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Crime & Punishment

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HEIST: Corp theft

First post
commander aze
#1 - 2014-05-21 06:38:11 UTC

attached list of alts for blacklisting

Commander Aze For CSM XII

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The Black Shell
#2 - 2014-05-21 07:31:49 UTC
This is MY EVE, not MY TISSUE BOX. C+P is that way ->


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ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
ISD Alliance
#3 - 2014-05-21 23:41:59 UTC
Reppyk wrote:
C+P is that way ->
Found it! Big smile

Thread moved accordingly.

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Sabriz Adoudel
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#4 - 2014-05-21 23:57:20 UTC
If the OP is telling the truth, congratulations to the pilots involved.

If they are not telling the truth, then I revoke my congratulations entirely.

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Abiding Ormolus
#5 - 2014-05-22 06:45:09 UTC

Mad props to the dude who pulled it off!

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Purity by Fire
Purity Tax Haven
#6 - 2014-05-22 06:48:36 UTC
First rule of EvE club

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Lord LazyGhost
Sebiestor Tribe
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#7 - 2014-05-22 10:46:59 UTC
10bil seems like a really small amount to burn a char of 2 years for tbh. but needs must i guess.

congratz to a corp theft
Kireitsugu Secheh
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#8 - 2014-05-22 11:09:09 UTC
So sad.
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Isabela Valentine
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#9 - 2014-05-22 13:34:04 UTC
I agree, does seem like a low amount. I wonder what the corps his alts are in will do. Twisted
veshna wildsun
Alien Abduction
#10 - 2014-05-23 00:18:38 UTC
It truly disgusts me when people make baseless allegations against honorable pilots. What is EVE coming to?