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Jumping through Highsec with Drugs causes death

Bruh'n Orellux
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#1 - 2014-02-12 14:19:44 UTC
Yes I know, many will probably look at the title and flame me saying that faction police shoot you if you have drugs in cargohold in highsec - allow me to explain.

I was running drugs back to my wormhole through highsec(i know this is 'illegal' and the faction police will try to stop me if they detect the drugs)... i made it through 3 systems before the police even scanned me. I was mid-jump into our lowsec entry system when the police dialogue box popped up - after the jump animation already took place. (screenshots below). My computer was stuck in the jump tunnel until I chose one of the two options by the dialogue box. Again, I already jumped through and was mid-animation. When I clicked cancel to deny giving up the drugs (my thought process was.. I'm already in lowsec, the police wont follow) I proceeded to get a air-traffic control message, which i found strange as there were no fleets on either side of the gate as I was scouting with my alt and no one else was jumping. I proceeded to be popped by the npcs as I was stuck in the jumping animation.

My game was also locked in the jump tunnel for 15 minutes until I decided to restart my client as I was unable to do anything.

2 screenshots attached. first was the dialogue box, second is the police popping me after I already jumped.

Has anyone else experienced a bug like this? I submitted a petition yesterday when it happened, still awaiting for a response.
seth Hendar
I love you miners
#2 - 2014-02-12 16:48:43 UTC
i already encountered a somehow similar issue, right after odyssey.

was engaging a guy with my proteus, and he cyno.

i stop shooting and wait the 60 sec timer.

in the mean time, a friend die, then they shoot me.

around 10% armor left, my timer is clear, i jump, see the animation, and the other system (only my scout in it, on the gate)

on scout, my main is in local.

i am supposed to be safe but got rolled back when animation ends, and appears in my pod back in the system the fight took place.

as i said, not the same, but pretty similar.

of course, my log shows that i loaded the other systems, so i petition.

GM ask for log, wich i provide.

next answer, log shows nothing.

i reply pointing out the key elements, he reply me that player provided log / pics / video are useless because they can be forged (then why ask it in first place? Shocked).

needless to say i'm still waiting my proteus.

later, i convoed the ppl who killed me, they didn't killed me per say, they saw me jumping with a tiny bit of armor left, then 1 sec later my name came back in system, along with my wreck + pod....

in a nutshell, good luck with that