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Starfleet Comms Podcast EP 19 - Christmas Edition with CCP Guard

Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
#1 - 2011-12-05 22:57:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Torps
Happy Holidays from all of us at @StarfleetComms Towers!
Episode 19 - Christmas Edition featuring CCP Guard from the recent Starfleet Comms Radio Show on

@CCP_Guard joined us on our live radio show recently and shared some information with us that we are only to happy to pass on. He also showed a great sense of humour and joined in on our quizzes submitting himself to some quite entertaining moments, this podcast contains excerpts of that session. For the real deal including his music choices, you’ll need to listen to the repeats on before they go!

Stuff discussed:
CCP Guard and his opera experience and background amongst other revelations - quite a surprise and very awesome.
The Eve Video Dev Blogs, how they came about and the future.
Eve Fanfest - local knowledge of the venue, the theme this year and some hints as to who may be performing as well as the Early Bird Fanfest Offer.
The truth behind the remap situation - CCP Guard tells all
Clips of the Max Torps Eve Online Sooper Dooper Ooby Wooby Mega Quiz and True or False.

Other mentions include:
Minmatart Jingling Some Bells Competition:

We are also on Showtimes in Eve Time are:
LIVE Shows: The third Thursday of each month.
Repeats are:
Wednesday 09:00 - 11:00 (Repeat of previous live show)
Thursday 21:00 - 23:00 (Repeat of previous live show)

You can contact us using:
@starfleetcomms (Twitter) (Email) (Facebook)
or book yourself on the different shows and be a part of the metagame!:

Starfleet Comms Podcast - The ISK Bucket, an Eve based  audio comedy drama!

Max Torps
Nomadic Conglomerate
#2 - 2011-12-18 23:37:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Max Torps
Welcome to EP18 of the Starfleet Comms podcast. Your host is Max Torps with co-hosts noise and Penelope Star. We are joined again today by special guest, Kil2 who still won’t move off that sofa! In this episode we catch up with part two of our Agony Unleashed series featuring Caldak and an interview a little later with Larg Kellein.

Agony Part Deux
We get to discuss the following topics and include clips from the Agony Unleashed PVP Basic course content. More details on courses and recruitment at

Warp Scramblers and Warp Disruptors
Stasis Webifiers
Ship Scanner and Smart Bombs
Sensor Boosters and Target Painters
Afterburners and Microwarpdrives
Fitting discussion surrounding Power, CPU and Tank.

We then feature a 10 minute interview with Larg Kellein, European Director of Agony Unleashed where we learn what some might find surprising stuff about the aims of Agony.

We top off with the “What’s on your phone?” segment where we discuss notable podcasts and blogs from recent weeks.

Penelope’s blog reading and podcast recommendations.
Acute Dragonis’s Blog: Out of Pod Experience esp EVE personality types

Rylia of Agony Unleashed - great 2 part articles on “So you want to be an FC?”

ISK (Teg Rhind) finally brings out another episode One Science Please (his last was 15 July)
(l :-)

noise’s blog recommendations.

Winter Expansion “Crucible” Feature List by TGL3

Plex Ping Pong by Poetic Discourse

Clarion Call 3: Rooks and Kings (37 minutes)

The Whole Tech 2 Production Chain by Adhar Khorin

All the Eve Online Pages on Google Plus by Black Claw

noise’s podcast recommendations.
Local Spam by PyroTech03, Skerrit Boy, Episode 1

Broadcasts from the Ninveah by Kirith Kodachi, Episode 62 -

What The **** Was I Thinking Podcast, Episode 15

Angry Monkey’s Podcast Episode 5

Voices From The Void Episode 29
EVE Online Ultimate Blog-Off of Destiny
Post Mortem - written by Mord Fiddle and performed by Seismic Stan
The Accidental Capsuleer - written by Seismic Stan and performed by Mord Fiddle

Pixxie Twilight’s Eve Online Podcast Episode 6 by Pixxie Twilight

Emergency Appeal to Capsuleers by Tech4 News

Some recent news gets discussed and we follow up with the vast amounts of feedback we have received from our listeners including a voicemail left by Bantob of Freelancer Union Corporations, Unaffiliated Alliance. Seriously, thank you so very much everyone!

Starfleet Comms Podcast - The ISK Bucket, an Eve based  audio comedy drama!