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Command Center Economics

Elvis Preslie
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#1 - 2014-05-18 03:57:36 UTC
Most things are fairly priced, other than us not being able to make every single thing somehow or in some way. Whether or not some of the required materials are rare to only be found in missions, ghost sites, and/or ded's is up to you guys, CCP. Our skill books should even be found in such npc-related "activites" and null rat droppings.Big smile I'm not saying change what any of these drop in loot; I'm saying ADD TO what is dropped, so that they will be listed on the market fairly, at current prices in NPC. Add the ones under 1 million to rats in low sec and ones under 250k in high sec.

So, anyway, with respect to one of the things that are npc issued, the size-to-market value ratios of command centers are very disproportionate; they only cost 81,000 isk but take up 1000 m3. The only ships that can move them, worthwhile, are freighters and jump freighters, while the jump freighters require fuel and h is not refunded in the profit - not at the least.

Yes, destruction of command centers valued at 81k was meant to be a balance of risk vs win ratio from the PI products you make on planets; so, in order to make the command centers cost a million or two, you need to give a refund, at least down to the current costs to keep the current balance.

The obvious would be to give the full refund of the estimated value you see when in the cargo hold, since they are 81k from npc stores atm. It would help the people that do PI only a very small amount, not enough to even matter considering a new command center has to be placed and upgrades bought again. If you can't deal with this, do a full refund without the original 81k; anymore costs will cause P1 products to not be worth it, especially with the variations in market conditions.