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How About Introducing True Motherships?

Ministry of War
#1 - 2011-11-28 14:33:57 UTC  |  Edited by: Sessym
The original, fully built idea is available in a rant here.

The TL;DR:
Every faction would its Mothership. This is a ship that you can deploy without anything else but a lot of fuel and be able to operate off of it like a mobile station.

  • Regular Capital ships (maybe T2?) that cannot use gates.
  • A balanced limited number of people can dock in them and reveice a station-like environment with the available functions.
  • Able to fit POS modules to imitate the corresponding Station features. This includes moon mining, reactions, manufacturing, research, reprocessing, repair, fitting and corp hangar.


  • Thin tank - this thing is everything but a combat ship, it should have a group to save/defend it
  • The whole **** only works if the pilot is online
  • It consumes fuel for everything - keep your books tight!

It has to be balanced in a way that it helps small groups make a living (i.e. lurk around and peruse) of hostile space. On the other hand, large entities could be able to use it to provide support in their war effort but we must prevent their use from scaling linearly with the number of people using it (think of supers). It must be at least as detectable as a POS is, and should it be caught unprepared, it should damn well blow up. On the other hand, if the owners show up to defend it, it should be possible to save the Mothership.

So, what do the forum dwellers think? Are there any holes in the idea? Is there something this should be improved with? There needs to be a troll bay?

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Jaketh Ivanes
Rigorous Rivals
#2 - 2011-11-28 15:02:11 UTC
I've allways loved Homeworld (still do), but I would rather have HW carriers instead of a Motherships.

I don't have much experience with the current carriers, but think it could be a slight change of the current ones. Just remove the fighter/bomber bay, add production and resource refinement and a fitting bay. The role would be remote harrasment and behind enemy line operations. It should only be able to produce up to BC's, perhaps only Cruisers size.

This will also give the industrial people another role in the game, keep the fighting force supplied with ships at the front line. Ofcourse the carrier is not much in combat alone, that is not it's purpose, but it would provide a quick reinforcement point.

Current mechanics doesn't really make such a carrier viable, to easy to see on the map and to probe down, but I would still like to see it in the game.