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DRACO Corporation
#161 - 2014-05-03 23:13:34 UTC  |  Edited by: DRACObadhabit
Michele Bachmann wrote:
Pretty pathetic that Ynot had to come on here first thing after he got slapped and try to cover his ass. Thus, the mud slinging continues with a veritable mountain piling up on behalf of OF.

And here as well, one could counter that RedHair Shankz is not doing you a service by twisting facts around to appease his position. In your words: piling a veritable mountain. I actually considered a bit whether to respond to you, because, as you say - and I am in full agreement - that both sides should say "good fight": it was just that. The post Ynot made in here (to which you are probably referring and correct me if I am wrong on that account - timestamp was 1700 eve time, fight was what? 1900?) happened before the fight actual, by the way.

Ultimately it does not matter anyway. Once again - we had an awesome fight tonight. And as posted in local, per Ynot's orders: 'Good fight' to FD, for both rounds.
Michele Bachmann
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#162 - 2014-05-03 23:17:12 UTC
DRACObadhabit wrote:
And as posted in local, per Ynot's orders:

and i'm done here
#163 - 2014-05-03 23:27:17 UTC
Let me fix that for you:

Michele Bachmann wrote:
DRACObadhabit wrote:
And as posted in local, per Ynot's FC's orders:

Please excuse our inadequate chain of command. As industrials we thought it to be a good idea to have pvp fleets led by a Commander, who is giving ultimately the orders in combat and while a pvp fleet is running. This may sound odd, of course, to the pvp guys, but we don't know better, really.
DRACO Corporation
#164 - 2014-05-03 23:29:10 UTC
Michele Bachmann wrote:
and i'm done here

Words, deeds. Does it matter? This is entirely at your own discretion, with or without arguements.
Rasc Calor
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#165 - 2014-05-03 23:30:38 UTC
Well I for myself enjoyed the night, first round was a bit to massive for us with all that mercs on the grid.

But the other fights went mucho better. I'm still looking forward to the next round(s).

OF at least fights outnumbered, thanx to all in fleet and kuddos to the mercs, you actually did a freakin good job for the money - something you can't really tell about too many mercs.

These war times are great - I'm learning new tricks every day.

SOOOO since this is a recruitment thread after all:

Join the Carebears with (big) arms. It's a great group, mature people I love to fly with and even if we lose here and then, there's no drama in the teamspeak, somebody played even a battle banjo O.o

Love to all, and thx to everyone (including FD) for providing some fun.
Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#166 - 2014-05-04 00:27:43 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
I have to remind people about forum rules, this is a recruitment treath and not C&P.

Anyway, tonight we exspected a huge fight against Noir. Forsaken, Failed Diplomacy, and others.

We were prepared to die, but desided to give it a go anyway.

As you can see we had gathered some intel and didnt really know how many to exspect showing up, but large numbers was notified.

WTs went to nakugard and started taking our POCO down, we were unsure if we wanted to pick the fight there, as they had ALOT of DPS on grid in form of megatron hulls.

After the lose of 4 or 5 POCOs they returned to HEK to start on a POCO there, we tried to see if we could get a fight on station but without luck, so we desided to go head on and just get a fun fight.

We lost about 7B isk in ships, but it was good fun.

We had several doctrines prepared and quickly swapped to Ishtars getting ready for round 2. We gave it a small break and desided to see if we could catch the WTs on HEK gate in Nakugard. Silly me, forgot to make sure we had enough points resulting in most of the WTs fleet bailing on round 2 when we killed their logi and scorpions. Thank god we dont have the rules about singing on TS after a mistake, as i would have been singing alla night.

I see more good fight to have had against Failed Diplomacy and friends, so we just have to wait and see what will come up next.

