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Basic PVP Fitting?

Rotsner Deja
Rotsner Industries
#1 - 2014-03-15 20:23:53 UTC
At the moment I am mining/PI/trade to make money, I feel that I have the skills to keep me where I want to be in that area so I want to start training some skills for PVP. Suggestions on a build to follow? Or a ship to fit? I am looking online, but the resources I have found are several years out of date. At the moment I just run a cormorant for mission running, but that is PVE. What should I aim for for PVP? I know this is a broad subject so I was hoping for something basic to just get me on my feet. Thanks.
Emily Spankratchet
#2 - 2014-03-15 23:01:06 UTC
I quite like the Eve Altruist Blog, although it's slowly slipping out of date.

The EvE University pages are quite often ok, although like all wikis you might find that what you're looking for has loads of content or very little content.

The Warfare & Tactics forum sometimes has better fitting advice than Ships & Modules, although it's just as likely to dissolve into circular 'I-don't-like-your-fitting-so-you're-a-poopy-head' arguments.
Damien White
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#3 - 2014-03-15 23:05:17 UTC
The Rifter is a realy easy ship to learn PVP in, it is cheap, easy to control and has a decent range of fitts and concepts.

Look on Battleclinic for some high ratet ones and adjust them to your needs. Thanks to the low price you cant do anything wrong with it.

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Silvetica Dian
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#4 - 2014-03-15 23:27:00 UTC
this guy does some fits in his blog
lots of stuff in thi blog is out of date but the combat stuff still holds true
a new guy learning pvp some years back. his learning curve will still hold true

The most important stuff is always what do you want your ship to do?
are you solo , small gang , large fleet?
what ships are you hoping to fight?
do you know what sort of ships you can win against and which you will lose?
can u dscan to find targets and see incoming help?
will u be using keep at range? orbit? manual flying? if so what range should you be at vs different ships?
for instance if you are using turret and they are using missiles you want to be moving quickly (to minimise missile damage) keeping transversal low (to minimise damage loss from tracking in your guns and trying to keep in your optimal range.
if you are pulse lazors and they are blasters then you want to keep them on the edge of your optimal range so that your damage is high but they are in deep falloff.
if you are close range turret and they are sniping turret you want to be orbiting as close and as fast as poss as their tracking will be a lot worse than yours.
this stuff goes on and on ton to know and learn.

In a nutshell range control is key.
people do that by trying to be much faster (tends to use long point and snipe)
web kiting to keep them just out of scram range but close enough that u can damage (10-12 km envelope)
brawling tends to use scram and /or web to keep them from moving away

work out what your ship can be good for and fit with lazor focus on that task.

Learning for yourself will be a long and painful process especially as most people fight with friends nearby.

The absolutely best thing is to join a pvp corp and learn from people who are already good at it.
high sec that means RvB usually.
low sec is pirates and faction warfare (good income from FW also i hear)
null sec is npc null for small/medium gang and sov harrassment or sov null for carebear by day and huge fleet battles by night
Many of these groups will supply you with good fits and many of them have "doctrines" which are fleets of identically fit ships with varying amounts of specialised support ships (logi, ewar, tackle, anti tackle, herobubbler)
The doctrine stuff will mean your corp expects you to gradually train into their various ships but it isn't as scary as it sounds for new players as almost every fleet can benefit from a tackle frig /scout frig and the T2 versions of frigs are really quick to train giving interceptors (suberb scouts /tackle)
electronic attack ships (various ewar)
assault frigs (heavy tackle /antitackle / murder machine)
stealth bombers (black ops hot drops)
Personally i do npc null stuff and rarely solo as i still suck at pvp despite doing it for a year now.
Other people prefer different things but very few have the personality and mindset to learn pvp from scratch on a low skillpoint char.
One final note. bigger ships are not better. A solo BS in low or null is a walking corpse. Stick to frigs or destroyers until you have stopped making all the basic errors. The smaller ships are more fun anyway
Feel free to mail or convo me if you feel i can help more but there are many better people to help with most of thi stuff

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Rotsner Deja
Rotsner Industries
#5 - 2014-03-16 17:46:46 UTC
Thank you all for the information. Definitely good to know before I expand into this area :) Appreciate the input.
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#6 - 2014-03-16 18:56:02 UTC
Failheap Challenge Ship Setup Hangar and Piloting in Practice forums are worth a look.

You might also consider getting on the Singularity test server and moving to the pvp systems, they're listed in the rule page linked in that article, to get some practice before trying things on Tranquility.