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Graphical Bug with Garmur

kenny Dormond
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1 - 2014-05-28 13:44:29 UTC
Just undocked and the trails and engine effect are way off the ports of the engines, warping, mwd and docking and redocking dosnt seem to do anything to fix it just seems like the modle is a little off.

if for what ever reason this is my rig causing it here is my specs and what i am runing eve at.
AMD FX6300 Six core 3.52 GHz
6gb of DDR3 1300MHz
- note all drivers at latest non beta drivers

Eve setings
Vesan Terakol
Trollgrin Sadface
Dark Taboo
#2 - 2014-05-28 13:47:05 UTC
This was an issue for me too and i believe it is universal. the geometry isn't properly matched, i'd guess.
Ab'del Abu
Atlantis Ascendant
#3 - 2014-05-28 14:24:35 UTC
The new typhoon model had the same issue a couple days ago ...
#4 - 2014-05-28 18:10:36 UTC
This issue has survived multiple builds- since the Garmur was actually first seeded.

I seriously hope it gets fixed before launch. Which is next tuesday. The lack of a fix may imply that it's extremely simple and being held off until everything else is done because even though it's ugly, it doesn't actually matter as it's just an aesthetic problem.