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Market Browser Group Pages

Elvis Preslie
NRDS Securities
Apocalypse Now.
#1 - 2014-05-19 06:28:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Elvis Preslie
Once again, I think CCP has intentionally done the reverse of common sense when it comes to the User inerface. HOw is it they almost always get game mechanics right , at least as they intended versus how it should be, but they mess up the User interface?

Anyway, when you browsed an item's sell and buy orders, you were able to click on Groups to see the other items of the same type but different tech level and meta levels. Yes, you can go to the item description and compare but thats not why the Group tab redirecting to the market browse page was important; it is so you can see the prices of the different variations, to compare which one is more worthwhile to use versus the gain acquired.

So, we need to make this happen again; when we click on the Groups tab, while viewing the sell and buy orders, it needs to show the group page of that item without having to browse to the group page, through the market browser.

Also, we need to add MORE information about each item listed in the group page, like I applaud you for doing in the module and ship description pages.
Each item listed on the Group pages should have more beside them, other than the power, cpu, and skills needed, such as the statistics for the MAIN purpose of using that module. Shocked