Youtube videos will get posted later.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Dark Assassin15
Failed Diplomacy
#167 - 2014-05-04 11:30:16 UTC
All Bull$hit aside. Good fight OF. Lol


Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#168 - 2014-05-05 07:40:16 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
This has problally been one of the most interesting weekends for a long time, and corp and alliance member serious seems to have enjoyed them self, with laughs and alot of talk on teamspeak.

Sunday we ran a 12 hour fleet, with 12-30 people at all times, attacking POCOs, Defendnig POCOs and hunting targets of opitunity. Fleet ended around 02.00 EVE where Quafe Commandos within alliance started up their Sunday Sin Roam.

We exspected Failed Diplomacy to show up with allies again, but they didnt, they took the night on their own, with several engagements.

Best and problally largets engagement took 40 min, and was rather amusing for FRONT fleet members. With 8 Talwars and a few tackel and EWAR frigate. As we lost ships, people quickly reshipped and came back.

What will happen today time will tell.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#169 - 2014-05-05 14:27:55 UTC
I have removed some rule breaking posts and those quoting them.

The Rules:
26. Off-topic posting is prohibited.

Off-topic posting is permitted within reason, as sometimes a single comment may color or lighten the tone of discussion. However, excessive posting of off-topic remarks in an attempt to derail a thread may result in the thread being locked, or a forum warning being issued.

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#170 - 2014-05-08 09:07:58 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
Our WAR against Failed Diplomacy ended in an unexspected way, and a bit of a sad way i have to say.

It also gave the game masters something to bring forward, a thing nobody ever thought about, ill exsplain later.

We pushed on the WAR and had fights more or less every night and had fleets going 23/7. We desided to start mass reinforce Failed Corp POCOs, and reinforced 28 on one of the last nights of the WAR.

The day after, we recived alot of weird WAR mails, and people got serious confused what was happening.

Here goes:

- Failed Diplomacy dec FRONT
- FRONT dec Faild Corp

- Faild Corp gets 5 allies including Noir. and The Mamite Collective along others

- Failed Diplomacy retract WAR against FRONT
- Faild Corp joins Failed Diplomacy alliance which automatic have FRONT declare WAR on Failed Diplomacy

- Failed Diplomacy makes the WAR mutal, which apparently gives some internal issues so Rage Quit leaves Failed Diplomacy
- FRONT automatic declares WAR on Rage Quit as they leave and WAR automatic becomes mutal

- Rage Quit surrender to FRONT, which FRONT accept as we had no interest in a WAR against Rage Quit

Here comes the interesting part
- FRONT start killing Failed Corp POCOs, and after 7 POCOs and starting on number 8, all of a surden lock breaks and the POCO become invunable. Now what happen here, why couldnt we shot any POCOs?

Well Failed Corp closed leaving all POCO open for anyone to take, once the Office Gantry would disapear, which they did after Downtime. As we contacted GM to know if this was an exploit to refuse us access to kill the POCOs this WAR was all about, he told us how it should work now, and that he would bring this forward not to be misused in the future.

So just after downtime, a handfull of FRONT member, now knowing how it works, spend 3 hours claiming the POCOs.

We had some really good fights with Failed Diplomacy, and im honest to say i fell a bit sad seeing so many people leaving their alliance.

We retracted the WAR (Ya you can retract a mutal WAR and it stops within 24 hours), as we saw no need to carry on this WAR. Personal from what seems to happen, i would fell like kicking a man already down, and as FRONT we refuse to do that. We all know how this fell, and this is a game after all, which we all should enjoy.

We spend some time last night, discussing our next short term goals, which we will finalize this weekend. Right now its important for us to keep people active, and have things for people to do once they log in.

Several said last night.. What to do, What to do, its so weird not to hunt war targets or shoot / defend POCOs, as we have been doing this 23/7 for 2 weeks.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#171 - 2014-05-14 06:37:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
We are currently moving a part of our alliance into a low sec pocket close to where we live, but mainly to get everyone work better together. Seems WARs always get us on the toes, and alot more people become active. The communication between industrials and PVP'ers are awesome, in hard times. So we desided to give it a go. Its not null sec, but i doubt we are going to do much effort of moving the alliance anywhere in null for the time being.

