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ORE Stuff (Missions, Mods, and more Mining changes)

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#1 - 2014-05-23 18:28:41 UTC  |  Edited by: TheMercenaryKing
This is a thread about Mining. If you don't like it, go home.

A bit about me. I am a former multiboxer, I ran 8 mining characters, 2 rorquals (1 mining boost, 1 haul), my main (PVP/fleets), and a siege/skrim booster.
Dropped the accounts as i had less time and plexs jumped up in price.

Whatever expansion after Crius I recommend the following be added to the road map:

  1. ORE Missions/LP Store/Agent locations
  2. ORE Modules
  3. Harvesting Implants
  4. Mining Ammo
  5. Ore Refining Skills
  6. New Modules
  7. Site Rebalance
  8. New Mechanics

1. ORE Missions/LP Store/Agent locations
Currently ORE Agents are found exclusively in NPC Nullsec, except for 1 epic arc in Tar. In fact its only in 2 systems in nullsec: NM-OEA and 4C-B7X. Obviously I should HTFU, right? Well how would you like to do mining missions, originating in one station, which can be bubbled. At the very least, ORE should move into more stations, and maybe a bit of lowsec.

2. ORE Modules
Well the Modules you can get from 2 Nullsec systems only must be good! Well, an ORE Strip Miner has the same fittings, cycle time, mining yield as the Meta 0 version but a 13% increased mining range. That 13% is 2km; Meta 0 is 15km, meta 5 (ORE) is 17km.

An ORE Miner is the same as a Miner II, but with 2km more range again, making it 14km range and not 12km.

ORE Ice Harvester, again only better than the T2 by 2km, 12km vs 10km.

and the ORE Deep Core Mining Laser, again only 2km more range, 7km vs 5km, but it is worse than the T2 much like the strip miner due to modulation.

So would you be willing to spend 300m isk on a module that increases your range against targets that do not move?

3. Harvesting Implants
CCP Fozzie said the Harvesting Implant set gets 20% bonus to mining range. That's actually wrong, its 35% or so with the Omega, thus your mining range without boosts on a T1 strip miner is 20.1KM, instead of 15KM. That's the whole set with the 3.5 billion isk Low-Grade Omega implant. Each independent implant is about 300m isk i think, so 5 Billion isk for Mining Range.

Does anyone see how useless this is? mining range doesn't even help make your money back. Converting them to something like the genolution set where you get minor boosts across the board would be a more effective solution. Minor boosts would be things like: Yield, Range, Cap Usage, Fitting costs, and cycle time or orebay.

4. Mining Ammo
As it currently stands: All ore but Ice have their own specific mining crystals in Tech 1 and Tech 2 versions.
Each Crystal (except Mercoxit) gives the same yield bonus, same volatility, but with different Cap usage changes and an "Unfitting cap cost". Yes, you need to use cap to unfit a mining crystal, which is dumb.

I propose this is changed into a few select crystals:
  • Mining Crystal I (balanced low cap, moderate yield, moderate range)
  • Ore Mining Crystal (moderate Cap, Better yield, moderate range, doesn't die as fast as T2)
  • Yield Crystal II (Heavy cap, High yield, greatly reduced range -6km)
  • Range Crystal II (moderate cap, moderate Yield, long range +10km)
  • Mercoxit Crystal
  • Generic Ice Crystal = almost not needed, but why not.

  • These would also rebalance the skills for Modulated strip miners. Currently you can use Modulated Strip miners at Mining level 5, but they are less effective than Strip miners without ammo. But to use the ammo you need to train the Ore Specific refining skill adding +1 to 3 months of training for all T2 crystals.

    5. Ore Refining Skills

    Get rid of them. Make a tiered system of like 5 skills, not 20.
    General Ore
    Good Ore
    Fine Ore

    6. New Modules
    Mining Laser Field Enhancer, More mining range (maybe Tracking too in the future)
    Small/Medium/Large/Capital Mining Laser Enhancement Rig
    Small/Medium/Large/Capital Mining Laser Field Rig
    Small/Medium/Large/Capital Mining Laser Clock Accelerator Rig
    Small/Medium/Large/Capital Mining Laser Energy Saver Rig

    Range, yield, cycle time, and cap saving measures.

    7. Site Rebalance

    Do not design the sites around a 3 day mining expedition.

    Make they more dynamic by using a procedural generated mining sites, different each time. Make them so the yield is designed around small being for one person mining for an hour or 2 and a x-large for 10 to 20 people mining for 2 hours. Have them Decay every 4-6 hours so people can't camp them for 3 days.

    Add Hidden sites that have to be scanned down like in the past, but the safer area means less isk value in them.

    8. New Mechanics
    This is in 2 parts and is completely open to people.

    Part 1:
    Moving asteroids. The reason range bonuses for mining is useless right now is you can slow boat it and still get in range with ease. If the asteroids moved around then people would need to be more active and watch how the area changes for maximum efficiency.

    Part 2:
    No one is sure what to do with it, current mechanic do not work well for it. Asteroids are too small for a capital mining laser unless you are hunting spodzilla. any changes to a defense bonus potentially put it as a combat vessel. Using it as a player moon miner is the only truly unique thing to do with current mechanics and existing content, but it would be extremely vulnerable or put next to a POS to bait a super. Regardless a defense bonus/buff is needed on it, not weapons.