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3 bugs with Ship Maintenance Arrays

Prince Diablo
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1 - 2011-12-01 19:53:09 UTC
I have noticed 3 bugs regarding refitting/swapping ships with a ship maintenance array.
The first bug happens when you swap modules at a ship maintenance array. Your FPS drops drastically when fitting or un-fitting a module, and the FPS drop is much less when you just log in (or clear your cache) but after you have been online a while, it can take 20-30 seconds per module. This is a new bug with crucible.

The second bug involves ships with specials that help with PWG fitting. I have noticed this on a stealth bomber or the new battlecruisers with a reduction to the PWG cost of guns/launchers. When trying to fit the modules to the ship, you get a popup saying not enough powergrid and the modules get put on the ship but are offline. However, the modules can still be used because they should be online, but according to the fitting window, they are offline. This can be easily reproduced by simply jumping into a new t3 battlecruiser and trying to fit large guns on it at a ship maintenance array. Then, if you store it and get back in it the problem persists. Sometimes when getting into the ship after storing it, the modules are actually offline and you have to eject to have it so that the modules are actually online (but the fitting window still says they are offline). I have noticed this bug going on for a while starting a month or so before crucible.

The 3rd bug involves grouping turrets/launchers and then storing them in the Ship Maintenance Array. If you get into a ship (stored in a SMA) (with grouped guns) that hasn't been used in a few hours, the guns will appear to be ungrouped, but if you look at the fitting window they are still grouped. Dragging modules from the quick slots on top of eachother gives an error and the only way I have noticed to get the modules to say they're grouped again is to either eject or store it and then get back in it, afterwards it works fine. I have noticed this bug going on for a while starting a month or so before crucible.
True Power Team
#2 - 2011-12-01 19:57:03 UTC
+1 all are extremely annoying.
Prince Diablo
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#3 - 2011-12-01 20:09:23 UTC
Oh, and 2 unrelated bugs that I havent posted about.
I cant unrent a corp office remotely, I have all the required roles and such but see no option to unrent. Not sure if this just hasn't been implemented yet.
And I cant trash items remotely from the assets tab like I used to be. (the option is still there but when i click trash and then the confirm, the item remains.)