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Make prostitutes, dancers, slaves function like boosters

Kate Blaze
True Power Capsuleers
#21 - 2014-05-04 18:30:38 UTC
Daichi Yamato wrote:
my concern is the 'consumption'.

u have to kill, eat or otherwise destroy the prostitutes in order to get the benefits. Its a little discomforting that the nicest possible way to imagine what happens when they are 'used' is that they are being banged so hard they have to retire and can never be 'used' again.

Well maybe it could just mean that she simply left. Make it only possible to use in station and the fact that she/he is gone is that after the bang they left.
Coyote Laughing
#22 - 2014-05-04 18:39:27 UTC
That sounds like a way to get distracted - it's bad enough with chats (would link a retriever kill as a result, but I can't get at it from here).

Besides, I'm pretty sure they'd empty out my wallet and steal all the ship keys, dumping me naked in the trash and covered in pod goo.

l8r \o/

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