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Archaeology vs Hacking (and Vanity Items)

Coyote Laughing
#1 - 2014-05-25 19:41:58 UTC
The mechanics for Archaeology and Hacking are exactly the same and it really doesn't add anything to the game to have to carry both kinds of modules - couldn't they be combined to streamline the game?

Are there plans to create a separate mini-game for archaeology, such as puzzles and reassembling broken pieces of pottery/jig saws (which lead to a hidden cache of materials)?

I'd like to see archaeology as more collecting sets/pieces of a puzzle, possibly introducing a celestial agents who may be willing to buy or sell the missing pieces of a puzzle, so long as you do them a small favour . . .

Most of the classic mystery stories involve a realization of the triggering event, then a race to assemble all of the pieces with some kind of time limit, before a final confrontation (Ie - a combat mission).

If Incarna every is fully realized, people would like to have conversation pieces and the inevitable story that goes with it (perhaps a plaque you can click on to read) to decorate their captain's quarters.

As an Aside, Vanity Items (or Pets) for Captains Quarters are something that can't be blown up (not that it would stop players from trying I guess). Could other items in your hanger bay also show up?

The USB Rifter was an interesting device, but if it came with a unique identity chip, that could be used an autheticator for account management if people move between computer - that's another level of functionality I'd like to see.

Personally, I'd want a range of EVE related models sitting on top, with lighting and sound effects triggered by movement, such the other iconic frigates and even rogue drones such as the Harvester Alvi.

l8r \o/

Bohneik Itohn
#2 - 2014-05-25 20:14:57 UTC
Having to carry both modules is part of balance. You've got to make a choice in which modules you use based upon your goals during exploration, your route, and the ship you fly. Having the same mini-game is in no way relevant.

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