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Nit Picking Ship Reprocessing Changes

Coyote Laughing
#1 - 2014-05-25 19:26:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Coyote Laughing
1. Why is it necessary to blow a ship up before we can extract the rig components?

2. Why can't rig components be extracted when a ship is reprocessed, at least as much as salvage?

3. Do rig components contain minerals that could be reprocessed (in stacks of 100 like ammunition)?

4. When a T2/Capital ship is reprocessed, could the components be extracted for building other ships?

5. Why can't there be individual blueprints to create T2 rig components as intact (non-exploded) parts?

6. How is it fair on newer players/alliances for old T2 BPOs to continue to distort the market?

7. Why can't players reverse engineer T2 BPOs, even if they start at -100 material efficiency?

8. Could researched BPCs be improved with rDB research tools to reduce material waste?

9. Are there any potential ways other than stealing from alliances to obtain moon materials?

10. What is the point of dropping T2 BPCs in sites without a random supply of T2 materials?

l8r \o/