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Interactions with Customs Stations and the Ramifications

Sombre Asesinos
#1 - 2011-11-30 18:46:44 UTC

I just ran head first into the new taxes and values for planetary items. My costs went up by a factor of 74 (assuming I remember correctly that 1 unit of Oxygen used to cost 0.68 ISK to export, now it costs 50.00 ISK). I'm sure the intent of this is to drive players to use customs offices in lowsec/null. Only one problem, any customs office outside highsec will be nothing but a deathtrap.

Ambush people coming in, ambush people leaving. Will be much easier to camp customs offices than gates.

Asuri Kinnes
Caldari State
#2 - 2011-11-30 19:13:24 UTC

Just look about 20 posts above yours... I mean, it's not "Rocket Science"!

Bob is the god of Wormholes.

That's all you need to know.

Sombre Asesinos
#3 - 2011-12-01 05:19:27 UTC
It's funny you put it that way, most of what I make is Rocket Fuel :)