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Addition to the EVE store Zero.Zero collection.

Vesan Terakol
Trollgrin Sadface
Dark Taboo
#1 - 2014-02-20 11:05:28 UTC  |  Edited by: Vesan Terakol
I find the EVE store is rather lacking in variety of the offered clothing in both themes and and types of items. This is understandable, as the offered wares are of rather high quality and bear a corresponding price, which is not affordable for anybody and adding a ton of items might backfire horribly.

Yet, the idea served as an inspiration for me to come up with a sketch for an item, that would be unique in both theme and function. Or, simply put, a Minmatar themed laptop/general use backpack.

The design is inspired by the line of reworked Minmatar ships, most notably the Stabber with their layered base plating over certain areas and slapped on additional hard panels. Thus, it is supposed to have a gray base at the back and central "exposed" areas and light ceramic/rusty at the top and bottom of the face, with some Boundless Creations space camo here and there to make it more T2. Additionally, hard panels decorate the sides in both top and bottom areas, serving both decorative and functional (mostly the bottom ones) purpose.

As far as pocket layout is concerned, the main space of the backpack has a folding compartment, large enough to accommodate a big laptop - one, on which you won't be ashamed to play EVE, as it runs smoothly on max settings (my ASUS N53S is 39/29/4, so i assume a 40/30/4,5 compartment should be enough). In any case, the barrier of the compartment should be held by elastic fabric, allowing wider cargo to be stuffed in. It closes completely from the top with a cap with a zipper, allowing you to be more indiscriminate about what else you put in the main space. Total volume should be about 10 l, allowing you to also take a bunch of clothes for the trip.
A front pocket with several compartments sewed on its internal wall allow for various accessories to be stored in relative order if the owner desires so. Two small side pockets are located under the lower panels. Lastly, one more pocket is located at the top, spanning the distance from the laptop compartment to the top of the backpack and is accessed from a zipper, parallel to the main one, allowing quick to access, yet secure location for documents, keys and other small items.
The back, bottom and side walls should be cushioned, preventing damage to the precious cargo.

I'll admit that i'm not that good at drawing, so the sketch is rather messy and inaccurate proportion wise, but its meant to represent the general idea rather than the looks of a finished product, as is the color mock-up, there just to present a possible color scheme.

Posting ideas and comments about both functional and aesthetic aspects of the design are most welcome. If you have any designs of your own, feel free to add them up below, i'll make sure i edit in a link to their location.

My hopes for this design is to get enough approval from the community to justify being processed by a professional designer and put into production in a shape, which the EVE community may enjoy, hopefully before the next FanFest.

Also, if you like it, please share it inside and outside EVE.
Amelia Mitchell
Singularity Theory
Luminari Conglomerate
#2 - 2014-02-22 19:37:53 UTC
+1 from me, love the idea :)