I had their loot in the cargohold) and Vinndel started to jump in and out of their ships letting them destroy their own vessels!

In the end we didn’t destroy everything, they got two Moroses out, the wrecks we’re not destroyed and I believe that they also got most of their loot from the corporation hangars.
I think they still got what they deserved for not keeping their POS online though; losing several T3’s and caps is not going to be fun. The total worth of what was destroyed amounted up to around 20 billion Isk, and we have no clue what didn’t drop from the corporation hangars. I hope we didn’t wreck their corporation too much as in the end we all want people to stay in wormhole space, to have someone to compete with, fight and hunt.

The End.

Written by Louis Catcher,
Active member of J-Brotherhood.
Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
#3 - 2014-06-25 09:36:27 UTC
Perhaps better suited in My Eve subforum...

Archon all over the place!


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Lord LazyGhost
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#4 - 2014-06-25 09:49:31 UTC
why not jump into one of the Moros and blap everything :) and then self destruct
Louis Catcher
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#5 - 2014-06-25 09:55:58 UTC
the two pilots we had in the system at the time didn't have the skills for it sadly, and the moros pilots we had we'rent online :/, then again it was 37ish jumps from us so would have been to late anyway.
Ab'del Abu
Atlantis Ascendant
#6 - 2014-06-25 09:58:22 UTC
Cool story! You may want to cross-post it to the wormhole section ... I think the people over there will appreciate it
Jessica Duranin
#7 - 2014-06-25 10:16:37 UTC
And that's exactly why you provide free passage out of your home system when someone got trapped there after a fight. ;)
They really deserved losing those SMAs after trying to ransom you. Nicely done.
#8 - 2014-06-25 11:09:56 UTC
Sooo you jumped a carrier through a K162 without checking info on the wormhole first? Just.. wow.
I did enjoy the read though, and you got very, very lucky with the Archon, as any half competent C5 corp would have caught it.

Also as a tip, since you seem new to wormhole life, just because you can't SEE any hostile fleet doesn't mean they're not there. Usually when you see intys scouting around, a fleet isn't far behind. Always keep that tinfoil hat firmly attached on your head.

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Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#9 - 2014-06-25 11:31:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Elmonky
As a Wormhole inhabitant this ticks all of the Cool Story Bro requirements. Quota of dragons has been fulfilled and a thumbs up has been awarded.

Had a couple of Corpies derping around in combat sites and we came across a C2 that seemed to have become a graveyard of un-run sites. They had a Proteus, a Myrm and a Vexor shooting at Red squares as well as a heron scouting exits.

They called out on comms that the scout was leaving due to RL and could they have an assist with a scanner in case the WH collapsed. They said this as I entered the hole and had pressed warp to 10km. Coming to a rest I advised that I had a scanner on board but would need a depot.. which of course no-one had, So I politely told them they were idiots and set off back to the POS in our C2.

Then horror of horrors I passed through the WH to ours and it collapsed.

TL:DR the Prot then awoxed the two other guys and gave them a ride on the pod express then he had to abandon his ship so as not to take the SP hit.

AFAIK the prot is still floating there in the graveyard C2 waiting for someone to claim it.....
Louis Catcher
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#10 - 2014-06-25 13:30:28 UTC
WASPY69 wrote:
Sooo you jumped a carrier through a K162 without checking info on the wormhole first? Just.. wow.
I did enjoy the read though, and you got very, very lucky with the Archon, as any half competent C5 corp would have caught it.

Also as a tip, since you seem new to wormhole life, just because you can't SEE any hostile fleet doesn't mean they're not there. Usually when you see intys scouting around, a fleet isn't far behind. Always keep that tinfoil hat firmly attached on your head.

Actually we have been living in WH space for years, and we do check longevity and stability of wormholes by instinct, of course human error takes place sometimes and you forget or misread it I guess.

And as we we're monitoring the system for hours and had 200 out of 250 on watchlist we deemed it safe enough to go for it.

But as for this post it is not to show off a kill or some exquisite play, it is written to share our story of an amazing event.
University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#11 - 2014-06-25 15:15:47 UTC
Lord LazyGhost wrote:
why not jump into one of the Moros and blap everything :) and then self destruct

Cause self-destructing causes killmails now. There's also the assumption to be made that they couldn't fly any of them?

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