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Logistics Help: NPC Ship Fitting Contracts

Sentient Blade
Crisis Atmosphere
Coalition of the Unfortunate
#1 - 2014-06-12 04:50:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Sentient Blade
Fitting up dozens or even hundreds of doctrine ships is an extremely laborious task. The process is slow, not out of any sense of game play, but due to the way the UI works, assembling, activating, fitting and then renaming each ship in turn.

I've fitted up probably 600+ ships for Spectre Fleet recently, and it physically *hurts* to do that much clicking.

It's a perfect job for a macro. We're not allowed to use them, but CCP could.

Let us create an item-exchange contract with an NPC corporation, which contains a template fitting, and then enough assets in terms of ships / modules to build however many more. The template fitting could be a specifically named ship, or let us drag ship DNA into the description field.

CCP can then have a back-end task which checks for new contracts, assembles and builds all the ships without any user interaction, and then contracts them back to the original user (feel free to charge a small fee).

It would assemble and fit as many ships as it could, any spare modules would be returned, and any errors / reports would come via notifications.

* Uses existing frameworks. No client or server modifications required, just an external script running somewhere. Fairly sure this could be put together by a dev in a couple of days!

* Gives unloved logistics operators a huge help.

* Character-less operation means no load on the system, as there is no need to activate each ship, or test skills as each module is applied. Nor is there a need to update a character's inventory over and over.

* It's self balancing, being contract based we don't care if it takes an hour before it reaches the front of the queue for the script, as long as it's done eventually.
I'm Super Bad At This
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#2 - 2014-06-12 05:03:22 UTC
WTS: fitting services for 100k per ship.

XS Tech
#3 - 2014-06-12 09:53:10 UTC

Also ... Punkturis and Team SuperFriends have some help coming ...

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Daichi Yamato
Jabbersnarks and Wonderglass
#4 - 2014-06-12 17:19:33 UTC
wouldnt mind something that allows u to right click and fit from a saved loadout.

Highlight all the ships u want to fit. Right click and scroll down to 'Fit' which expands into 'Personal Fittings', 'Corporate Fittings' and 'Alliance Fittings' which then expands into the saved loadouts.

Rightclick->Fit->Personal Fittings->*saved loadouts*
____________>Corporate Fittings->*saved loadouts*
____________>Alliance Fittings ->*saved loadouts*

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