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Old scout ... looking

Santiago Fahahrri
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2014-06-01 15:05:33 UTC
I’ll keep this short. Message me for details if interested.

I was trained to scout in the Great Northern War. If you’re old like me you might remember it. I learned to scout because I was young and useless and it was all I could do. Turned out that’s what I’m good at. Between that war and now, I’ve travelled the galaxy with deep space nomads, run innumerable bubble camps, roamed wormhole space, and generally seen every corner of the galaxy.

The nomads drifted apart. Since then … something’s missing. I need a team. Ideally, a team that needs an old-school scout. There’s no place in the galaxy I can’t go. I just need a reason to go there.

I prefer the freedom of null-sec.
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#2 - 2014-06-01 17:22:17 UTC
I'd love to talk to you sometime. Feel free to hit me up in-game or join "Ether Bunnies" which is our public channel. Cheers!


Meakhai Industrial
VOX Cartel
#3 - 2014-06-01 17:44:42 UTC
greetings to a fellow northern war vet

we might be able to help you


Corp Recruit channel ~:c)Teamroom

Present Membership 25
Main Activity 1700- 0500 evt

Corp motto : Fun - Autonomy - Freedom - Profit

High sec/ Low sec /Null Sec activity


PVP Corp requires pilots. EU /US TZ

PVP pilots required for a progressive forward thinking pvp corporation which values teamwork professionalism and tactical superiority to achieve our goals.

If you join us you will not be safe anywhere. You will live or die by your actions. we will chuck you into plenty of fights.

We expect you to kill or be killed.

For those that survive a new future awaits in a profession and seasoned military outfit ready to take on all new Eden has to offer. We have grand plans and we need the right people to achieve them.

in short we need PVP pilots with ability to be our future fighters, Fleet commanders and officers, progressive thinkers able to adapt to new situations and areas quickly.

Attitude is more important than skills so newer pilots with the right attitude are especially welcome. Training can be given by some of the oldest characters in the game.

WH Operatives (C4)

good people wanted to live in our WH, defend it, and make lsk. Good infrastructure. High profits potential

Industrial/Mining players wanted

needed to produce raw materials and manufactured goods for our corps and profits. Full and maxed support corp ore buying scheme, logistics and experience supplied.

If any of this interests you join ~:c)Teamroom or contact Deesew1, Saska Dax or jaxs lostinthenet in game .

Full API check mandatory as is working TS and microphone
Triglavian Outlaws and Sobornost Troika
#4 - 2014-06-01 23:16:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Solai
Our alliance prizes it's scouts, who have done incredible work in a hot area of space. Our intel is our light in the dark.

I'd invite you to take a look at Jolly Codgers corp. I believe you'll like the sort of environment we make.

Our corporation is a mid sized(100+), long-term, stable, competent, experienced, and mature group.
Codger pilots are all 30+ years old, who log in to hang out with fellow players with real lives, responsibilities, families, and medical bills, and for null-sec PVP. We participate most often in small fleets, roughly daily in medium fleets (~30-80), and always join up for large fleet actions, during coalition wars. Codgers have been there to participate in all the fights that made Eve history over the past few years.

Jolly Codgers are an old member of the Get Off My Lawn alliance, who are very like-minded and well-organized. We own sovereignty and assert dominant control of the Delve region(as our most recent war has re-affirmed). Delve is one of the richest and most contentious areas of Eve - There's always ISK ready to be made, intruders to chase down, and enemies right outside our borders. As befits an exceptionally organized and stable group like our corp and alliance, we've also got robust comms, forum, and training resources, as well as a generous ship-replacement program.

We're proud because we've got it all, and are never bored. And it only gets better the more quality individuals we collect. We're looking for anyone we get along well with, who does not bring drama, and who wants to fleet up to get some action with us.

If you're interested, and meet our 30 years age requirement, check our thread here for more information - Jolly Codgers
And to take it further, feel free to eve-mail me, and drop into and hang out in our in-game recruitment channel, "Jolly Codgers"