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EVE does a number on my internet connection.

Izen Cracker
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1 - 2011-12-01 21:01:56 UTC
Ive been playing EVE for 3 years and I've never seen anything like this. I run several different network dependent applications and devices including my Xbox without fail. The moment I log into EVE, my modem drops my DSL internet connection and has to be manually reset.. If it turns out that EVE now requires that of a higher bandwidth and speed, please let me know and revise the system requirements. I've narrowed my problem down to my network's physical line and the DSL service itself, but I'd rather not settle for the latter. Bear in mind i've been playing EVE for 3 years on this connection.

I'm sure there are network technicians in the community that could help me out. Maybe I have to look for something specific?