We still have people in Great Wildlands, so we might just make a deployment for a week or two if needed.

Last night was serious one of those night where i just wish i didnt log on. The low sec pocket we were about to move the alliance into, an incursion started, so all the plans of filling jump freighters, carriers ect. was more a waste of time than anything.

I had a Talwar roam preplanned, and that serious just ended in a disaster.

To be fair....

A night ending serious anoind for me, also because when i lose fights i end up rethinking them over and over and over again.

Anyway, first engagement, there were alot of Omen Navy Issues. As iv been flying them alot lately a fleet like ours would be num num num. And i did say that on TS but people were hungry for a fight.

The fight lastes alot longer than i exspected and the anchoring up didnt really go as exspected, i saw people 70 km of me. We got a few cheap kills a Moa and an Omen Navy managed to warp out in hull.

They kept bringing in more ships, and we lost 1.0 in security. It was a good fun fight, but the outcome worse than exspected.

We went back to Rens to reship, and went from there to Eszur after a small break. We found a posible fight on a station where i tried to get a Schyte Fleet follow us 70 of station, and it worked well until a large gang landed 0 on station. I didnt relized until it was to late, that it was a sniping gang, just picking people of, so we lose quite a few on that account.

People reshipped once again, and in Ardar we meet a RvB gang 3 times our numbers. Plan was to get in at 70 km and start picking off anything comming close to us. We landed at a large FW plex at 100km and ailgned back to a medium we came from. A soon as i saw enemy on overview i warpped fleet to 70 of medium, but WTF i was already tackled. Iv never seen that happen before, and we had several people tackled before people manage to warp. So what just happend there.

As i was rather anoid losing fleet 3 time in a row i desided to step down.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#172 - 2014-06-23 07:35:30 UTC
Iv been of EVE for 3 weeks, got my self a neck injury, so sitting behin a monitor and using a headset has been very hard.

The Marmite Collective desided to try their power against us again, so i got a phone call last night, with a few issues with some admin right here and there which needed sorted. I went on EVE for about an hour, more than my neck could handle really, but i was supprised to see how well organized everything still were, with a 30 man fleet already running.

I got the few bit and pices sorted, answered a few mails before i had to go rest my neck again. I must admit i miss being online but im glad we have more FCs now and an alliance running as it does even though im not around.

Im sure this WAR will become heavy, well i know it will. I got some interesting suggestions which could indicate that heavy fights will be upcomming.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#173 - 2014-07-24 10:47:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
Its summer which means low activity, along that, iv struggled with a neck injury for nearly a month, where i just couldnt sit by a PC.

Finally over it and back and looking forward what new chapters we as corp and alliance will be dragged into the upcomming months.

Iv desided to start a new Youtube serie called EVE Online Corporation management and activities. The serie is going to cover most aspects within an EVE Corp and alliance, from why to start a corp and why not, security, ingame and external tools, politics to what is moving in EVE.

If you have any idears what such a serie could cover pleace leave a comment.

Ill be uploading the first part of the serie on saturday, and looking forward to see what response i will get.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#174 - 2014-07-28 08:40:33 UTC
God its nice to be back, though im bloody rusty. Last night we had a fight pretty outnumbered, but 3 Ishtars and Gnosis and 2 scimitars vs two armor fleets should be alot of fun and deffently posible without any real loses.

Well its would help if the bloody FC aka me didnt warp our logi 0 to gate. So we ended up killing a deimos and loosing the Gnosis and two Scimitars. Oh well would have been a bloody fun fight.

Next they convoed our diplomate with the treaths about becomming blue or else...

Well i guess they dont know who we are and how we work, threaths about becomming blue is deffently not the way forward.
But i guess they can live high on their few kills as it would change our world, but i guess it will change their 50% Efficiency.

