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Irrationality-PvP powerhouse!

Kiryu Oranos
Unleashed' Fury
The Initiative.
#1 - 2011-12-04 07:49:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Kiryu Oranos
Join Irrationality! Power to the people!

We are:
-Based in the 0.0 Geminate region, so making money is not a problem.
-An NBSI(not blue shoot it) corp, leaving many targets to hunt.
-PvP,NOT Industrial, Mining, or Science
-A very friendly and lenient corp.
-Part of a small PvP alliance, so Alliance chat isn't lagging with the amount of people online, =)

We supply:
-Ship Reimbursement for PvP,
-Complexes to fund for your PvPing,
-0.0 sovreignty, and POSs,
-PvP training for newer pilots,
-High security space operations for newer pilots,
-A base in 0.0, Low, and High security space
-TS3 server, with multiple channels for a network of comms,
-Mumble, Jabber, and G-talk as well

We do:
-Bomber,Covert and Recon ship roams
-T3 roams
-POS knocking
-Small and large gang roams
-and all other types of PvP,

You must be/have:
-Active(no requirements on daily game time)
-Over 7 million Skill points(in PvP related skills)
-No previous history of griefing(killing of other corp members for profit and kill points)
-US TZ(west or east)
-NOT be a trial account
-Willing to send in your Full API key to the corp CEO,
If you would like to join, but don't have one of the requirements, please contact Kiryu.

If you would like to join, please mail Kiryu Oranos, or Aiknaaroe Arvedui.
We hope to see your eve-mail in our inboxes!