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TO: ThatCorporation FROM: ThisCorporation

Elvis Preslie
NRDS Securities
Apocalypse Now.
#1 - 2014-03-22 07:50:22 UTC  |  Edited by: Elvis Preslie
This a very simple and common sense concept: Just like we can send mails to a mailing list that a group of people receive, we should be able to send a mail to a corporation that characters, those having the communications officer role, can receive without it being sent directly to them.

We should also be able to send mails from the corporation to other corporations. As an option ONLY for the ceos/directors, it should have the ability to show who sent it, such as

  • FROM: NRDS Securities
  • Elvis Preslie
    Firm Manager

Based on these settings the ceos/directors set, it should FORCE anyone with the role "communications officer" but NOT having director or ceo to have their mails send on behalf of corp to show their return address line.

Even if a ceo or director chooses to require others to have their return address posted on the corp mails, they should not be required themselves. While everyone with communications officer should have option to "send on behalf of My Corp" in new mails they make, ceos and directors, if ceos themselves dont specifically require directors, should have option to NOT show their return address when sent on behalf of the corp to someone or another corp. In this case, it should just simply show

FROM: NRDS Securities

and nothing more.

This is VERY easy for you guys to program and theres no reason no one else would want to have all these options. They just dont use them if they dont want them; they should as well have the option to block communications officers from sending on behalf of the corp.

It wouldnt be bad either to have the option of not requiring communications officer to be assigned and allow members of the corp to send mails on behalf of the corp name.
Riot Girl
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
#2 - 2014-03-22 08:18:06 UTC
#3 - 2014-03-22 11:23:52 UTC

It's not quite as simple as that OP. They would need wallet access as well presumably. E.g. if they sent an eve-mail to a corp full of alts that all had a 1 million ISK CSPA charge they would need to pay that somehow, either from the corp walet or from their own.

Apart from the spam aspect, I'd echo Riot Girl and say, why?
Elvis Preslie
NRDS Securities
Apocalypse Now.
#4 - 2014-03-26 00:07:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Elvis Preslie

  • voetius wrote:

  • It's not quite as simple as that OP. They would need wallet access as well presumably. E.g. if they sent an eve-mail to a corp full of alts that all had a 1 million ISK CSPA charge they would need to pay that somehow, either from the corp walet or from their own.

    Apart from the spam aspect, I'd echo Riot Girl and say, why?

Our eve mail system and chat system is a mirror of IRC server and either/both LDAP/Radius servers or Database Servers s(MSSql, Mysql, postgresql, Oracle) in cluster configuration; they didnt program their own chat system from scratch but, instead, started with their modified version of the GNU IRC server (which one I cant tell precisly). This is fine and legal - as windows 7 kernel of microsoft used linux's as a starting point for the newest NT kernels - it's GNU license. You can do anything you want to GNU license and sell it as your own brand (or use it in your mmorpg you made).

If they made every single system in eve, it would have taken them more than 10 years to get to this point; it's not that they didnt know how to do everyhing from scratch; CCP was just saviny money from the payroll. They instead used current IT standard servers and made them accessbile in their program (ODBC) and through web server.

  • Riot Girl wrote:

Why the hell're complaining about something that doesnt have to affect you; you CHOOSE whether to accept mail to this. I swear for the people that REFUTE a change that benefits them ONLY IF THEY CHOOSE TO. You dont know of a toggle button in html, vb, or etc? You'd make a terrible programmer cause you dont put options in for people to customize their experience, just because you dont see why someone ELSE would want to use it or, worse, you think you cant program it to be turned on, off, or to be customized.

BOTH of you need to reread what I first posted cause you missed the part about assigning who receives it to certain people you choose, by role, allowing THEM to choose where to turn it on or off and letting ceo's choose who can receive it, a new setting when assigning roles and, implied but not said, a new setting in DETAILS menu of corp settings, as to whether entire feature is on or off, or something.

There's a million ways ccp can do this and they have common sense to allow, stuff like this that i suggest, people to turn them on and off.

This stuff is common sense and ccp hasnt put it in automatically, without someone suggesting it.

We have need a way for a long time to manage corp better; we can assign permissions but not FINE GRAINED on pos's, to allow people OUTSIDE CORP ONLY IF YOU WISH (access tab in Manage POS window AND standing requirements to enter shield) to access your modules in the pos. For a game that claims to be unlike any other, its kinda right on point - its unlike any other not because of how customizable it is but how customizable it WANTS to be...MOST features are only ShockedHALFWAY complete!Shocked

For example, You can manage assembly lines of pos to allow people OUTSIDE of corp to use them (minimum standing, access tab, etc) but no one outsiide of corp, your choice to or not, can access the hangars to use them.

We're NRDS; so, we would want to allow people outside of corp but in coalition (a feature not fully available in eve, as we have corp, alliance but not alliance of alliances) use things in our pos. OUr damn alliance cant even use our pos modules, IF WE SO CHOOSE by setting view to alliance (on the access tab of Manage POS).

Where would the stuff go? in a PERSONAL hangar, not personnel, where you can ONLY see whats yours that is part of every manufacturing array in the pos. I asked for this over and over throughout the years but what did ccp do? they put a PERSONNEL hangar and made it its OWN module instead of A NEW TAB on the hangar windows of every pos module.

IDK > Maybe the personnel hangar was for them to test the LOAD and STRESS the individual hangar of a pos module would, with a lot of people using them

HINT TO CCP: Do like you did with fuel bays! Require the type items to store, in this hangar of POS batteries, be the SPECIFIC materials for the blueprints and a bpc itself. With this, people cant abuse the new feature by storing other things and, of course, the system itself could override this itself when Returning completed items to the hangars. Make the space of the hangar the SIZE of the total combined materials OR the completed items, whichever is GREATER space. Of couse, with ammo, you want to be able to make bulk amount; so, make the space of the hangar that of the average quantity of the largest item possible to make in that hangar or the space of materials used thereof, whichever greater.