Thats said, i know we are going to have alot of fun with them the upcomming months along with their support.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#175 - 2014-08-19 17:49:09 UTC
WARs WARs and even more WARs

This was the response Tora from The Marmite Collective responded after we allied up with Noir.

If we had been a merc alliance, i guess getting 400+ active targets for free in empire aint that bad. As an industrial alliance its quite a mouthfull, but we have to see what happen in future.

I find it funny how you always have people complaining about WARs in an industrial alliance but yet, every time the alliance and corp for that matter become bloody active.

The past weeks we have had some heads on with Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorist, we had to wake people up after the long summer, and it seemed to help. Though its was an exspensiv start after summer, people had fun and content which this game is all about.

AT have started again, and i am sad we are not taking part this year, as i was suppose to sign us up, but ended up with the neck injury when the payment was due, and was out of game for nearly 5 weeks. But at least i can relax and bet on eve-bet (im serious bad at it).

Alek from Noir. invited me to their podcast on thursday, which im looking forward to, iv always enjoyed listen to it. if you havnt hear any of them you really should.

Anyway, think we are going to have some serious busy weeks.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#176 - 2014-08-20 23:30:49 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Ezwal
Please people, remember this is a recruitment thread. A little light discussion is ok, for more heavy bantering please take it to C&P.
I have removed a rule breaking post.

The Rules:
4. Personal attacks are prohibited.

Commonly known as flaming, personal attacks are posts that are designed to personally berate or insult another forum user. Posts of this nature are not beneficial to the community spirit that CCP promote and as such they will not be tolerated.

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#177 - 2014-08-21 08:56:29 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
So our WARs have become active, even though we do not recruit durring WAR time quite alot have show their interest in joining lately. I can only wounder why....

As you can see there are plenty to fight, and Forsaken Asylum gave us two good brawls yesterday. I dont know if they dont use scouts, or just wanted the fight, but in both fights they jumpped right into our arms. I never manage to say GF in local, so if your reading this, GF.

First fight in Gyng

2nd fight in Uttindar

Later we tried a serious failed attempt, for a fast kill on a Marmite in Dodixie, costing us a Moa stuck on station.

As i said in my last post, it is a bit funny how people always complain about WARs, though activity within alliance just grows massive, and this it not only PVP'ers logging on more often, also our industrials.

As i often say, and this could problally be the reson why activity goes up.

If you have 10 people to move 10 stones, it doesnt help if one say this is borring and leave, leaving more work for the spare people. Past WARs we have been in its more seens like we get 20 people for the 10 stone, which is just awesome to see.

We had a new small corp join the alliance last night, normal we have a rule saying minimum 20 people, but as we could use a few more US TZ FCs we made an exception, and i look forward to see them in action.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#178 - 2014-08-25 08:35:09 UTC  |  Edited by: Ynot Eyob
As our WARs carry on, more and more people become active. Must be the summer comming to an end, at least it is nice to see the activity go up.

We have issues with people being to slow to get in fleet in the right ships, and every time waste way to much time on arranging even a small fleet. Im unsure if its been the summer heat, or some of our new doctrines, but this can anoid any FC. Its becomming better though, and peoples spirite are high, so i guess that evens out the time to form the fleets, though good opitunities disapear fast.

We have had several roams around both low sec and empire, with good fun. Empire can be borring as hell, as the scout network any decent merc corp have are bloody good, so the only real opitunity to catch wartargets, are going into fights, you up front know youll lose, login traps or hide in wormholes.

We ajusted a few doctrines last night, and im looking forward to test them out. I thought the 100mn Tengues was a dinosaur, but apparently not, problally the biggest mistake to belive.

Friday i was invited onto Noir.'s podcast, it was serious late for me, but i enjoyed it. If you havnt heard their podcast i recoment you do. Its an hour about what is really going on within, behin and in the future in EVE-Online.

I know i had alot of good laughs, durring that hour, with my mic muted :p

Another busy week of WARs comming ahead, more new FCs to role in place Big smile

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#179 - 2014-09-02 09:13:05 UTC
Fights fights and more fights \o/

We have had focus on the low sec pocket where most of the alliance have moved into. Its been great fun the past week, with more than 20 in fleet constant from EU to US TZ which are pretty nice to see.

We have had some silly loses, but hopefully people will learn, one of them being my self for doing some stupid acts.

Our WTs we havnt seen much around, and chasing them around the Amarr / Jita pipe is just pointless. A few have shown their face in Hek a few times but thats about it.

Most of our WARs seems to come to an end tonight, leave us with two WARs left with PoH and a corp we decced.

We got alot of new friends to, as an alliance in our low sec pocket we have been fighting more or less broke up some turned to us for standings and fun in our fleets.

Last night Forsaken Asylum came down to our area, and with 3 of us, we desided to just get a few fights with them, as we were ahead in the WAR with over 2B isk.

That ended really bad, but was a few good and fun fights, credit to Forsaken Asylum and a few slaps to me, for rushing things and fighting out gunned and outnumbered as i like it :p (Tend to go wrong)

We also had a fun roam the other night, where me just wanting a fight, desided to engage a destroy fleet in cruisers. I thought easy targets, but boy was i wrong. Dragoons can apparently have an INSANE tank, we their link and us focus fire, it just took forever to kill even one.

Despite this, we had reinforce a few of Shadow Cartels POCOs they stole from us. We didnt really plan on doing anything about them, but it supprised me how many had interest in fighting SC out side of our alliance. As the POCOs was about to come out of reinforce, i got spammed down from so many random people asking if they could join our fleet or help against SC. Even PL moved cyno alts in position and convoed me, ready to drop on capitals.

Well our fleet had just dispanded, so a few of us desided just to take a few tornadoes and see if we could snipe a few. We lost more than we kill, as someone didnt pay attension to combat probes, but we had fun. I think the not spotting combat probes, was lag of fresh people online, as most was bloody tiret.

What the comming week and month will bring time will tell. I know where our focus will be at, and our short goals to aim for, one getting two new doctrine incorporated within alliance.

Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".

Ynot Eyob
Nisroc Angels
#180 - 2014-09-11 09:46:19 UTC
As part of a new coalition we engaged a Shadow Cartel tower last week.

With 235 people in fleet we got ready on the titan ready to brigde in. We exspected alot of support and as the tower got out of reinforcement, Shadow Cartel and Dead Terrorists already had a massive fleet of Navy Apocs.

We had PL on standby, or so we thought. As engagement started, we brought in blaping dreads to fast removing of the Navy Apocs. SC and DT moved under force field and we started to shoot the tower.

Cyno went up, and in came PL, not the fleet we exspected and not the agreement we had. As they started engaging our fleet, we turned forcus on the Tempest Fleet Issues from PL forcing them of grid. From what i understod, the FC we were in contact with, had a higer rank FC take over the PL fleet, and as they had eyes on this tower to, they desided to engage everything on grid.

It didnt take long before another cyno as exspected got light, and PL dreads landed started to blap our Dreads, Apocs and Vindies.
We bailed out, with the loses of 3 dreads a few Vindies and NaPocs.

PL finished the tower, with SC, DT leaving local, and started anchoring their own.

Just after the last engagement Black Legion contacted FRONT to hear if we needed a hand with PL, and as we just felt backstabbed, we wouldnt turn down and offer like that. They started to move titans in place to move from Placid to Heimatar.

And we planned to attack the anchoring tower. As we attacked PL once again brigded in with a T3 fleet, unfurtunally we lagged on points as BL brigded in we only had a few number pointed.

A bloody long night, and long fight.

PLs Video:


Nisroc - Angel of Freedom Nisroc is known as "The Great Eagle".